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Terri Letac (born Letac Vari and previously Terri Renu) was a Starfleet officer from the 24th century. A orphaned Bajoran refugee she was adopted by a couple in Starfleet, which helped shape her future career. A science officer she came to prominance as the Chief science officer on the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125-A). (Star Trek: Swiftfire)


Early years

Letac Vari was born on Bajor in 2344 to Gigi and Letac Marrus. Her birth was registered two weeks before her parents and several other Bajorans were smuggled off of Bajor by a sympathetic freighter crew. Unfortunately a Cardassian patrol ship detected the Bajorans on the freighter and attacked, seriously damaging the freighter. The USS Yamaguchi responded to the freighter's plight, scaring off the Cardassians. By this time all of the freighter's crew were dead and only a few Bajorans survived, including the several month old Vari. Her parents were not one of the lucky one and none of the other survivors were capable of caring for her so she was adopted by Haley and Mark Renu a human couple on the ship. With no records of who she was they named her Terri Renu and chose the date they adopted her as her birthday. ("Deployment", "What Little Girls are Made Of")

When she was eleven Letac and her parents visited a the Majestic after the crew were invited to spend some time on the vessel when the Yamaguchi ran across the starliner. ("Waiting for the Sun")

A year later her parents left Starfleet and moved to New Seattle on Penthara IV. It was at this time she started to actively pursue information about her Bajoran heritage. For the next three years they were unable to gain any information through official channels due to the Cardassian's unwillingness to share information with the Federation. Terri decided to find another way to get the information gaining contact with someone willing to get her information from Bajor, a Cardassian. The Cardassian managed to gain her the information she was after, finally answering the question about who she was. This encounter with a Cardassian also gave her direction for where she wanted her life to go and she made the decision that she would join Starfleet. ("What Little Girls are Made Of")

However with the discovery of her real name Terri Renu decided to change her name to Terri Letac; her adoptive parents were supportive of her taking on her Bajoran family name as a way for her to identify with her past and heritage. She kept her adopted first name and the practice of having the family name last as a way of showing the only parents her had ever known how much they meant to her. ("What Little Girls are Made Of")

Starfleet Academy

In 2362 she applied and was accepted to Starfleet Academy, fulfilling her desire since discovering who she was.

While at the Academy she met Aimee Wessling. The two became friends, before becoming lovers. They ended their intimate relationship when Wessling graduated. ("Always on My Mind")

At the academy Letac spent time with other Bajorans for the first time since she was rescued. It was through other Bajorans and visits to an actual Bajoran temple that she gained a true appreciation for the Prophets and decided to walk with the Prophets. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

After completed her course at Starfleet Academy Letac was assigned as a Science officer to the Nebula-class, USS Honshu in 2366. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Service on the Swiftfire-A

In 2373, Letac was transferred to the newly christened Akira-class, USS Swiftfire-A. A ship at war doesn't often get a chance to investigate spatial phenomena, so Terri hasn't had much opportunity to put her knowledge of science to much use.

In one incident Terri used her knowledge of science to close down a hazardous phenomenon that had created a static time bubble. The bubble had trapped a Klingon fleet and a Dominion fleet that were in battle. Letac, with help from the ship's database, initially helped find a way for the Swiftfire-A to enter the bubble without getting stuck in time. The source of the bubble was a subspace tear located in an exploding Son'a warship and she was part of the away team to inspect it. She then managed to figure a way to safely collapse the tear but could not stay to see her work finished due to becoming sick from exposure to the tear. The exposure however had no lasting effects and in the end thanks to her efforts the Klingons were freed and the Dominion fleet was forced to retreat. ("Regression")

Letac along with Lt. Commander Nikki Whitechapel flew the Swiftfire's Venture-class scoutship, SC-193. in a mission to create a distraction to keep the Dominion off a strike force led by the USS Enterprise-E as it hunted down an enemy convoy in Cardassian space. Letac had to take part in the mission due to the fact she had made adjustments to the scoutship so it could leave false ion and warp trails.

