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Carter Wilson (DCAU)
Real Name
Carter Wilson
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Mrs. Carter (mother)






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Batman Beyond Episode: Hidden Agenda



Carter Wilson was an honor-roll student at Hamilton Hill High School, but led a double life as a member of the Jokerz. When his grades started dropping, he took out his anger on the student who had surpassed him: Max Gibson.

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A desktop terminal (left) and a wall-mounted terminal (right) in Fallout 3.

A Terminal is an electrical device used for running computer programs and controlling other devices.

A terminal is programmed for controlling turrets, opening safes and doors, storing information, and activating robots and other special equipment. Some terminals have been rigged as explosive traps. The operating system of a terminal is the Unified Operating System, a program published by RobCo Industries. A typical terminal has a keyboard for typing commands and a monitor for displaying information and for monitoring commands.


Fallout and Fallout 2

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Fallout 3

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Using Terminals

To use a terminal, you simply have to activate them.

Secured Terminals

Most terminals are secured. To access them you either need

  • a password, mostly random.
  • enough Science skill to hack them,
  • or an encryption key.

Usually only one or two of these options are available.

A terminal password, presented in the Notes section of your Pip-Boy.


There are various ways of getting a password to a terminal. The two most common ways to get a password are that someone tells you the password or that you find an item describing the password, like a holotape.

Guessing the password or knowing the password from any other source than the game - like the wiki - does not help you; if you haven't got the password, according to the game, your only resort is to hack the terminal.

Mothership Zeta Terminals

There are terminals scattered around the ship Mothership Zeta, in the add-on of the same name. They are used by the Aliens for security purposes, and with the required Science skill, ranging from 25 to 75 Science, you can hack them. There are a few choices once hacked: 1) Set it to blow up in a small amount of time. 2) Set a proximity charge and 3) Unlock the door. These terminals can also be destroyed by gunfire. They are usually found near doors, and when opened, they contain various Alien items, such as Alien Epoxy, Alien Biogel and Alien Containers. A certain door can be found in the Weapons Lab that contains the Atomic Pulverizer. It can be found in a small room located in a hallway near the entrance. The room can only be accessed by using an alien door terminal that requires 75 Science to activate. The terminal is explosive so when killing the enemies don't destroy it. It will be found lying on a rack directly to the right after entering the door. Other notable loot inside the same room include some Alien Power Cells, another Atomizer, an offline Guardian Drone, and other forms of Alien memorabilia.

Hacking Terminals

A typical hacking session on a terminal.

One way to deal with secured terminals is the possibility to hack them. This works only if:

  • the terminal is hackable
  • your Science skill is high enough to hack the terminal (which can range from very easy to very hard):

A Vault 101 Lab Jumpsuit and a number of other outfits which can be found later in the game each add +5 to your Science skill. Lesko's Lab Coat adds +10. You can carry one of these with you and put them on when you want to hack a terminal so that with a Vault lab coat, your Science skill only needs to be 45 to hack a 50-skill terminal, for example, and with Lesko's coat, your Science skill only needs to be 40 for a 50 terminal. This frees up points for you to put into other skills. (Just don't forget to change back to your armor when done hacking.)

Hacking a terminal pays a good number of Experience Points, so you may want to hack terminals even if you don't need to, just to get the XPs. For example, hacking an average terminal may give you 40-50 XPs, and most good sized buildings usually have at least a half-dozen terminals. You get more XP for hacking a Very Hard terminal than you do killing a Super Mutant Behemoth.(on Normal Difficulty or below).

Terminal level Science

skill requirement

XP reward
Very Easy 15 20
Easy 25 30
Average 50 40
Hard 75 50
Very Hard 100 60

You will be presented with a list of words, all of the same character length, interposed with random characters. One of the words is the correct password, and your goal is to guess it. You choose a word by clicking on it. If you didn't guess correctly, the terminal will display "x/y correct" where x is the number of correct letters, and y is the word length. It is important to realize that a letter is correct only if it is in the right spot. For example, if the password is "RELEASED" and you choose "DETECTOR" then you will be told that there are 2/8 correct because there are 'E's in the 2nd and 4th place for both. The words have other letters in common, like 'R', but it is in the first spot in one word, and the last in the other. You have four attempts to select the correct password. Higher difficulties mean more letters in each of the words (ranging from 4-5 on Very Easy terminals to 10-11 on Hard terminals to 12+ on Very Hard terminals). The Player character's skill level in Science determines how many possible choices are on-screen (higher = fewer words to choose from).

