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For an overview of Enclave Power Armor models in various games, see Enclave Power Armor.
For the Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics armor, see Tesla Armor. For the Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel armor, see Vault-Tec Tesla Armor.
Tesla Armor
Tesla Armor
DR: 43
item HP: 1500
weight: 45
value: 820
effects: +10 Energy Weapons, +20 Radiation Resistance
repair: Tesla Power Armor
base id: 0006B464
0008f571 (Tesla pack only)
Tesla Helmet
DR: 9
item HP: 100
weight: 5
value: 120
effects: -1 CH, +5 Radiation Resistance
repair: Tesla Helmet
base id: 0006B465

The Tesla Power Armor, or more often referred to as Tesla Armor by Enclave Soldiers, is a type of Power Armor deployed by the Enclave in the Capital Wasteland in 2277.



Unlike the pre-Great War Tesla Armor, constructed from plans drawn up by the famed Serbian-Croatian scientist Nikola Tesla and confiscated by the American government upon his death in 1943, it is a variant of the Enclave's Advanced Power Armor Mk II jury-rigged with a Tesla device that is capable of dispersing a large percentage of the damage done by directed-energy attacks.


The armor makes the operation of energy weapons by the wearer easier, boosting the Energy Weapons skill of the operator. Enclave soldiers using this armor tend to use rarer, more powerful energy weapons; such as Plasma Rifles. Although this is powerful armor and a great addition to the Lone Wanderer's wardrobe, the only way to get it (and spare suits for repairs) is by fighting Enclave soldiers or finding at least one on the Mothership Zeta add-on. The Enclave Soldiers' armor is usually acquired in rather poor condition. Despite this drawback, the armor is still one of the best you can find by the end of the game, bested only by the T-51b and the Enclave Hellfire Armor.

Tesla Armor can be given to Protector Casdin at Fort Independence for 5.56mm rounds, Frag Grenades, RadAway, or Stimpaks.


The Tesla Power Armor appears only in Fallout 3.


  • If a fully repaired suit of Tesla Armor is equipped and another suit (not necessarily at 100% condition) is in the player's inventory, the equipped suit will not degrade no matter how many times the player is hit. The unequipped armor will take the damage instead.

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