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EQ2Map Zone
EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Rise of Kunark CoD
Level Range 80
Zone in from Jarsath Wastes
Parent Zone Chelsith
Difficulty Raid x4
Persistence 4 days 20 hours - 7 days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

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  • To gain access on your own you have to defeat both Venril Sathir and Overking Selrach Di'Zok.
  • Alternatively you can be zoned in by someone having killed those two mobs.

First of all you'll have to have cleared Protectors Realm and looted A Greenmist Orb off of the last guy in that zone. I suggest assigning that item to a person with good understand of game play mechanics.

After you zone in, there are 8 or so 84x4 trash mobs that must be cleared. Dropping from these mobs are a fish skin. No-Trade, Lore and each has 5 uses. You'll want to assign these to high burst dps classes. Scouts are probably your best option here, and also assign 2 or 3 to high spell crit chance, fast casting mage classes.

Kill 7 of the trash mobs, assign skins, then take a minute to orient yourselves inside the zone. Find the Greenmist orb, and ensure the person who has the A Greenmist Orb from PR knows where this Large orb inside the zone is.

You should have 1 trash mob left, hopefully you left the trash mob that has a long hallway behind him. Pull this trash mob up that hallway and kill him there.

Leviathian is now acitve, so are the tenticals all around his room.

MT group should now evac. The other three groups should still be in the oppisite hallway from where the MT group is.

Now, a little explaination of the skins you looted.

They are used to be eaten by Leviathian, and to kill Leviathian. The people who put the fish skin suits on will be eaten by Levi for the sole purpose of killing devourers inside of him. These devourers drop Volitile Fluids. These fluids are used while inside of Levi to blow him up. Takes about 30.

So, once the MT group engages Levi, the other three groups need to run straight forward from the hall they are in and move all the way to the edge of the water and attack Levi from there. (Ensure the MT group is also at the edge of the water attacking Levi)

Levi has a reflect that is up often (Druids, Crusaders and Brigs can dispell this) that will reflect any spells and debuffs while it is up. Once this reflect is down, it will only be down for a couple of seconds. Get debuffs in in those few seconds between the reflect being up. This is bacically just a auto attack fight for alot of people.

As soon as Levi is engaged, someone needs to use a fish skin and become a yummy looking Yai-Lei to be eaten. Probably your best scout here. After 20-50 seconds this person will be eaten. He'll spawn in Levi's belly with 1 to 6 devourers around him. He needs to kill 1 at a time and loot the fluids out of it. Then kill the next and loot. Don't kill and not loot the next person won't get eaten soon enough to loot what was previously killed.

If this is your first time, it's a good idea just to "farm" fluids until you have 50 or so. leaving your few casters with 5 fish skin uses and 1 or 2 scouts with a few fish skin uses also.

Pay attention to who has a fish skin on, because they cannot do anything while they have that suit on. they will need to be cured and healed constatly until they get eaten.

Once Levi is down to 15% health the Greenmist Orb (the one in the chamber of destiny can be deactivated. The raid member who looted the greenmist orb from PR now needs to sprint straight back to the hallway he was standing in prior to pull and then sprint along the wall to the Greenmist Orb to deactivate it. Make sure this person has heals with him, or is given Salve, and also has 4 or 5 Noxious Pots so he can cure himself.

He'll need to run along the wall and stand just behind the Greenmist Orb and wait for one more noxious effect to land on him. He'll need to cure himself, and as soon as he cures himself then he should move forward just enough to deactivate the Greenmist Orb.

Finsih off Levi and congratulations on being cleared for VP.


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