This game has many similarities with Mastermind (a board game).

Tips and Tricks

You can back off the computer before getting locked out, when you go back to the computer it resets but it will give you a whole new set of words

Use previous guesses to eliminate words. If you guess a word and are told that it has n correct letters, that means any word that does not have exactly n letters in common (same letter in the same position) with the first word cannot be the correct choice. For example, if you guess "CONVINCED" and are told that 3/9 are correct then you can eliminate words like "CERTAINLY" (1 letter in common) and "COMMITTEE" (4 letters in common). This often narrows your choices down a good deal - in the mini game this example was taken from, choosing "CONVINCED" eliminated all but 3 words ("FORBIDDEN", "CARDINALS", and "CLUTTERED"). So after only one guess, being able to win the mini-game was guaranteed (since there were three guesses and three words left). If your first guess has no correct letters it can greatly benefit the player as there likely aren't many other words that could be the right passcode, leading to much narrowing down.

Often times, many of the words have the same suffix, notably "TION" and "ING". If you guess a word that ends in "TION" and at least four letters are right you can bet on the correct password being a word ending in "TION", given that it would have to mean that the other letters in the word would have to be identical if that weren't the case. Example: your guess is 'REACTION' with 4/8 correct. If this rule didn't apply the correct password would have to start with 'REAC' and no such word exists.

There are also things you can do with the characters that are not part of words. Clicking on matching brackets (i.e. () [] {} or <>, even with other characters between, but not a whole word between) can remove a dud password or even reset the number of remaining guesses to four. The brackets must be of the same type and on the same line. Take ".<*%]>)(@" as an example. Selecting the first "<" will highlight everything up to the ">". Also, two or more opening brackets can be matched to a single closing bracket ("[ [ ]" on a line gives you two chances), but the opposite is not true ("[ ] ]" only gives you one chance). Choosing a single non-letter character will simply waste an attempt. If all wrong passwords have already been removed, and you click on a bracket sequence, you will not use up an attempt and you will be told "Entry Denied"

Taking the above approach may require pencil and paper (or one of the programs listed below), but there are other tricks that do not. Looking at common word substructures can also be useful. For example, if any word ending in "ING" gets less than 3 letters correct, then the correct answer cannot end in "ING". Likewise, many words may start with "CON", etc.

Previous choices are displayed on the right-hand side of the terminal. You may find this easier to use for position-based character mapping than trying to do it mentally.

To get to the hacking mini-game quickly, you can click the startup screen on the terminal to skip to the next screen. Click once more to load the hack screen instantly.

Before you have used all four guesses, you can exit the game. You can then start the game again, and you will be given a new batch of words. This is useful if you're running low on guesses. Using all four guesses without getting the correct answer will lock the terminal and you will be unable to hack it again.

See also

Encrypted Terminals

Decryption Key

Sometimes terminals have options that can't be used until you have the correct encryption key, and will be presented as gibberish.

An example of this are the terminals used by Chinese spies in the Capital Wasteland - but the terminal encryption key is usually nearby.

Trapped terminal

Trapped terminal

A terminal can also be a trap in disguise.

If triggered by activating the keyboard, the terminal will first give a small electical shock, and then the rigged Frag Grenade will detonate.

How to recognize

A trapped terminal has a broken rear, and a small receptor antennae on the back, recieving from an unknown source; see picture to the right. Also, all terminals with traps on them are plainly called "Terminal", as with the normal "Click/press 'A' to Activate Terminal."


Disarming a trapped terminal demands 45 Explosives skill. It is disarmed by activating the rear of the terminal rather than the front.

A Frag Grenade was used to create the trap, and you will get the one used to rig the terminal when you disarm it.


  • You can't create these traps yourself, you can only rearm an old disarmed trap.
  • After disarming, these terminals can NOT be used for anything except re-arming with a frag grenade. it is NOT possible to EVER use these terminals for informational purposes.

