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Tequila (t'qIla' in Klingonese) is a Terran alcoholic beverage originating from Mexico.

"Skagaran Lone Star Tequila" was a variety of tequila produced by the Skagaran culture. (ENT novel: Kobayashi Maru)

Zefram Cochrane was fond of tequila, and shared a bottle with Deanna Troi in 2063. Troi was unfamiliar with the drink, and became heavily inebriated. (TNG movie: Star Trek: First Contact)

Elias Vaughn was also fond of tequila. (TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible)

In 2372, Crimmon asked Quark for a margarita. Quark discovered three bottles of tequila to make it and had Broc fetch them from the bar's storeroom. Quark later offered Jadzia Dax a glass, although she turned it down after seeing the worm. (DS9 novel: The 34th Rule)

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Real name {{{realname}}}
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Height 5'6"
Weight 125lbs.
Date of birth March 7th 1978
Place of birth Ashburo, North Carolina
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Resides Los Angeles, California
Billed from Ashburo, North Carolina
Trainer Razor Sharp Woody
Divas Unleashed
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Debut 2001 (GWF)
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Tequila (born Mara Washington, March 7 1978) is an American-born professional wrestler currently employed by the popular chick wrestling federation Divas Unleashed.


Early Life

Mara "Tequila" Washington was born on March 7th 1978 to rich parents in North Carolina, the daughter of an electronics salesman and a nurse. Tequila has an older brother named Jack Washington and a younger sister, Yvette Washington. The Washington family resided in the suburb of Ashburo in North Carolina which is most famous for a nearby zoo and lots of large houses.

After watching wrestling on TV and being expelled from many schools due to her attempt to seduce the hot teachers, Tequila never completed high school and does not have her diploma as she set out to break into the wrestling business instead.

Wrestling Career

Global Wrestling Federation

After crashing local wrestling events and house shows, Tequila caught the eye of a pro-wrestler called Razor Sharp Woody. The good-looking British man charmed her, and asked her out on a date. The two began a relationship, and ‘RSW’ began to train and mentor Tequila in the wrestling ring.

Woody signed deal with the Global Wrestling Federation and after much persuasion, the president Vern Wheeler agreed to hire Tequila as Woody's manager. Her name was changed to "Eve" and she would valet Razor Sharp Woody to the ring. It was soon apparent that Eve would have no qualms about getting physical with whatever opponent of RSW's was thrown out of the ring.

Tequila as Eve in GWF.

After becoming bored in a mediocre eye candy role and beginning to fade into the background, a ray of hope came when GWF decided to put together a women’s division. The women’s championship was currently held by Lightning,. After several squash matches against Lightning with Eve losing horribly on both occasions, Tequila decided to reinvent herself, changing her name to “Tequila” and putting herself at the forefront of the women’s division along with Lorretta, Lightning and Tara Lee, all of whom had developed their own identity in the company.

Tequila and Loretta were friends as both dating men who happened to be in the same tag team. During a pay-per-view match, Lorretta managed to finally win the Women’s Championship from Lightning. Soon the alliance between Loretta and Tequila crumbled and the two became bitter enemies.

The subsequent Loretta vs. Tequila feud would set the women’s division on fire and Tequila was eventually able to win the Women’s Championship for the first time. Her relationship with RSW ended, but her career flourished as she remained champion for a long time, seeing off challenges from Lightning and Tara Lee. Tequila eventually lost to the belt her new best friend Crystal Deymonaz and upon her loss, Tequila became the longest reigning GWF Women’s Champion ever.

As began to GWF fold and crumble, Lightning jumped ship to another company. Crystal, Lorretta, Tara Lee and Tequila had become friends in GWF and vowed to stick together. A brand new company called "Divas Unleashed" offered all four women’s wrestlers a long-term contract and all four happily signed as GWF closed.

Ultimate Championship Wrestling

Ironically, Tequila once made an appearance in UCW, a federation owned and operated by Felicity. She appeared in a four way match involving herself, Valeria Sanchez, Claudia and Phoenix. This match was for the UCW Woman's title but Tequila was not successful.

Divas Unleashed

Upon arriving in Divas Unleashed, Loretta transformed herself into the dark creation of Mya. The other three divas remained the same and Krysta Taylor, a journalist from GWF, had also been signed to DU.

As the company began, Tequila was sidelined due to a nagging shoulder injury but her established fame from GWF was an asset to DU and she was a fixture on Divas Unleashed's broadcasts. Tequila's debut appearance was when she was caught in a comprising situation with the good-looking but engaged owner, Shane Rockford. Shane’s fiancée at the time was Kristin Wallace, who exploded at the news that they were having an affair and set about making Shane’s life a misery.