During the mission their ship was damaged by a hidden weapons satellite and they nearly crashed onto the planet. They were saved by the inhabitants of a hidden Federation colony on the planet. The colony was listed as destroyed thanks to the inhabitants who created the ruse as a way to stay in their homes and avoid the Dominion War. While on the planet Whitechapel decided that the colonists were doomed and that something had to be done. She was reluctant to interfere but followed her superior's orders. In the end Whitechapel decided to continue the illusion and Terri willingly agreed to wipe the ship's sensors to keep the colonist's secret. ("Moral Actions")

Letac also was instrumental in getting Lieutenant Aimee Wessling assigned to the ship as ship's counsellor. She and Wessling were friends from their days at the academy and upon hearing that Wessling was looking to change assignment Letac vouched for Wessling to Captain Jonathan Masters, who ended up requesting her for the Swiftfire. ("Rode the 600", "Unfinished Business")

While the ship was assigned to Deep Space 9 she took the opportunity to visit the station's Bajoran temple. During her visit she saw her first genuine orb. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

While on leave in mid-2374, Letac first visited her parents in Toronto. She later visited the Starfleet War Memorial to pay her respects to those lost in the destruction of the USS Honshu several weeks previous and those killed on the Swiftfire. She then planned to spend time with Wessling in San Francisco. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

During Captain Masters' supposed death Letac was able to use the subspace relay network and the shuttle's prefix code to "ping" the surrounding space in an effort to locate the true location of the captain's missing shuttle. ("Crossfire")

Letac received an invitation to a conference of subspace anomalies on Casperia Prime in 2375. The invitation however was a rouse to lure her off the ship to be captured by the Dominion, who placed her in a simulated reality set in 2391. She spent three days in this simulation before a team from Special Operations Command rescued her from the Galor-class starship that had been holding her. After her escape she was debriefed and given a fake cover story based on the conference actually occurring, this was due to the classified nature of SOC operations. When she returned to the Swiftfire she confided in Wessling the truth in a successful bid to repair their relationship, which had been on the rocks for several weeks. ("Always on My Mind")

Letac was promoted to lieutenant after she returned from attending the "conference". ("The Only Thing Necessary")

During the ship's mission to Echla Letac was tasked with gathering information on the planet once the Swiftfire entered orbit. After the attack on the Echlan Totality she led the investigation team to the planet to go over the scene of the attack, discovering that ultritium had been the explosive used in the attack. Following the reprisal attack on the Coalition of Zadic she was tasked with the delicate investigation of Ambassador Dylan Whitechapel to see if he had any involvement, instead she discovered that Wendell Greer had secretly met with Groa Ilata, which incriminated Greer as having some involvement in Ilata's suicide attack on the Coalition. She was later convinced by Captain Masters to conceal this information. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

By the Vendoth invasion in 2376, Letac had been promoted to Lieutenant Commander and was still serving on the Swiftfire. ("United We Stand")


Letac's closest relationships are with Ensign Frank Cole and Lt. Commander Nikki Whitechapel. Her relationship with Cole is due to the fact they are the most junior members of the bridge crew and are of similar ages. Letac works closely with Whitechapel with their console been right next to each other towards the rear of the bridge.

She also have a very close relationship with Aimee Wessling, who came on board as the new counsellor in the middle of 2374. They were initial just friends until the Swiftfire been stranded in the Tong Beak Nebula where they once again became lovers. ("Always on My Mind")

When the Swiftfire was been repaired in orbit of Bajor, Letac took a trip to the surface with Wessling to spend time off the ship together. ("Into the Fire")

Letac and Wessling planned to take a cruise on the Swiftfire's next rotation from the front, given that they had sufficient time. ("Waiting for the Sun")

Given Letac's friendship with Cole they have double-dated on at least one occasion. They took their respective partners skiing on the holodeck, which was ended prematurely after Cole broke his leg in a collision with a tree. After a keep repair job by the doctor they moved on to one of the ship's lounges to enjoy a few drinks. ("Section 214C")

In 2375, Wessling took the next step in their relationship and asked Letac to move into her quarters; Letac accepted. After several weeks living together their relationship was on the rocks as they, especially Letac, found the adjustment difficult.

Letac was then captured while off the ship and subjected to a false reality by the Dominion. During the simulation she re-experienced the events since she moved in with Wessling, which gave her a new perspective on their relationship. When she returned to the Swiftfire she revealed this to Wessling, which helped fix their relationship. ("Always on My Mind")

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