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Terra Branford
Terra Branford/Dissidia
Kana ティナ・ブランフォード
Romaji Tina Buranfōdo
Japanese Name Tina Branford
Original Game Final Fantasy VI
Story Difficulty *****
EX Mode Trance
EX Burst Riot Blade
Japanese Voice Actor Yukari Fukui
English Voice Actor Natalie Lander
Dissidia Final Fantasy Character
"We live to protect what we hold dear. As long as you have that, you can find the meaning on your own."

Terra Branford is one of the heroes chosen to fight on the side of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy. A girl blessed - or cursed - with both the power of espers and incredibly powerful magic, her attacks are magical in nature, but she can strike an enemy with both long and short-range attacks. Terra was previously forced to serve Chaos in the past against her will, but has forgotten about these events and now fights on the side of Cosmos. Her nemesis Kefka appears to taunt her about her forgotten past and attempts to sway her back to the side of evil.


Crystal & Attire

Terra's outfit contains a short sleeveless and strapless floral-patterned red dress, a yellow and purple hair ribbon, and flowery red sleeves. Around her neck is a pale pink cape, and her waist is covered by two belts. She also wears patterned white tights and red and gold pointed boots.

Her alternate costume is based on her original sprite appearance in Final Fantasy VI. Her hair is bright green, and she wears no tights. Her dress and cloak are also recolored - her dress a deeper shade of red. Her cloak, losing its flower pattern, is pink at the top, to approximate the shoulder pads from the sprite. In addition, Terra's EX-Mode is colored violet. Her Manikin version, Phantasmal Girl, is red.

Her crystal is a red and black Magicite from Final Fantasy VI. Since Magicite are the crystallized remains of an Esper after they die in Final Fantasy VI, it is unknown if her crystal is meant to represent a specific Esper, or if it is just a generic piece of Magicite.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow. (Skip section)

Destiny Odyssey

Terra loses control of her Esper form and accidentally attacks the Onion Knight

In Destiny Odyssey III, Terra travels with Onion Knight in search of the crystals, and Onion Knight acts as a "guardian" for Terra, but this is proven wrong when Exdeath tries to attack them, making Onion Knight a coward. Terra doesn't mind this, and they continue their adventure. But problems occur when Terra loses control of her Esper form and accidentally attacks the Onion Knight, forcing him to fight her in order to defend himself. Onion Knight eventually calms her, but this was just a trick of Cloud of Darkness who then kidnaps a weak Terra. Onion Knight comes to the rescue and finds a weak Terra with Cloud of Darkness. Onion Knight engages in battle with Cloud of Darkness and eventually defeats her, gaining his crystal. Terra wakes up from her slumber and tries to stand up, but she's too weak to even move and tries to sleep again. Onion Knight, now happy, waits until she's strong again, sitting next to her.

Terra holding her Crystal.

In Destiny Odyssey VI, Terra travels with fellow hero, the Onion Knight. Although the Onion Knight assures her that he will protect her, Terra has amnesia regarding her battle with the Onion Knight, and wonders why she lost her memories and why she was asleep afterward. However, the Onion Knight doesn't tell her the truth (deciding not to tell her that she had attacked him earlier). As Golbez told him, the Onion Knight tells Terra that the Crystal will only shine for Terra when she displays her most powerful feelings. Until that happens, Terra resolves to continue onward.

Cloud explains Firion's dream to Terra.

Kefka appears before the two, and taunts Terra with her lost memories, alluding to her earlier attack on Onion Knight and how destructive she was. Terra refuses to believe him, and the Onion Knight attacks Kefka. the Knight teleports them both away, leaving Terra to continue onward alone. She later encounters Cloud Strife, who had just defeated his enemy Sephiroth, just as her power begins to overwhelm her again. Cloud steps in to battle Terra and provide an outlet for her strength to help her regain control of her actions. After the battle Terra thanks him, though Cloud rejects her thanks because he didn't see any proof that what he did really helped. In turn, Terra helps him by assuring him that he really did help her. Cloud then thanks her for helping him realize that he can help others, so he decides to join Terra to search for the Onion Knight.

Along the way, Cloud presents Terra with Firion's rose (which he had just retrieved from Sephiroth), representing his dream of a free world that is completely at peace. He tells her that Firion fights hard for this dream, and that he, Cloud, has lost his. When asked what sort of dream she fights for, Terra admits she's never thought about the future because she was afraid of what that future might bring. However, she begins to hope for a world where dreams like Firion's could come true, and "all sorts of flowers can bloom", another play on the metaphor symbolized by Firion's rose - a world where anyone's dream could come true, and asks Cloud if he can share that dream with her. Cloud also begins to feel the same way, and in turn, realizes his own dream as well. He states that dreams like the one he wants to regain do not come easily, but nonetheless are still worth fighting for, so both he and Terra resolve to persevere through the battle to turn those dreams into realities.