Feud with Nyssa

Tequila remained in the background but on Shane’s arm for the next year with their relationship blossoming. All of a sudden, Tequila departed from the company after the news broke that Shane had been unfaithful with Nyssa and she was expecting his baby.

Tequila sought retribution on Nyssa. Nyssa quickly had her baby, it being born premature, and the baby was named Christina Rockford. Shane tried be civil with Nyssa for the sake of the child and the two became a couple. Tequila soon saw the hook-up between her boyfriend and her enemy, and made her return to Divas Unleashed. She challenged Nyssa to a match at “Massacre In The Orient” in Tokyo but Tequila’s shoulder injury came back to haunt her and this was targeted by Nyssa as Nyssa picked up the victory.

A few weeks later, Nyssa was buried alive by Yuku Shiro. A couple of weeks after, Tequila returned to her position at Shane's side, with the couple agreeing to sort out their differences. Tequila returned to a state of happiness once again and had total faith in her boyfriend, shrugging off rumours that he had been unfaithful with Bianca and Miss Rhiannon.

Feud with Felicity

Tequila’s world was shattered once again as history repeated itself when Felicity announced Shane Rockford was the father of her baby. Felicity was absent from television on pregnancy leave but she was ever-present in Tecky’s thoughts. Meanwhile, Tequila had found herself in a feud with Kimberly Kendrick, a blonde-hating candle-wielding misogynist, and agreed to team up with Carley Monroe to take her on in a handicap match. At “Drop Dead Gorgeous” the match took place, with Felicity being in Kimberly’s corner.

The presence aggravated Tequila, who jumped out of the ring and pushed Felicity, causing her to trip over some stairs. The shock sent Felicity into labour, with Felicity being rushed to hospital and Shane joining her in the ambulance, leaving a stunned Tequila in the ring. 56 hours later, Felicity had given birth to her daughter, Ashley Abbigail Billington-Rockford.

The birth brought Felicity and Shane Rockford closer together and Tequila took charge of the company in his absence. On an edition of Exile, Felicity and Shane appeared on the video wall and announced that they were a couple and that Tequila was fired from the company.
Tequila on the cover of Playboy in June 2006, she beat Felicity to posing nude.

The new golden couple of Felicity and Shane banned Tequila from attending any DU event. Felicity began to work on her losing her baby weight while Tequila devised a way to get back into the company. With the help of her best friend Crystal, Tequila decided to put on a pink burhka veil and become “Pina Colada” from Saudi Arabia.

Shane agreed to sign “Pina”, and her first appearance was on Ashley T. Bopper’s interview show in a surreal moment with many crazy relevations from Pina Colada. Crystal later crashed the interview, making her first appearance in over a year. The crowd erupted as Crystal took over the show, prompting an annoyed Felicity to interrupt the show and demand Crystal leave.

Crystal provoked Felicity and caused the Canadian to come to the ring to sort the mess out for herself. As Felicity tackled with Crystal, she was hit from behind with a bottle by Pina Colada. Pina and Crystal then beat down Felicity, leaving her in a bloody mess before the pink burhka was ripped off to reveal the true identity of this mysterious woman to be Tequila.

Tequila challenged Felicity to a match at “Naughty Or Nice” to settle the score and win the rights to Shane Rockford. Felicity agreed and the December pay-per-view arrived, Tequila was able to defeat Felicity in a hard-fought match after nailing her finisher “Tequila Sunrise” to win back her man.

2006 started out well for Tequila, with her man back on her arm and her power restored. Felicity soon began being a nuisance again, with bitchy comments being frequently exchanged during their agreement to be civil. Felicity would smugly drop baby Ashley off for Tequila to baby sit. Felicity soon stopped after Tecky dressed Ashley up as a French prosistute.

Eventually, their bitchiness exploded as the two women got physical and began to catfight wherever possible. Tequila would interfere in Felicity’s matches (costing her the Rockford State Championship on one occasion) and Felicity flaunting her baby and special mother-father relationship with Shane in return.

Eventually, Tequila and Felicity agreed to settle the score once and for all at “Forsaken Destiny III”. After much anticipation, FD3 arrived and Felicity and Tequila tangled in the ring. After several near falls and a physical match, it was Tequila who picked up the victory and finally won the huge feud.

Feud with KibbyD

In mid-2007, after a quiet start to the year, rumours emerged that KibbyD was having an affair with Shane Rockford. Kibby claimed that Shane was planning to leave Tequila for her and the entire federation began talking about the news. Tequila kept a stiff upper lip with Kibby for many weeks before finally confronting Kibby at Forsaken Destiny IV, running into each other twice and arguing.

