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Tentacle as used by Ultros in Final Fantasy VI.

Tentacle is a recurring enemy ability in the series. It is a physical attack that can either inflict statuses, deal heavy damage to a party member, or drain HP from a party member.




Final Fantasy VI

Tentacle is the special attack of Ultros, and inflicts moderate non-elemental damage to either one or all party members. It can also be used by Guardian when it goes into Ultros mode.

Final Fantasy VII

Tentacle is the special attack of Guard Hound and Unknown 2, as well as being the standard attack for Lost Number. It deals minor damage in Guard Hound's and Lost Number's case, but deals major non-elemental damage when used by Unknown 2. Tentacle Drain, used by Blood Taste, deals minor non-elemental damage and drains HP from the target.

Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-

Tentacle is used by Crimson Hound and Guard Hound, and hits up to three times.

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Tentacle, used by Guard Fang, deals non-elemental physical damage and hits twice. It may also inflict Stun for one second.

Final Fantasy VIII

Tentacle, used by Jelleye and Ochu, are both non-elemental counterattacks. When used by Ochu, it has an added ability of inflict Poison as well.

Final Fantasy IX

Left Tentacle and Right Tentacle, both used only by Plant Brain, inflict minor non-elemental damage to one target. Tentacle, used by Plant Spider, also inflicts minor non-elemental damage to one target. The more dangerous Virus Tentacles, used by Malboro, inflict moderate non-elemental damage as well as Virus to one party member.

Final Fantasy X

Tentacles, used by Tros, inflicts minor non-elemental damage to one party member. Tentacles Attack, used by Octopus, inflicts minor non-elemental damage to one party member as well as inflicting Slow.

Final Fantasy X-2

Tentacles Slap, used by the Tentacles enemy when Oversouled, inflicts five non-elemental attacks worth of moderate damage a piece to random party members.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Tentacles are used by Malboro and Mindflayer, and inflicts non-elemental damage to one unit.


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