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The Clone Wars Episode Guides is a free ongoing feature of, providing an in-depth look into the episodes of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars TV series. It was first introduced on October 3, 2008 after the release of Ambush, the first episode in the series. Normally a preview of the actual guide is released before the episode airs, which contains only a link to the episode preview, short synopsis and release information. After the airing of the episode the guide is updated with most of its content and then, about a week later, it gets updated one more time with the link to the actual episode streaming on


Each episode's Guide contains following features:

  • Links to accompanied webcomic and Holonet News Podcast (when available)
  • Links to the episode preview, commentary and the episode itself
  • Episode original air date and production number
  • Key characters, locales and notable events of the episode
  • Full list of writers, directors and cast members
  • A full, detailed synopsis, often revealing information not shown in the actual episode
  • A gallery of images from the episode, as well as a gallery of production images
  • A list of trivia and details from the episode
  • Memorable quotes
  • Links to related articles and databank entries on

External links

  • The first in the series of Episode Guides, the rest can be accessed from this page
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Season Two:
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Season Three
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"Hunting the Hunters (Part I)" · "Hunting the Hunters (Part II)" · "Hunting the Hunters (Part III)"
"Act on Instinct"
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