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Also known as:
Race: Gallifreyan (Time Lady)
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Home Era: Rassilon Era
Appearances: DW: Arc of Infinity
Actor: Elspet Gray

Thalia was a Lord Chancellor in the High Council of Time Lords.

In the DWM Issue 100 which gives a brief history of Gallifrey and the Timelords it is reported that she was an Arcalian and that she and Cardinal Zorac were sent into the Death Zone by Borusa where they both perished.

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The Ceavon were a species from the Tagoth Galaxy, who stole the Thalia`s mode of cross-galaxy transportation to travel to the Milky Way Galaxy. They brought with them a Thalia Communications Array which Ceavon descendants purposely discarded in the later years, out of fear of the Thalia's using it for revenge.

In 2377, the USS Shark discovered the Array and began studying it. The Ceavon attempted to warn the Federation off, but Captain Jet on the Shark was reluctant. When the USS Phoenix-X investigated the situation, the ship was suddenly infected with a computer virus directly started by the Thalia in the Tagoth galaxy whom were in communication with the Array. ("Loyalties, Parts I & II")


The Helenion were a species originating from the world, Helenion, trying to recover from a planet-wide economic downfall. In 2376, a group of Helenions traveled aboard the USS Phoenix-X to be escorted home. Their trip was delayed when the Phoenix-X began mining isatonic crystal, which lead to an attack by the tree species. ("Christmas Special")


The Thalia were a species who lived in the Tagoth Galaxy. They lost their cross-dimensional transportation ability when the Ceavon stole it from them. One of their Thalia Communication Array's were also stolen by the Ceavon and brought to the Milky Way Galaxy. The Ceavon considered the array to contain the "Thalia Curse". In 2377, the Thalia from the Tagoth Galaxy sent a message to their communications array in the Milky Way Galaxy telling it to release a virus. When the virus infected the USS Phoenix-X, the Ceavon considered this to be the "Thalia Curse". ("Loyalties, Parts I & II")

Immortal species

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Trozonian Empire

The Trozonian Empire was the governing body of the Trozonians. They followed their 6000 year old ancient scriptures closely, which described the Human race as being the most deadly in the Milky Way Galaxy. To stop the threat, they sent out a generational warship to traverse the galaxy and destroy Earth. ("Bio Level 4")

Umockian Empire

The Umockian Empire was a small collection of planets with an unstable government. In 2369, it was overthrown by Dawn Relic, just to prove to his mother he wasn't a failure. ("Crash Bandicoots")

It was never stated which quadrant the Empire was located in, but the Gamma Quadrant or the Alpha Quadrant seem the most likely candidates, since Dawn originated from Gamma and spent some time in the Alpha.

Organizations & Groups

Second Maquis

The second Maquis were a large fleet consisting mostly of Tosk Hunters, led by a handful of Humans who opposed the Federation and held Maquis values. They had convinced the Tosk Hunters that the Federation was their enemy and to attack when the time was right. In 2374, during the Dominion War, they launched an unsuccessful offensive and were defeated in battle. ("Cookies")

The Traveling Link

The Traveling Link were a group of Changelings who trekked throughout the galaxy as one being. They were in search of more Changelings to join their link. In 2377 they encountered a dangerous Borg Cube of which, through another Changeling, Shane, that linked with them, they felt a history with. When the Cube broke from the Continuum and became a danger to the galaxy, Shane felt responsible due to having been a vessel himself for endowing the Cube with omni'X power. When Shane joined with the Traveling Link, the Traveling Link also felt responsible - thus it set out on a journey to stop the Cube, wherever it may have gone. ("Liquids Everywhere", "Destiny's Revenge, Part I")

It is not known whether they were successful in stopping the specific Borg Cube.


See: X Continuum.

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Thalia May
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Old Republic era

"Maybe... maybe the Jedi will accept us. I've seen how evil the dark side is. Maybe I could try."
―Thalia to Revan

Thalia May was a student of the Sith Academy on Korriban.


Thalia May and a group of fellow students from the Sith Academy on Korriban refused to murder innocents from the nearby Dreshdae colony on the orders of Headmaster Uthar Wynn. Uthar ordered their executions as punishment. Before the sentence could be carried out, May and her companions escaped into the nearby shyrack cave. Nobody was willing to brave the dangerous caves to carry out the sentence.

This was the case until Revan arrived on Korriban during the quest to locate the Star Forge. Revan killed the resident terentatek in the cave, allowing May and her friends to escape off-planet via a passage to the surface. Before leaving, May expressed her thanks to Revan and her wishes to seek acceptance from the Jedi.

Behind the scenes

If the player character is a dark-sider, then they will express the wish to kill Thalia May and her companions to gain prestige with Uthar. Not willing to die without a fight, May and her group attack Revan and are mercilessly cut down.


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (First appearance)

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