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The Logo of Final Fantasy VI
''Terra's theme''
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"Terra" is the official name of Terra Branford's theme, which is also the Main Theme of Final Fantasy VI. It is the overworld theme during the World of Balance.

"Terra" is the most recorded of all the tracks in the Final Fantasy series, having six official arrangements in total, apart from the numerous fan remixes.


Other Versions


Dissidia Final Fantasy

A simplified arrange of the theme plays in Dissidia, as the background theme of the stage boards of the Destiny Odyssey VI storyline.

Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale

The Opening Theme of Final Fantasy VI is incorporated into "Terra" in the music album Final Fantasy VI: Grand Finale. Initially played in the key of G-minor the theme is transposed towards the end into A-minor, the most common key in which Terra's theme is played.

Piano Collections: Final Fantasy VI

A piano arrangement of "Terra" appears in Final Fantasy VI's correspondent Piano Collections album.

20020220 music from Final Fantasy

The version of Terra's theme included in the concert album 20020220 music from Final Fantasy features a different orchestration arrangement to that of Grand Finale, produced by Nobuo Uematsu and Shiro Hamaguchi.

Final Fantasy Remix

The Piano Collections version of "Terra" was remixed and included in the album Final Fantasy Remix by music duo Ante

Final Fantasy: Pray

"時の放浪者" (Toki no Hōrōsha, "Wanderer of Time") is a vocal arrangement of "Terra's Theme" featured in the music album Final Fantasy: Pray, performed by Risa Ohki. It is sung in Japanese.



Haruka tooku yoru o koete
Sabaku no umi o samayou
Kami no koe wa shinkirou
Wasurerareta hitobito
Kage wa shiroku yurameki tatsu
Ima hitotabi no maboroshi
Aoku moeru yuusha no yume
Towa ni nemuru hitobito

English translation

Crossing the distant night,
Wandering the desert sea.
The gods' voices are mirages;
The forgotten people.
Shadows flicker palely, then stand;
For one moment, an illusion.
A hero's dream, burning blue,
The people, sleeping forever.

External Links

The "Free Bird" of fan remixes, as it is called at the OverClocked ReMix site, Terra's theme has been mixed into various styles by the Final Fantasy fan base. A notable remix is the one by Jeremy Soule, an award-winning video game musician who also composed the music for Square's Secret of Evermore.

  • Deadly Promises, Darangen, OC ReMix
  • Death on the Snowfield, AmIEviL, OC ReMix
  • Eres Des Points, DJ Crono, OC ReMix
  • Oldschool Opening, Nicholai Duval, OC ReMix
  • Squaresoft Variation, Jeremy Soule, OC ReMix
  • Terra Black Crystal, Kaijin, OC ReMix
  • Terra Haute, The OneUps, OC ReMix
  • Terra in Black, Ailsean, OC ReMix
  • Terra Tripmachine, djbrilliant & JV, OC ReMix
  • Tina Don't Fall, Alexander Prievert, OC ReMix

Variations of Terra's theme appear in Machinae's Supremacy "Flagcarrier" track.

  • Flagcarrier by Machinae Supremacy on

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