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The Announcer on The Muppet Show was an authoritative male voice who, in the old-time radio tradition, provided the intros and closing tags for several recurring sketches: Veterinarian's Hospital, Pigs in Space and Bear on Patrol. The characters on stage often looked around, trying to find the source of this mystery voice.

Unseen for the first four seasons, the Announcer made his first and only appearance in episode 501. When Beauregard claimed that the end of the world was coming, he predicted in Veterinarian's Hospital that something would happen that had never happened before. Indeed, while the Announcer was signing off, he plummeted onto the operating table, squashing Beau. Later, after the Announcer had taunted the crew of the Swinetrek for missing out on The Meaning and Purpose of Life, First Mate Piggy activated a lever that dropped him onto the set a second time.

John Lovelady was the Announcer's primary performer during the show's first season. Jerry Nelson reportedly performed the character's voice-overs in first season episodes 105, 110, and 118 before becoming the Announcer's full-time performer in the second season.


The Announcer was remarked upon in episode 423, when Rowlf and Janice appeared in a Pigs in Space sketch in their hospital attire. After the closing announcement, Rowlf said, "You know, we have him at the hospital, too."

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The Announcer (voice by Jeff Steitzer) is the male voice in Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo 3 multiplayer that shouts out certain phrases when the criteria are met (like the Announcer shouting out medal titles when certain medals are obtained and general events in the game).


Halo: Combat Evolved



Multi-Kill Achievements

Spree Medals


  • "Game Over!"
  • "[Time left till a user wins King of the Hill]  to win!"

Halo 2


Multi-Kill Medals

Spree Medals


  • "Gained the Lead!"
  • "Lost the Lead!"
  • "Tied the Leader!"
  • "Game Over!"

Halo 3


Multi-Kill Medals

Spree Medals

Weapon Spree Medals

Objective Spree Medals

Other Medals


General Gameplay

  • "Defense!"
  • "Offense!"
  • "Betrayal!"
  • "Betrayed!"
  • "Suicide!"
  • "Sudden Death!"
  • "Round over!"
  • "Game over!"
  • "Gained the Lead!"

Time Remaining

  • "30 minutes remaining!"
  • "15 minutes remaining!"
  • "5 minutes remaining!"
  • "1 minute remaining!"
  • "30 seconds remaining!"
  • "10 seconds remaining!"

Slayer/Team Slayer

  • "Slayer!"

Capture The Flag

  • "Capture The Flag!"
  • "Flag Taken!"
  • "Flag Stolen!"
  • "Flag Dropped!"
  • "Flag Reset!"
  • "Flag Recovered!"
  • "Flag Captured!"


  • "Assault!"
  • "Bomb Taken!"
  • "Bomb Dropped!"
  • "Bomb Armed!"
  • "Bomb Disarmed!"
  • "Bomb Detonated!"
  • "Bomb Reset!"


  • "Oddball!"
  • "Play Ball!"
  • "Ball Taken!"
  • "Ball Dropped!"
  • "Ball Reset!"


  • "VIP!"
  • "New VIP!"
  • "VIP Killed!"
  • "Destination Moved!"


  • "Juggernaut!"
  • "New Juggernaut!"
  • "Destination Moved!"


  • "Infection!"
  • "New Zombie!"
  • "Infected!"
  • "Last Man Standing"

King of the Hill

  • "King of the Hill!"
  • "Hill Controlled!"
  • "Hill Contested!"
  • "Hill Moved!"
  • Hail The King!"'


  • "Territories!"
  • "Territory Captured!"
  • "Territory Lost!"
  • "Territory Contested!"

Halo Wars

In Halo Wars, a multiplayer announcer is also present, however is not voiced by Jeff Steitzer. This announcer will announce the completion of every building and upgrade in the game. He will also alert the player of enemy engagements off-screen.

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