A Word Of Caution

Hacking privately-owned terminals -- which display their "Hack" options in red instead of in green (such as Moira Brown's research computer in Craterside Supply) -- is always a risky choice. Ignoring the likelihood of karma loss, owners who see you tampering with their private property are very likely to become hostile to you and retaliate. Usually, your followers will attack and kill them immediately when they become hostile. This can lead to serious consequences, particularly if the owner of the terminal is necessary for obtaining or completing a quest. Be warned.

Purpose of Terminals

In Fallout 3, terminals are generally used to find information about a particular quest or character. There are also terminals that may unlock a nearby door once hacked, while there some terminals that have no discernible use whatsoever. In the Robot Repair Center there is a terminal that can set off a pulse explosion killing every robot in the room.

Turret Control

Terminals can be used to turn turrets off. Terminals can also be used to disable the turret's targeting causing it to shoot at everyone no matter who they are.

Opening doors and safes

Terminals are quite commonly used to open safes, giving an alternative to lockpicking the safe. To get maximum XP, you can pick a lock first, then hack the terminal which would have unlocked it. You could also hack the terminal but not unlock the safe/door etc before exiting and then lockpicking it.

Terminals are also sometimes used to unlock or open doors; an example is the terminal used in the Tenpenny Tower quest to let Ghouls in from the Metro.

Riddles & Mini-games

  • In Museum of Technology, Prime has reprogrammed a few terminals so that Jiggs can track his whereabouts, if he manages to get the answers right. See: Jiggs' Loot.
  • In Hubris Comics, one still working terminal has a beta test of a computer game, Reign of Grelok (beta).
  • In The National Archives, a terminal controls a mulitple choice quiz that dispenses a reward ticket on successful completion. This ticket (and others found elsewhere in the museum) can be cashed in at a nearby terminal for some otherwise unique mentats.

List of hackable terminals

For the Data Miner achievement, you need to find 50 terminals to hack. For this purpose this page will contain a list of those terminals. If there are any others please add to the list.