Later on that evening, Tequila was found backstage in a pool of blood, moments before KibbyD was to defend her Stripped championship. Standing over Tequila's body and taking pictures was Dee Dee Photonik who was immediately blamed for the attack. Tequila was unconcious and was rushed to hospital where she was comitted into a coma. Shane Rockford stayed at her side while she lay comatose, and Shane declared that Crystal would be in charge of Divas Unleashed while he was away.

Sinful Delights set up Crystal, attacking her and injuring her backstage and then blaming the assault on Yuku Shiro. Kibby then phoned Shane to personally tell him of "Yuku's heinous behaviour" and Shane allowed Kibby to be the interim president. Sinful Delights then embarked on a crusade of corruption, firing divas, making title matches, punishing divas and giving her own teammates huge advantages over the innocent members of Divas Unleashed.

Holly Wentz visited Shane in hospital and accidentally blurted out the corrupt happenings in DU. Shane rushed back to Divas Unleashed to sort matters out. Holly also made a swift exit, she turned on the radio in Tequila's hospital room where a DJ was introducing the premiere of "About You Now" by Sugababes, and the sultry sound of Keisha's voice awakened Tequila from her coma.

After recovering, Sinful Delights were still running Divas Unleashed when Shane Rockford and Tequila made a dramatic return. Shane pressed stable leader Amber Burton for answers, claiming to have video evidence it wasn't Dee Dee Photonik who attacked Tequila and claimed Sinful Delights had just framed Dee Dee. Shane threatened to fire the entire stable, and eventually, Amber came clean, admitting it was Sinful Delights who had carried out the attacks.

Tequila and Kibby's feud continued, with bitchy comments being fired in every direction. Tequila announced a singing career, to challenge Kibby's, and the two divas appeared to be out-doing out each other in every way possible. This was most evident at the Femmys 2008, when it was a case of Tequila's new song "Make-Up Bag" competing against Kibby's new song "Drop It" in a performance showdown. This night of competition was made worse by the fact both divas showed up to the awards wearing similiar Victoria Beckham-inspired outfits.

Kibby and Tequila finally met in a match at Nuclear Pussy 5 in a match, where KibbyD beat Tequila by pinning her in a quick finish. On the Exile Christmas Special 2008, Tequila and Kibby met again in a Mariah Carey Pop Extravaganza match with the winning getting to sing "All I Want For Christmas" on the Christmas covers album. Tequila spent most of the match intoxicated and vomited on KibbyD. Barracuda Jones won the match.

Personal Life & Awards

Tequila is in a relationship with DU's president Shane Rockford and they are currently married, they married in Las Vegas a week before Forsaken Destiny III. The couple honeymooned in the Seychelles before returning to Divas Unleashed in November of 2006. Shane and Tequila were also sent on a pre-paid second honeymoon by Tara Lee in mid-2009.

To date, Tequila has won 4 Femmys, the annual awards of Divas Unleashed. She is one of the few divas to have been nominated every year. Tequila has also performed at the awards, entertaining the crowd with a cover of the Sugababes hit "Red Dress" with fellow divas Crystal Hilton and Tiger Lily in 2006. In 2008, she performed once again when she opened the show with Crystal Hilton, Katia, KibbyD and Meggie with the recreation of the Spice Girls hit "Stop", and later performed solo for the first time with "Make Up Bag".

Tequila co-hosted the 2009 Femmys for the first time along with Tiger Lily. Tequila was also nominated in many categories for the event, scoring a record 22 nominations in total since the awards began and making her the most nominated diva ever.

Tequila's personal assistant is Holly Wentz, who also works as a reporter within the company when she's not needed by Tequila, although Tequila considers Holly to be one of her best friends. Tequila recently hired Barracuda Jones as an additional assistant.

Tequila is a close friends with fellow divas Crystal Deymonaz, Crystal Hilton and Tiger Lily. Tequila also has a very good relationship with 3WL owner Tory Blaze, and has invited Blaze to many DU events including the annual awards and PPVs.


Like many wrestling divas before her, Tequila posed nude and graced the cover of the June 2006 edition of Playboy. The posing co-incided with Divas Unleashed's biggest event of the year, Forsaken Destiny III. There was also a rumour that Tequila posed for the men's magazine to beat Felicity to it, who was personally asked by Hugh Hefner to become a centerfold when he visited a pay-per-view in Canada. Tequila's copy sold moderately well, and despite divas objecting to the tagline "The world's hottest diva nude" being used on her cover, it was well received with her fans. Tequila has since stated she would pose again if she was to be asked.

Music Career & "Soul On Fire"

Main article: Soul On Fire

In October 2007, Tequila revealed she had signed a recording contract with Island Records and was working on her debut album. The move was rumoured to be a challenge to arch-rival Kibby's singing career.

