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The Count is the mysterious figure who has been lurking behind the 79Cortinaz since their foundation. Some say he was the founding drummer of the band, others say he is an amazing drummer, who is also a bit of a lunatic. Ether way, 79Cortinaz are glad to him in their ranks.

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The Count
Anything Muppet:
The Count laughing with his personal thunder cloud.[1]
Count von Count counts the snowflakes.
The Count's animated ego in The Street We Live On.
The Count in his youth.
Susan Sarandon and the Count

Count von Count is a mysterious but friendly vampire-like Muppet on Sesame Street who is meant to parody Bela Lugosi's portrayal of Count Dracula. He first appeared on the show in 1972, in episode 0406, the Season 4 premiere with Bert and Ernie.

The Count has a compulsive love of counting (arithmomania); he will count anything and everything, regardless of size, amount, or how much annoyance he causes others around him. In one song he stated that he sometimes even counts himself. When he finishes counting, The Count laughs and announces his total (which sometimes appears on screen). This finale is usually accompanied by a crash of thunder and a flash of lightning. According to the story "Who Stole the Count's Thunder?" written by Tony Geiss, the Count has a personal cloud that hovers over his head and provides the thunder and lightning that lets him "know" when he has finished counting.[1]

When the Count sings, the music that accompanies him resembles Roma music, no matter what the song.

The Count's Sesame Workshop profile does not use the word vampire but does suggests that he may be a distant relative of Count Dracula.[2] However, the book Sesame Street Unpaved describes The Count as a "Numerical Vampire."[3] In contrast, the 2001 Sesame Street Muppets Drawing Guide insists "The Count is not a vampire."[4]

Nevertheless, the Count resembles Bela Lugosi's portrayal of Dracula in voice (speaking in an Eastern European accent and pronouncing his Vs as Ws), appearance, and sometimes mannerisms. For example, in early sketches, the Count waves his hands to exercise hypnotic power over other Muppets and holds his cape over the lower part of his face while moving.[5] In addition, an early skit revealed that the Count shows no reflection in a mirror. Unlike vampires as traditionally depicted in legend and motion pictures, however, the Count often relaxes in the sunlight (as seen in "Counting Vacation" and "Coconut Counting Man," among others). Furthermore, the Count has never demonstrated a fondness for blood or the ability to turn into a bat.

The Count lives in an old, cobweb-infested castle that he shares with many bats. Sometimes he counts them. Some of the pet bats are named, including Grisha, Misha, Sasha, and Tattiana. He also has a cat, Fatatita, and an octopus named Octavia. He also plays a large pipe organ, and in some illustrations he is seen playing the violin. In recent years, the Count has appeared on each episode to announce the Number of the Day, playing notes on his organ to count up to the featured number.

The Count's most recent girlfriend, Countess von Backwards, is known for counting backwards. He had previously been linked to Countess Dahling von Dahling and shared a brief romantic tryst with Lady Two. His brother and mother have made appearances on the show, and he also has an Uncle Uno.


Early days

The character was created by Sesame Street writer Norman Stiles. Performer Jerry Nelson recalled his immediate enthusiasm for the character in a 1999 interview:

Norman told me he was writing this piece with this new character who's called the Count... He's a vampire, but not a real vampire... He just has a jones for numbers. He's obsessed with counting things. So I went, "Oh, cool," and I went to Jim [Henson] and said, "You know, Norman's writing this new character called the Count." Jim said, "Let me hear it." So I went (in my Count voice), "Yes, I vould love to do it!" and Jim said, "Yes, you can do it." [6]

The Count is now a friendly, non-threatening figure on the Street, but his early appearances in 1972 had a more sinister edge. He had hypnotic powers, and was able to stun other Muppets by waving his hands.[5] After counting, he uttered a villainous laugh as lightning flashed in moody colors. He was often accompanied by creepy organ music. As the character matured, the sinister aspect of his personality was toned down, and his laugh became a throaty, Lugosi-style chuckle.


He made cameo appearances in The Muppet Movie (in the finale) and The Muppets Take Manhattan (in the wedding), and has also been featured in the Sesame Street movies Follow That Bird and The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland. He also appeared in The Muppets: A Celebration of 30 Years and A Muppet Family Christmas.

The Count made a special appearance on episode 518 of The Muppet Show, emerging with his Sesame co-stars from the Three Bears' cave when Ali Baba shouts, "Open Sesame!"

On November 14, 1988, Count co-hosted The Today Show with Meryl Sheep.

On December 11 2008, the Count was interviewed on More or Less, a BBC radio show about numbers.


  • Some traditional legends describe vampires as having a similar obsession with counting small objects; this obsession provides a means of distracting Vampires by tossing a handful of seeds or salt on the ground.
  • The Count's New York license plate number is "12345678910" in the movie Follow That Bird. However, in Count All the Way to Sesame Street, a book based on Follow that Bird, the Count's license plate number is simply "123."
  • The Count was a DJ for his own radio station on the album The Count's Countdown, and hosted a music video show in Count it Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street.
  • In a Number of the Day segment for 0, The Count stated: "Oh hello, it is I, The Count. I'm called the Count because I love to count. Err, that, and I inherited my father's royal title." Despite this claim, the title of Count is one of nobility rather than royalty. (SSvideo) Thus, The Count's claim to royalty might rest on his having inherited a lesser title of a royal ancestor.
  • According to the book Sesame Street Unpaved, after Jon Stone read the first script of a Count skit, he sent it back to the writer, Norman Stiles, with a note scribbled atop: "Good character, bad bit". That skit was never produced.[3]
  • The Count states that his favorite TV show is 24.
  • In Count it Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street, The Count says that his favorite song is "Count it Higher". However, the book Sesame Street Unpaved states that his favorite songs are "Born to Add" and "Count on Me."[3]
  • The Count's car is the Countmobile.
  • According to the 1998 book Sesame Street Unpaved, the Count is "written to represent an adult with the psychological age of someone who is 1,832,652 years old -- and still counting".[3]

Book appearances


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File:The Count.gif
This creature is a boss in the The Undead class.
The Count

1250 Hit points
450 Experience points per kill

Summon/Convince: --/--
Abilities: Summons 0-1 Banshees, Invisibility, Melee (0-420?), Life Drain, Cloud Wave-(Similair to Warlock's cloud beam)(0-130?).
Pushable: ?
Push Objects: ?
Est. Max. Damage: ~500 hp per turn
Immune To: Death, Life Drain, Invisibility
Strong To: Physical (-60%?)
Neutral To: Fire?, Energy?, Ice?, Earth?, Drown?
Weak To: Holy (+1%?)
Sounds: None.
Behavior: ?
Field Notes: New creature as of the Summer Update 2008.(Can not summon him from his coffin with out the quest that is involved.)
Location: Green Claw Swamp, beneath the Blood Herb Quest area,
Strategy: Kill it as fast as possible, it does really high combos up to 700hp when having a banshee summoned.It probably isn't a creature to be hunted, once it's strong and dangerous and doesn't give any very valuable item.

Click Here to Show/Hide Spoiler Information

Spoiler warning: Quest and/or game spoiling details follow.

If you release it and don't kill, you can not release it again, so will need to buy The Ring of the Count from a player or from Black Bert to continue The Inquisition Quest.By puting 3 garlic necklaces on stone round the buried coffin you can save youreself a lot of troubles, after that The Weakened Count appears (looks the same as regular vampire and causes the same damage.

Spoiler ends here.

Loot: 0-? gp, 0-1? Skull, The Ring of the Count (always), War Hammer, Vampire Shield. (Loot Statistics)
See also: Creatures.
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