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The remote village of Thamasa

Thamasa (サマサ Samasa) is a town in the game Final Fantasy VI. It is a very remote town due to its inhabitants being descendants of the Magi, or the humans who fought in the War of the Magi. As such, the residents know how to use magic, but the Mayor has issued a decree forbidding its use, lest outsiders stumble upon the village. The residents are also very cold toward strangers. However, once outsiders meet someone in town, they are much nicer. Strago Magus, Relm Arrowny, and Gungho all live in this town.


World of Balance

Thamasa on the WOB map
The burning building
Kefka destroying Thamasa
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Before the adventure began, a child Kefka Palazzo lived part of his childhood in Thamasa (whether he was born there is unknown), and was bound by fate to leave, with his most precious possession, the Soul of Thamasa (translated as Gem Box in North American release). Some time before his leave, a thief named Clyde stumbled upon Thamasa in an escape from his past. He fell in love with a woman and had a daughter with her. However, he did not want to show his true face to his family, so he ran away with the family dog, and became known only by the name of his old thieving unit. The girl's mother died, and she grew up in the care of an old man named Strago, who treated her like she was his own granddaughter (possibly, she was; it is never confirmed one way or the other).

Ten years later, Terra, Locke, and Shadow came to Thamasa looking for Espers. The residents were, of course, cold to them, but they went and met Strago, the elder of Thamasa. He introduced them to Relm, his granddaughter, and she became affectionate with Shadow's dog, Interceptor, much to his dismay. Strago claimed to not know anything about Espers, but the townsfolk were much nicer to Terra, Locke, and Shadow afterwards. The three of them spent the night at the inn, but they were woken up by the sound of fire. Strago woke up Terra and Locke and asked them to help him rescue Relm from the inside of a burning building. Strago began using magic on the building, but the mayor reminded him of the moratorium on magic. Strago did not stop, and soon the whole town joined in. It did not work, and Terra, Locke, and Strago went inside the building to rescue Relm themselves. They succeeded in finding her, but they were surrounded by flames. Interceptor had to put them out, while Shadow helped them escape with a Smoke Bomb. The next morning, Strago revealed the truth about the town to Terra and Locke, and agreed to help them find the Espers. Shadow left town with Interceptor, much to Relm's dismay.

Once Terra found Yura and the rest of the Espers and told them that the Gestahlian Empire had began preaching peace, she brought them to Thamasa, where Celes and General Leo were waiting to negotiate peace. However, they were interrupted by Kefka, who revealed that this was all a set up. Everyone was wounded and the Espers were transformed into Magicite for Kefka to use. Leo attacked Kefka and appeared to defeat him. However, he only defeated Kefka's shadow, and the real Kefka came in disguised as Emperor Gestahl, snuck up on Leo, and killed him. Kefka then began to collect more Magicite. After everyone came around, Terra led a funeral service for Leo. They also found Interceptor at the funeral, leaving everyone to believe Shadow was dead. After that, Edgar, Setzer, and the others arrived on the Blackjack and revealed Kefka and Gestahl's true plans. Everyone boarded the airship and began to plan their next move.



Thamasa's Inn in the World of Balance

In town

Burning building


Thamasa's Item Shop in the World of Balance
Item Price
Potion 50 Gil
Hi-Potion 300 Gil
Tincture 1500 Gil
Phoenix Down 500 Gil
Holy Water 300 Gil
Remedy 1000 Gil
Tent 1200 Gil
Teleport Stone 700 Gil
Thamasa's Weapon Shop in the World of Balance
Weapon Price
Stout Spear 10000 Gil
Mithril Rod 500 Gil
Fire Rod 3000 Gil
Ice Rod 3000 Gil
Thunder Rod 3000 Gil
Morning Star 5000 Gil
Hawk Eye 6000 Gil
Darts 10000 Gil
Thamasa's Armor Shop in the World of Balance
Armor Price
Gold Shield 2500 Gil
Tiger Mask 2500 Gil
Tiara 3000 Gil
Gold Helmet 4000 Gil
Mystery Veil 5500 Gil
Power Sash 5000 Gil
Gaia Gear 6000 Gil
Gold Armor 10000 Gil
Thamasa's Relic Shop in the World of Balance
Relic Price
Sprint Shoes 1500 Gil
Sniper Sight 3000 Gil
Black Belt 5000 Gil
Earrings 5000 Gil
Wall Ring 6000 Gil
Running Shoes 7000 Gil
DragoonBoots 9000 Gil

World of Ruin

Thamasa on the WOR map

The party visits Thamasa to rescue Shadow or Relm after rescuing whichever one appeared in the Cave in the Veldt. The one that appears depends upon whether or not the party waited for Shadow on the Floating Continent.

Ebot's Rock, home of the legendary beast Hidon, has appeared north of Thamasa. Gungho tried to fight it for a second time, but he was wounded. When Strago and Relm returned to Thamasa, they found Gungho lying in bed. Strago vowed to get revenge, and went to Ebot's Rock and defeated Hidon once and for all, which brought much joy to Gungho.


Item Price
Potion 300 Gil
Tincture 1500 Gil
Phoenix Down 500 Gil
Holy Water 300 Gil
Remedy 1000 Gil
Smoke Bomb 300 Gil
Sleeping Bag 500 Gil
Tent 1200 Gil
Weapon Price
Man Eater 11000 Gil
Gold Lance 12000 Gil
Pearl Rod 12000 Gil
Gravity Rod 13000 Gil
Trump 13000 Gil
Da Vinci Brush 7000 Gil
Shuriken 30 Gil
Ninja Star 500 Gil
Armor Price
Mystery Veil 5500 Gil
Circlet 7000 Gil
Dark Hood 7500 Gil
Light Robe 11000 Gil
Diamond Vest 12000 Gil
Relic Price
Barrier Ring 500 Gil
Jewel Ring 1000 Gil
Fairy Ring 1500 Gil
Czarina Ring 3000 Gil
Peace Ring 3000 Gil
Guard Ring 5000 Gil
Wall Ring 6000 Gil
Cure Ring 8000 Gil

Monster formations

Outside: Plains (WOB)

Outside: Forest (WOB)

Burning building

Outside: Barrens (WOR)

Outside: Forest (WOR)


"Strago's Theme" from Final Fantasy VI
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"Strago's Theme" is used as the background theme for Thamasa.

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