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In the mirror universe, the Terran rebellion was an uprising in the early 2370s by Terran slaves of the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Against overwhelming odds, the rebellion scored several important victories against the Alliance and restored hope to the oppressed slaves.

Star Trek: New Empire

In Star Trek: New Empire, the rebellion spread to include entire planets, and by the 2380s had formed the Imperial Union of Planets. The rebellion was directly responsible for the decimation of Cardassia. (Star Trek: New Empire)

Star Trek: Mirror Wars

In Star Trek: Mirror Wars, the rebellion eventually defeated the Alliance and killed most of the Cardassians and Klingons, and shortly thereafter, the rebellion transformed into the second Terran Empire. (Star Trek: Mirror Wars)

Star Trek: Future Perils

In (Star Trek: Future Perils) the original rebellion led by Smiley was lost to the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. However despite the fact that the Terran Rebellion had been "assimilated" by the Alliance there were many who still wished to rebel against it.

In 2409 the USS Pureshasu's captain Nathan Jenkins was involved in a transporter accident which caused him to switch places with the ISS Pureshasu's captain Nathan Jenkins (mirror). While the ISS Pureshasu's crew was aware that Nathan Jenkins was not their captain they were skeptical about trying to restart the Terran Rebellion.

However after commander Isha Keirianh (mirror) met with Smiley she decided to take command of the ISS Pureshasu and start a new Terran Rebellion. With a combined effort of several commanding officers the second Terran Rebellion began.

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