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The Blue Angel
Series: Doctor Who -
BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
Release Number: 27
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companions: Fitz Kreiner, Compassion
Enemy: Daedalus
Setting: The Enclave
Author: Paul Magrs, Jeremy Hoad
Publisher: BBC Books
Publication: September, 1999
Format: Paperback Book, --- Pages
ISBN: ISBN 0 563 55582 3
Previous Story: Interference - Book Two
Following Story: The Taking of Planet 5


Publisher's Summary

This is a story about Winter...

As the Doctor becomes involved in affairs aboard the Federation Starship Nepotist, his old friend Iris Wildthyme is rescuing old ladies who are being attacked by savage owls in a shopping mall.

And, in a cat’s cradle of interdimensional Corridors lies the Valcean City of Glass, whose King Dedalus awaits the return of his Angel son and broods over the oncoming war...




  • After the Doctor communicates and shares ideas telepathically with Iris she responds "it's not necessary but the Doctor likes running his fingers through my hair."


  • Each chapter title mirror's the first few words of the first chapter 25 the chapter title "Iris made Fitz come..."
  • The Blue Angel's various chapters contains instances of metafiction, in that the chapters which seem to take place within the Obverse reference fictional events as fiction, and asks questions about the link between 'reality' and 'fiction' within its own fictional universe.
  • There are also questions (and/or jokes) about Iris Wildthyme's status as a metafictional character.
  • The Blue Angel has been adapted into a script (The Blue Angel Adapted by Piers Britton) for use in a university course.


  • The results of the Doctor connecting Compassion's receiver through the TARDIS fully come to pass in The Shadows of Avalon.

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BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures
Previous Release:
Interference: Book Two (The Hour of the Geek)
Next Release:
The Taking of Planet 5

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