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For more background information about various Tesla Armor variants in Fallout games, see Tesla Armor.
Tesla Armor
File:TESLA.gif   File:Metalguy.gif   File:Metalgirl.gif   File:metalghetto.gif   File:metalgirl2.gif
AC bonus: 15
Damage Type Damage Resistance Damage Threshold
normal: 20% 4
laser: 90% 19
fire: 10% 4
plasma: 80% 10
explode: 20% 4
electrical: 80% 12
weight: 35 Pounds
cost: $4,500
prototype id: 240

Tesla Armor is a type of metal armor that makes its wearer resistant to energy attacks.


Main article: Tesla Armor

Unlike the basic metal armor it strongly resembles, this armour is an actual pre-War military design[1], constructed from plans left behind by Nikola Tesla, confiscated by the US government after his death. It is designed to protect the wearer against energy attacks - three Tesla Attraction Coils disperse a large percent of directed attacks. However, since its protection against conventional firearms is comparable to the post-war metal armor, its popularity was limited, although some suits made their way to National Guard depots and from there to the wastes.[1]




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