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This article is about the book series written by Michael P. Kube-McDowell. You may be looking for the post-Endor conflict of the same name.

The Black Fleet Crisis (also BFC) is a trilogy of novels set in 16 ABY. The plotline focuses on the New Republic's political crisis and military threats of the xenophobic Yevetha. At the same time, Luke Skywalker sets out to discover the truth behind his mother.

The Black Fleet Crisis trilogy is made up of Before the Storm, Shield of Lies, and Tyrant's Test.

It is worth noting that, prior to the New Jedi Order novels, the Black Fleet Crisis trilogy are the Star Wars novels that delve most deeply into traditional military science fiction. A fair amount of each novel deals with fleet maneuverings and battles, as well as descriptions of warships and their crews.

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Author's synopsis

From Michael P. Kube-McDowell's FAQ:

"THE BLACK FLEET CRISIS begins sixteen years after SW, in a time of peace for the New Republic--and with peace comes the first real chance for the weary warriors of the Rebellion, now in mid-life, to turn their attention to personal concerns which have taken a back seat to the duties and obligations of leadership. Han is placed on detached duty as he commits himself to parenting and protecting the children. Chewbacca goes home to Kashyyyk for his son's coming-of-age ceremonies and an extended visit as the returning hero. Luke builds a hermitage on Coruscant and disappears into it in pursuit of the deeper enlightenments of the Jedi path--until a woman approaches him with the tantalizing promise of leading him to his mother's people. Lando, bored with both business and politics, comes to a New Republic covert ops chief in search of something interesting to occupy him--and is handed the puzzle of the Teljkon vagabond, a mysterious "Flying Dutchman" starship which lurks in deep space and flees from all contact.
The only person who can't put down her burdens is Leia, who--by virtue of her fame, the expectations of others, and her own sense of duty and obligation--has become a prisoner of the Presidency. But she's tired, stressed to her limits, emotionally fragile--two steps away from a profound personal crisis of confidence. And Nil Spaar, the canny, ruthlessly machiavellian Viceroy of the Yevethan Protectorate, sees that as an opportunity he can opportunity to shatter the New Republic from within."

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