Terra tries to flee from Kefka.

After some more journeying, the two finally confront Kefka, who again tempts Terra to give into her powers and join him in causing destruction. However, Terra again rebukes his claims, having found the will to fight to protect and for hope, and she says that no matter what happens to her regarding her power, she won't lose sight of that. Kefka is enraged by her refusal to join him, and the Cloud of Darkness ambushes them and attacks Cloud, who pulls out his sword, ready to defend Terra. The Onion Knight then reappears, and he and Cloud fight the Cloud of Darkness together, while Terra fights Kefka. Initially fleeing from his attacks, Terra stops running, fights and defeats him. Relieved that Kefka is gone, and both the Onion Knight and Cloud are safe, Terra's Crystal appears. She then departs with her two allies, having learned to control her powers, and now believing that even if dreams are trivial, they can still give their holder strength, and the power to make that dream a reality.

Shade Impulse

Terra returns to her world.

After obtaining the ten Crystals, Cosmos' power is split among the heroes, and as a result, she loses her strength, leaving her at the mercy of Chaos, who kills her. After fighting their own disappearance, they decide to vanquish Chaos for what he has done. After a few battles, Terra encounters Kefka in his tower, where she demands that Kefka reveal what he knows about the war. He then reveals that he plots the destruction of everything in existence, including even Chaos. However, Terra strikes him down, who explains that there are things that she wants to protect (possibly in an effort to seek redemption for what she has done in the past), and also that merely searching for a meaning to life gives life meaning in itself, but Kefka refuses to herald her, claiming that life itself is a futile and meaningless experience, and craves for senseless destruction, as he fades away with a sorrowful laugh. Terra speculates that Kefka went on his mindless rampages to fill a void in his heart, and vows to continue on, even if she repeated the same life as those before her. Later, she and the other heroes fight and best Chaos, which sends them all to a field near Cornelia Castle, where they one by one return to their home world, Terra presumably returning to Mobliz.


See also: Terra Branford/Dissidia/Quotes.

Terra's fighting style is described as "Esperkin," and she uses powerful magic spells to fight, with the exception of chase sequences, which is the only time where Terra will use the Excalibur. Despite using magic during battle, she remains exceptionally powerful at both long and close-range combat. However, most of her long-range attacks are a bit easy to avoid, block, or punish, with the exception of Flood, Graviga, and Tornado, which can penetrate any guard and are very hard to dodge. Flood can easily render Jecht Block useless, making her one of the most proficient guard breakers in the game, and is the most ideal character to use when dealing with Jecht. Terra also possesses the longest combo in the game, the Holy-Ultima Combo, the only triple combo in the game. But Terra also has her disadvantages. Like her allies Cecil and Cloud, she is also a slow mover when grounded, but the range and power of her attacks help make up for this, and together with Tidus, she has one of the longest recovery times in the game.


Main article: Terra (Boss)

Terra is fought in Destiny Odyssey III, Distant Glory, and Inward Chaos.

Brave Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtained Description Image
Fire Ground 20 (10) 120 Initial Fire attack that moves along the ground
Additional Effect: Chase
Blizzard Combo (ground) Ground 30 (15) 180 Initial Hit foe with chunks of ice. Tilt thumbstick up to knock the enemy up instead of forward
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Blizzara (ground) Ground 30 (15) 180 Level 3 Shoot a large piece of ice which splits into smaller ones on contact
Additional Effect: Magic Block, Wall Rush
Graviga Ground 30 (15) 180 Level 24 Conjure a ball of darkness that slams the enemy into the ground
Additional Effect: Absorb, Wall Rush
Meteor Ground 30 (15) 180 Level 29 Summons fireballs to slam around the enemy
Blizzara (midair) Aerial 30 (15) 140 Initial Shoot a large piece of ice which splits into smaller ones on contact
Additional Effect: Magic Guard, Wall Rush
Thundara Aerial 20 (10) 90 Initial Summons four lightning bolts that surround then converge on the opponent
Blizzard Combo (midair) Aerial 30 (15) 140 Level 6 Hit foe with chunks of ice. Tilt thumbstick up to knock the enemy up instead of forward
Additional Effect: Wall Rush
Holy Aerial 20 (10) 140 Level 10 Shoots five balls of light that home in on the opponent. In EX Mode, shoots three balls of light twice.
Additional Effect: Chase
Holy Combo Aerial 30 (15) 200 Level 19 Performs Holy, then follows up with several aerial Flare spells if Holy connects
Additional Effect: Chase