Place (or closest map marker) Location in place Skill level Purpose How Many
Alexandria Arms Second floor Average Unlocks door to Storeroom 1
Arlington Library Library lobby Easy Information 4
Arlington Library Arlington Library Media Archive middle floor Average Turret control 4
Arlington Library Arlington Library Media Archive top floor Average Turret control 4
Arlington Library Arlington Library Media Archive top floor Average Unlocks safe 4
Anacostia Crossing Station near Seward Square exit Average Protectron 1
Anchorage War Memorial At the top of the steps leading to the Anchorage Memorial Facility Bay Average Unlock Door 1
Bethesda Ruins Bethesda Offices East Average Turret control 2
Bethesda Ruins Bethesda Offices West Average Turret control 2
Capital Wasteland Southeast of the Arlington Library at a Talon Company checkpoint Average Controls turret system 1
Citadel In the Clinic, Ring B Very Hard Information 3
Citadel Squire Maxon's Room, Ring B Very Easy Information 3
Citadel Elder Lyons room, Ring B Very Hard Information 3
Dunwich Building Forsaken Dunwich Ruins Easy Story Infos 1
Dupont Circle Station  ? Average Turret Control 2
Dupont Circle Station  ? Very Easy Protecton Robot control 2
Enclave Field Research: Crater Camp Just west of Fort Bannister Average Information 1
Fairfax Ruins Southeast of, halfway to Andale Average Turret control 1
Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro Near the entrance of Franklin Metro Utility Easy Unlocks Door 1
Farragut West Station Office near entrance Very Easy Protector Robot control 1
Fort Bannister Fort Bannister Bunker Easy Turret Control System 3
Fort Bannister Commanding Officer's Quarters Average Unlocks door 3
Fort Bannister Commanding Officer's Quarters Average Turret Control System 3
Fort Independence Fort Independence Lower Level Average Turret Control System 2
Fort Independence Fort Independence Lower Level Hard Unlocks Door 2
Franklin Metro Utility Right after entering Hard Unlocks safe 2
Franklin Metro Utility Below of first room Hard Turret Control 2
Germantown Police HQ Ground Floor Very Hard Unlocks jail cell doors 4
Germantown Police HQ Ground Floor Very Hard Unlocks contraband closet 4
Germantown Police HQ Top Floor Very Hard Information 4
Germantown Police HQ Top Floor Easy Unlocks safe 4
Grayditch Doctor Lesko's Shack Average Information related to Those! 2
Grayditch Brandice's House Easy Information 2
Greener Pastures Disposal Site Offices Average Unlocks Safe 1
Jefferson Memorial Jefferson Museum and Gift Shop Average Turret Control System 1
Jury Street Metro Station Jury St. Tunnels Very Easy Unlocks Safe 1
Little Lamplight The Great Chamber, NW corner Average Opens Vault 87 Reactor Door (see Joseph) 1
L.O.B. Enterprises East Wing, NW corner Very Hard  ? 1
Lucky's Inside, on a counter Hard Unlocks Scavenger's safe 1
Marigold Metro Station Left of behind subway car near flashing light Easy Unlocks door 2
Marigold Metro Station Dr. Lesko's Office Average Unlocks access door and notes 2
MDPL Mass Relay Station Inside Power Station Very Hard Unlocks safe 1
MDPL-13 Power Station Derelict Power Plant, inside upper office Average Unlocks safe 3
MDPL-13 Power Station Derelict Power Plant, inside lower office Hard Turret Control 3
MDPL-13 Power Station Inside power substation, on desk Hard Unlocks Safe 3
MDPL-16 Power Station Power Substation Average Unlocks safe 1
MDPL-21 Power Station Power Substation Hard Unlocks safe 1
Megaton Children of Atom Very Easy Information 5
Megaton Craterside Supply Very Easy Information 5
Megaton Megaton Armory Hard Deactivating Deputy Steel and Weld 5
Megaton Moriarty's Saloon Average Information (Finding out where dad went) 5
Megaton The Brass Lantern Very Easy Information and unlocks safe 5
Meresti Service Tunnel Meresti Trainyard Station Entry Terminal Very Hard Information 1
Meresti Metro Station The Family's Terminal Very Hard Information 3
Meresti Metro Station The Family's Terminal #2 Very Hard Information 3
Meresti Metro Station Vance's Terminal Very Hard Information and Unlock Safe 3
Museum of History Lower Hall - Top of Staircase on right Average Turret Control 1
Museum of Technology Atrium, In the Security Station Average Turret Control 4
Museum of Technology West Wing, In the Security Station Average Turret Control 4
Museum of Technology West Wing, In the Security Station Average Information 4
Museum of Technology West Wing, in the Planetarium Control Room Easy Unlocks nonexistent door 4
National Archives Next to archives sub-basement door Easy Unlocks door 1
National Guard Depot Offices Wing, behind a locked door (Average) on the other side of the wall (go up the stars and down the other side) there is an unlocked door that goes to the same room. Average Disable Turrets 4
National Guard Depot Training Wing Average Disable Turrets 4
National Guard Depot National Guard Depot Average Disable Turrets (#1) 4
National Guard Depot National Guard Depot Average Disable Turrets (#2) 4
Northwest Seneca Station Inside Grocer, on counter Easy Unlocks safe 1
