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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Pablo Hidalgo, Henry Gilroy


Jeff Carlisle, Katie Cook, Grant Gould, Tom Hodges, Daniel Falconer


Grant Gould


Jeff Carlisle

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Weekly, tied to the related The Clone Wars episode



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Rise of the Empire era

"The Chase is on in a brand new series of online comics!"

The Clone Wars is a series of web comics tied in with the television series of the same name and published by Each week a new comic is revealed, serving as a direct prequel to the related episode of the series. The comics are drawn by Jeff Carlisle, Katie Cook, Grant Gould, Tom Hodges and Daniel Falconer.

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List of published comics


Season One

Hunting the Hunters

In the months following the end of Season One and preceding the release of Season Two, several comics were published to bridge the arc between the two seasons. They were released in multiple parts under the name Hunting the Hunters, and were set after the first season finale "Hostage Crisis." Corresponding online games were also released on with each installment.

  • The Clone Wars: Hunting the Hunters (Part 1)
  • The Clone Wars: Hunting the Hunters (Part 2)
  • The Clone Wars: Hunting the Hunters (Part 3)

Act on Instinct

For the television series' second season, the comic series took a new angle. Instead of weekly installments leading into the television episodes, the new web comic series, named Act on Instinct, will develop into an ongoing story of its own, occasionally weaving into the television series' storylines.

  • The Clone Wars: Act on Instinct

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