HP Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtained Description Image
Flood Ground 40 (20) 180 Initial Summon three explosions of water from under the foe, with a slight delay between the first and second.
Tornado (ground) Ground 40 180 Level 14 Summon three tornadoes spinning around you that combine into one
Additional Effect: Absorb, Wall Rush
Tornado (midair) Aerial 40 180 Initial Summon three tornadoes spinning around you that combine into one
Additional Effect: Absorb, Wall Rush
Meltdown Aerial 40 300 Level 38 Shoots a ball of fire that takes on one of three forms depending on the time spent charging. In EX Mode, the first form is triggered by pushing towards the enemy, the second form is triggered by pushing away from the enemy, and the third form is triggered by not inputting any of those directions.

Form 1: shoot small fireball forward quickly. Low range but high speed.
Form 2: shoot medium fireball forward that homes on enemies. Medium range and speed, strong homing
Form 3: shoot large fireball that bounces around the arena. Largest range and high speed, poor homing
Additional Effect: Wall Rush

Brave to HP Attacks

Move Type CP (Mastery) AP for Mastery Obtained Description Image
Ultima Aerial 40 (20) 300 Holy Combo Conjure a spherical field of energy around opponent that explodes after growing larger.
Additional Effect: Wall Rush

EX Mode

Terra's EX Mode
Riot Blade

Terra's EX Mode consists of her Trance or Esper Form from Final Fantasy VI. When in EX Mode, she gains the Chainspell ability, letting her perform her attacks twice in succession. In the case of Graviga and Meltdown, she can perform them twice without needing to charge the spell a second time. Terra also gains the ability to glide, and in a chase sequence uses her claws instead of her sword.

Terra's EX Burst is Riot Blade, where she whips out her arms and flings crescent-shaped waves at her opponent. The player must hit the directional pad in tandem with the Image:Circle-button.png button to charge two power meters; the more energy they charge, the more blades Terra fires and the stronger the attack becomes. The move is based on Terra's Desperation Attack in Final Fantasy VI.

Terra's EX Mode plays a critical role in the storyline, as a major part of Terra's character is in her struggle to control her Esper form. As such, when she is fought in Onion Knight's story, she transforms into EX Mode at the beginning of the fight and due to a unique accessory remains in EX Mode for an extended period of time, symbolizing her lack of control over the transformation.


Terra can use the following equipment: Daggers, Staves, Rods, Bangles, Hats, Hairpins, Ribbons, Clothing, and Robes.

Exclusive Weapons

Name Level Stats (JP Version) Stats (US Version) Effects (JP Version) Effects (US Version)
Chain Flail
50 BRV +26
ATK +34
BRV +26
ATK +35
EX Mode Duration +20%
EX Core Absorption Amount +10%.
Magic Defense +30%.
Morning Star
92 BRV +38
ATK +61
BRV +38
ATK +62
EX Mode Duration +30%
EX Core Absorption Amount +15%.
Magic Defense +40%
Maduin's Horn
100 BRV +40
ATK +67
EX Mode Duration +40%
EX Core Absorption Amount +20%.
Magic Defense +50%.
Minor Anti-EX Effect.