Nuka-Cola Plant South East of Wasteland Very Easy Activating Convoy Belt for Nuka-Cola Quantum's 2
Nuka-Cola Plant Storage and Mixing Vats Very Easy Activating security protectron 2
Our Lady of Hope Hospital First floor Average Information (Nurse Station 01) 4
Our Lady of Hope Hospital First floor, north Average Information (Nurse Station 02) 4
Our Lady of Hope Hospital Inside entrance, near reception Average Turret Control System 4
Our Lady of Hope Hospital Second floor, dead end to the east Average Information (Nurse Station 03) 4
Outcast Outpost In Protector McGraw's chamber. (Operation: Anchorage) Very Easy Information 1
Paradise Falls In Eulogy's Pad, on the table with the SpeechBobblehead near the heart bed Average Use in quest Rescue from Paradise 1
Queen Ant's Hatchery Accessed from Marigold Metro Station Average Use in quest Those! 1
Raven Rock Level 1B, Delivery Terminal Average Unlocks Cage #364 3
Raven Rock Level 1B Average Disables Force Field 3
Raven Rock Level 2C, same room as Bobblehead - Energy Weapons Average Disables Force Field 3
Red Racer Factory CEO Offices Average Disable chip broadcast 3
Red Racer Factory CEO Offices Average Surgeon's Notes 3
Red Racer Factory CEO Offices Average Surgeon's Notes & disable chip broadcast 3
Rivet City Midship Deck, Abraham Washington's room Very Hard Information 7
Rivet City Midship Deck, Seagrave Holmes's room Average Information 7
Rivet City Tower (2 terminals) Very Easy Information 7
Rivet City Upper Deck, Clinic Average Information 7
Rivet City Upper Deck, Bannon's room Easy Information 7
Rivet City Upper Deck, hotel lobby Very Easy Information 7
RobCo Factory Upper Level - Offices and Cafeteria Average Robot control 1
Roosevelt Academy Ground Floor - Admin Office Very Easy Protectron 2
Roosevelt Academy Ground Floor - Nurse Office Hard Open Safe 2
SatCom Array NN-03d Tower C Very Easy Open Door 1
SatCom Array NW-05a Southeast of Raven Rock Average Turret Control 1
Steelyard In front of a line of 4 Protectron's Hard 4 Protectron's 1
Super Duper Mart In a storage area the the back of the store, next to the Protectron. Very Easy Protectron 2
Super Duper Mart Office at the back of the store. Easy Opens door to the storage area to the right of the terminal. 2
Taft Tunnels Before the flood door Very hard  ? 1
Tenpenny Tower In Boutique Le Chic, 1st Floor Average Unlocks Safe 4
Tenpenny Tower In New Urban Apparel, 1st Floor Average Unlocks Safe 4
Tenpenny Tower In the Federalist Lounge, 1st Floor Easy Store Discount 4
Tenpenny Tower Metro Access & Generator around back of the tower Easy Unlock containment door for Tenpenny Tower 4
Tepid Sewer To the left of the entrance Average Control automated turrets 2
Tepid Sewer Outside Rocksalt's storage room Easy Unlocks Rocksalt's storage room 2
Underworld Winthrop's Room Average Information/Unlocks Safe 4
Underworld The Chop Shop Very Easy Information 4
Underworld The Ninth Circle Very Easy Information/Unlocks Safe 4
Underworld Underworld Outfitters Very Easy Information 4
VAPL-58 Power Station Inside building Very Hard Unlocks Safe 1
Vault 87 Living Quarters Average Information/Unlocks Safe 8
Vault 87 Test Labs, Isolation Room 01 Hard Unlocks Door 8
Vault 87 Test Labs, Isolation Room 02 Hard Unlocks Door 8
Vault 87 Test Labs, Isolation Room 03 Hard Unlocks Door 8
Vault 87 Test Labs, Isolation Room 04 Hard Unlocks Door 8
Vault 87 Test Labs, Isolation Room 05 Hard Unlocks Door 8
Vault 87 Test Labs, Lab Tehnician Average Unlocks Door 8
Vault 87 Test Labs, Medical Wing Maintenance Average Unlocks Door(s) 8
Vault 92 Living Quarters Average Women's Dorm Security Terminal 5
Vault 92 Living Quarters Average Men's Dorm Security Terminal 5
Vault 92 Living Quarters Hard Data Storage Entry 5
Vault 92 Living Quarters Average Security Terminal 5
Vault 92 Atrium Average Supply Shop 5
Vault 101 Interrogation room during Trouble on the Homefront Average Opens cell, Information (this terminal is unlocked during Escape!) 3
Vault 101 Overseer's office Very Easy Opens tunnel, Information 3
Vault 101 Sub-Level Hard Information 3
Vault 106 Entrance, security room Very Hard Information 2
Vault 106 Living Quarters, Overseers office Very Hard Information 2
Vault 112 Tranquility Pod Floor Hard Unlocks door to Supply Room 1
Vault-Tec Headquarters Vault-Tec Administration, Lower Floor, NE Corner Average Disable Turrets 2
Vault-Tec Headquarters Vault-Tec Administration, Upper Floor Average Disable Turrets 2
Wheaton Armory Bottom of missile silo Average Turret control 2
Wheaton Armory Bottom of Missile silo Very Hard Unlocks Door 2

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Terminal may refer to the following:

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A Tech item that generates control for a Base.


This item can be purchased to generate Control for a Base. This item can only be attached to another object.

Additional Information

Base Element Type Control Auxiliary
Price 10,000 prestige
Energy Consumed 10
Control Produced 10
Crafted at Not Crafted
Attaches to Mainframe

See Also

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