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In the universe of Final Fantasy IX, Terra (テラ Tera) is the twin world of Gaia.



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Zidane spies Mikoto amongst Terra's alien landscape.

In an unspecified amount of time before the events of Final Fantasy IX, Terra underwent a terrible cataclysm that caused the majority of life to be extinguished. The Terrans managed to store their souls in suspended animation and remain dormant within Pandemonium in the hope that one day their culture would be restored. Garland, a Terran creation, created the Genomes, empty humanoid vessels that would receive the souls of Terra once Gaia had been assimilated into Terra. Garland hoped that the people of Gaia would eventually die out, allowing the planet to be absorbed by Terra, but then decided to take the Gaian genocide into his own hands. As such, Kuja and later Zidane were sent to Gaia to cause as much chaos and destruction as possible to kill the Gaians, after which their souls would be locked in Mist by the Iifa Tree. Garland's plan backfired when the elder Kuja struck out on his own path and abandoned a young Zidane on Gaia.

Zidane was raised by the Tantalus Theater Troupe, and thus saved from a premature death. However, Zidane often dreamt of his homeland, although he could only remember a 'blue light', he had forgotten that he was born on Terra though he constantly searched for his birthplace and family. As the game's storyline progressed, Zidane and his friends eventually learned more about Terra and decided to journey there. They did so by piloting the Hilda Garde III to the Shimmering Island, which lay to the south of the Lost Continent. The Shimmering Island had recently revealed itself as the portal between Gaia and Terra, and upon entering the portal, the airship landed on the crystalline landscape of Terra. After navigating through a large area of Terran Wilderness, the party met Mikoto, a mysterious girl who looked like Zidane.

Kuja enters Trance and destroys Terra.

The party were then led by Mikoto to Bran Bal, a city of Genomes, entities created to hold the souls of Terra temporarily until the Terran souls could be transferred to Gaia. Mikoto tells Zidane much about herself, explaining that she was created with a will of her own, just like Zidane and Kuja. Zidane is suspicious about Mikoto's explanations, so she directs him towards the entrance to Pandemonium, where Garland resides. Here, Garland bluntly tells Zidane of his true purpose as an Angel of Death. After Zidane's friends help him come to grips with his existence, they battle Garland and defeat him. Their victory is short-lived, as Kuja arrives at Pandemonium, kills Garland, and turns on the party. Using the soul of Queen Brahne as a catalyst, Kuja reaches a state of Trance and destroys Terra with his newfound power. The party flee with the Genomes back to Gaia.





  • Coronet
  • Dragon Wrist
  • Minerva's Plate
  • Demon's Vest
  • Elixir
  • Remedy
  • Mythril Racket


See also: The Place I'll Return to Someday.

There are two themes of Terra; one is Final Fantasy IX's opening and title screen theme, "The Place I'll Return to Someday". The second is another arrangement, simply titled "Terra" is played while exploring the planet. During the three battles after Zidane learns of his nature as a genome is titled "You're Not Alone".


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