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Place of origin: The Gateway
Appearances: DW: Warriors' Gate
Mentioned in: NA: Happy Endings
Notable Individuals: Biroc, Lazlo

The Tharils were a humanoid leonine species from The Gateway encountered by the Doctor.


The Tharils' were gifted with time sensitivity powerful enough to navigate a ship. Due to this sensitivity the only thing that could contain them was Dwarf star alloy. The Tharils could ride the Time winds. In appearance were almost completely covered in hair and all the males had long beards. They had slightly cat-like noses.


The Tharils once controlled a vast empire centred on the gateway. The gateway was a huge castle that stood on the boundary between N-Space and E-Space. The Tharils could pass between the two universes via gateways in the castle. Anyone else who passed through the gateway met a dead end. The Tharils enslaved various species including Humans. The Humans built robots called Gundans as the humans themselves were unable to approach the gateway. The Gundans attacked the Tharils and invaded the castle during the banquet for the kings.

As the Tharil Empire and dominion crumbled, the Human species began to exploit their former masters in a continuing cycle of oppression. The Tharils now became the slaves, used as forced navigators of the time winds and traded as rare and valuable commodities. Ships such as the Privateer under Rorvik which became moored in the Gateway were built of the dense Dwarf star alloy to prevent the Tharils escaping. When Rorvik’s privateer became stuck in the Gateway the Doctor and Romana befriended two Tharils, Biroc and Lazlo, and they explained the history of the Tharil race to them. The two Time Lords helped to free Tharils still trapped in the privateer. Romana stayed behind in the Gateway to help the Tharils build a new life based on freedom and equity. (DW: Warriors' Gate)

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Tharil Tavira
Biographical information

Eiattu 6



Physical description




Chronological and political information

Rebellion era


Galactic Empire

Tharil Tavira was an Imperial Grand Moff appointed by Emperor Palpatine to oversee Eiattu 6. Although married, he began an affair with a young native girl named Leonia, whom he married when his wife died suddenly and unexpectedly. Shortly afterward he suffered a massive stroke that paralyzed him.

Due to a rare allergy to bacta, it was impossible to treat him. Facing a very long and painful recovery process with no guarantee of success, Tharil eventually killed himself. He was succeeded as Governor of Eiattu by Leonia, who was suspected by some of having engineered both his first wife's death and his stroke.

Behind the scenes

It is sometimes claimed that Grand Moff Tavira controlled not just Eiattu 6 but all of Ado Sector; however, there seems to be no canon evidence for this, and his priority sector may have been limited to the one planet, or perhaps simply its star system.

There is also some uncertainty about Tharil Tavira's rank: he is identified as a Grand Moff when first referred to in the story, and the badge Leonia is normally shown wearing is appropriate for this rank, but she herself is only ever called simply a Moff.


  • X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Warrior Princess (Mentioned only)
  • I, Jedi (Indirect mention only)


  • Handbook 1: X-wing Rogue Squadron

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