Terra embracing a Moogle in Dissidia
  • It is implied in-game that in a previous clash between Chaos and Cosmos, Terra was forced, against her will, to fight on the side of Chaos, which is an allusion to her enslavement to the Gestahlian Empire. This is confirmed in the Dissidia Ultimania guide. As another nod to Terra's enslavement, during the battle against her in Destiny Odyssey III, the enemy data for her lists her as wearing a "Puppeteer's Wheel," called "Slave Crown" in the Japanese release.
  • Terra's strongest exclusive weapon is named after her father, Maduin.
  • Terra's other unique weapons are maces in Final Fantasy VI. They are used by Terra, Celes, Strago, Relm, and Gogo. Maces are long-ranged weapon, demonstrating Terra's proficiency in several areas of combat.
  • Terra's Trance ability in Final Fantasy VI only doubles her stats and it doesn't give the DualCast ability. The DualCast ability is maybe a reference to the Soul of Thamasa relic, as it gives the DualCast ability, and because the game's description of the Chainspell ability describes it as "[embracing] the spirit of a magus". As Thamasa is a village of mages, it is likely that this description is in reference to the Soul of Thamasa.
  • Terra's partnership with the Onion Knight is a reference to her attachment to the children of Mobliz, where she is found after the Apocalypse, and the reason for her continued existence after the disappearance of magic and Espers after Kefka's defeat. There is a major difference, however, in that Terra was the children's protector rather than being protected by them.
  • Final Fantasy VI was originally called Final Fantasy III when it first came to the U.S.; incidentally, the main characters from those two games are partnered together during the events of Dissidia. This also applies to Cecil and Firion, because Final Fantasy IV was originally called Final Fantasy II in the U.S..
  • Her innate fire abilities are also expressed in the game, as her Fire Magics deals much stronger damage than her Ice Magics.
  • In Shade Impulse C4-1, Terra says, “Let’s fight to protect the future together. And… we’ll definitely go back home.” based on her line when rejoining the party after the Apocalypse.
  • One of Terra's victory quotes, “Everyone lusts for power, it seems,” references her own initially unstable powers (although she later learns to control them) and the line she spoke in front of General Leo's grave.
  • Terra's love for Moogles is expressed in the English version of Dissidia upon gaining the Moogle Summon. When obtaining the Moogle Summon, players are treated with a cinematic of the Moogle offering its help to the player, and if they are currently playing as Terra the scene is extended to show her hugging it, and the Moogle asking her to "lay off on the fur ruffling."
  • One of Terra's defeated quotes, "I'll vanish, won't I?" is a reference to when she and her friends believe she will vanish with the rest of the Espers after they defeat Kefka.
  • When the player wins the Arcade Mode with Terra, an image of her alternate costume with green hair is shown. In this image, Terra is posed in the same manner as one of the concept arts of her from Final Fantasy VI, simply with her sword added in her hands.
  • Most of Terra's character flaws are allusions to problems she faced near the beginning of Final Fantasy VI, such as suffering from amnesia and the lack of control over her Esper form. This may be a further reference to Terra representing the World of Balance, whereas Kefka's character better seems to represent the World of Ruin.
  • One of Terra's strongest combos is to cast Meteor, then strike the opponent with Holy, chaining it into Flare and then Ultima. Final Fantasy VI was the first game in the series to feature all four of these spells as magic the party could learn.
  • At the start of her Destiny Odyssey story, she had lost part of her memory after struggling with the Cloud of Darkness when the Cloud of Darkness was trying to control her. Afterwards, the Onion Knight told her that he would protect her. This is an allusion to when Terra, after waking up in a cave with still very little memory of who she was, was found by Locke Cole who promised that he would protect her.
  • Unlike all the other player characters, whose equipment set are exactly of what they equip in their respective original games, Terra's weapon arsenal in Dissidia is completely different from that of her original game. In Dissidia, she can equip rods, staves, and daggers, but in Final Fantasy VI, she can't equip the rods and staves, and while she can use daggers, Terra's primary weapons are maces and swords. In Dissidia, Terra's armor is light while in Final Fantasy VI she equips a variety of light and heavy armor. This may reflect Terra's focus on magic in Dissidia, compared to Final Fantasy VI where she was generally well-rounded in magic and physical prowess, although Terra can be modified to be more of a physical fighter like in the original game.
  • Squall and Terra are the only heroes who are helped by other heroes before their fights with their respective villains. The heroes helping Terra are Cloud Strife and Onion Knight.


Terra's original face artwork
  • The image of Terra on the Potion energy drink is not based on her finalized artwork, but an earlier version of her artwork before Tetsuya Nomura redesigned her face. This same earlier version was the first artwork released of Terra before her full artwork was released.
  • Tetsuya Nomura has stated that Terra is his favorite character in Dissidia, as he likes long-range attacks and is particularly fond of her Tornado ability.
  • In the story timeline, Terra is the fourth to acquire her crystal according to Destiny Odyssey 76.
  • Terra is the only current female Warrior of Cosmos, however Shantotto, previous Warrior of Cosmos, is female. Tetsuya Nomura also wanted to include another female Warrior of Cosmos, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, but she was excluded to avoid locking down her abilities in Final Fantasy XIII.
  • Terra, along with Cloud, Squall, and the Onion Knight, fight one of their allies (instead of or in addition to another villain) as a midboss in their story. Terra's midboss fight is against Cloud, and Terra herself is the Onion Knight's midboss fight in his story arc. This makes Terra and Cloud the only two heroes to both fight another hero as a midboss and be fought by another hero as a midboss, with Cloud fighting Firion.
  • Excluding Shantotto and Gabranth, Terra and Cloud were the last two characters confirmed for the main roster of characters.
  • Terra is the only Warrior of Cosmos who can glide.
  • Unlike the other heroes, who run up and across walls, Terra glides along the surface.
  • Terra is the one of the only heroes who are revered by one of the other villains, particularly The Emperor, but only because he also lusts for the control of Terra's power.
  • Like Cecil Harvey, Terra has an extra weapon in her design that is not used. In her case, it's the holstered dagger at her waist.
  • As a rather strange coincidence, the name of her English voice actress, Natalie Lander, directly relates to the character, as Terra means "land" in Latin.

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