In January 2008, she announced her debut album would be called "Eye Candy" and would be released months later in the first quarter of 2008. The original release date of the album was withdrawn due to a fear of competition with Janet Jackson, however a new release date was never set. The album tracklisting had 12 tracks including cover versions of the Jennifer Lopez track "Baby I Love U" and The Supremes hit "Baby Love".

In January 2008, Tequila announced via MySpace that her debut single would be "Make Up Bag". The song got it's worldwide premiere on MySpace in February 2008 and was met with positive reviews from pop fans who praised it's catchy chorus, while others criticised the use of autotune and vocoding on Tequila's vocals.

"Make Up Bag" was heavily promoted in Divas Unleashed and a music video was released in April. The song had a European release in May, where it was a #1 smash in Bulgaria. It charted well elsewhere with a #2 position in Germany, and a well-earned #14 in the UK. The song did moderately well in other European countries. The US release followed two weeks later, where "Make-Up Bag" stalled at #67 on the Billboard Hot 100. Tequila blamed this on the American lack of appreciation for pure pop, and praised the song's international success.

Tequila performed "Make Up Bag" at the FWAs 2008, with her predicted second single "Let Your Head Go" serving as an introduction. A music video was scheduled to be filmed for "Let Your Head Go", however, Tequila ran into problems with her record label Island. After a breakdown of communication and an album put on hold, Tequila announced in late August that she would be leaving Island.

Tequila's debut album, Soul On Fire, was not a success.

Tequila joined Devil Doll Records (DDR) to become the labelmate of fellow diva Barracuda Jones. In September 2008, Tequila announced she would be re-recording her album with a newer, darker sound with no cover songs (with the exception of her cover of Jennifer Lopez's "Jenny From The Block", cheekily re-titled "Tecky From The Block").

Tequila premiered new songs called "Excuse My French" and "German Bold Italic" on MySpace, however neither of these songs make the final cut of her album. Tequila revealed in October via MySpace that her new album title was Soul On Fire and the album sounded like Kylie Minogue meets Britney Spears. The album was released on December 15th 2008 and stalled on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 83.

The second single from the album was Put The Needle On It, produced by Blackcell, released on January 26th 2009 with the album following in European territories a week later. The single charted reasonably well in Europe, with a #1 in Bulgaria, but stalled in the UK and US at the less glamourous end of the top 100. The album has sold 90,000 copies in Europe so far, hitting #1 in Bulgaria, Estonia and the Czech Republic.

There are rumours of plans to release a deluxe edition in the US and some parts of Europe to boost sales, yet these plans have yet to materialise. Instead, plans for a third single were announced with the track Who Do You Love Now?. A futuristic music video premiered in mid-April and the single will be released worldwide on June 8th 2009. The single charted at #1 in Bulgaria and faired well across other territories, becoming her highest-selling single in the UK despite charting at #20.

Tequila announced she intends to resume her postponed plans to tour with Soul On Fire in the early part of 2009, and has begun rehearsals for this tour, with Jean Paul Gaultier designing the outfits, but no dates have been announced due to Divas Unleashed activities as it has been rumoured the first set of dates will be in July to avoid Forsaken Destiny celebrations, and due to low ticket sales, Tequila may opt for smaller venues. It's rumoured the opening night will be in Los Angeles.

Tequila announced there would be a deluxe edition of Soul On Fire released in time for Christmas 2009 and there would be a new single premiering from this deluxe album although stated that plans for a sophomore album were "shaky".

Tequila covered "Santa Baby" for the Christmas covers album, released in December of 2008. Tequila covered "Oops...I Did It Again" by Britney Spears and duetted with her best friend Crystal Deymonaz on The Saturdays track "Forever Is Over" for the World Wide Women covers album released in December 2009.

Trademark Moves

  • Avocado Moonlight (Springboard top rope hurricanrana)
  • Eve of Destruction (X-Factor)

Titles Held

  • GWF Women’s Championship

Awards & Accomplishments

  • DU Top 30 2005 - Ranked #16
  • DU Top 30 2006 - Ranked #26
  • DU Top 30 2007 - Ranked #15
  • Femmys 2003 - Best Non-Wrestling Character
  • Femmys 2006 - Best Couple (with Shane Rockford)
  • Femmys 2006 - Best Feud (with Felicity) (shared with Chimera & Katia)
  • Femmys 2006 - Best Non-Wrestling Character

Theme Music

  • "Son of a Gun" by Janet Jackson

External links

  • Divas Unleashed
  • Tequila's Twitter
  • Tequila's MySpace Page
  • Tequila's Official Music MySpace

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