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Security Uniform

Tenpenny (left) and Rivet City (right) Security Uniform
Security Uniform
DR: 24
item HP: 100
weight: 20
value: 330 (Rivet City) / 180 (Tenpenny)
effects: Small Guns +5
repair: Combat Armor and variants
base id: 239CC (Rivet City)
34119 (Tenpenny)
Security Helmet
DR: 4
item HP: 25
weight: 3 (Rivet City) / 1 (Tenpenny)
value: 50
repair: Combat Helmet and variants
base id: 239CB (Rivet City)
5B6EB (Tenpenny)

Security Uniforms are a variant of Combat Armor in Fallout 3, coming in two versions with different appearances but identical stats.

The Rivet City Security Uniform and the matching Rivet City Security Helmet are the standard protection for members of Rivet City Security whereas the Tenpenny Security Uniform is worn by the guards of Tenpenny Tower. The Tenpenny Security Helmet can be found in the game files but is not actually used in the game.



The two Security Uniforms have the lowest damage resistance out of all Combat Armor variants, offering slightly less protection than even the Talon Combat Armor. Nonetheless, they provide better protection than most clothing worn in the wasteland, including Merc Outfits and Raider Armors, and convey a small bonus (+5) to Small Guns.

Both armor variants can be repaired with each other or other Combat Armor variants and can likewise be used to repair those. The helmets can be repaired with other Combat Helmets or be used to touch up those in turn.

The uniforms can be obtained by reverse-pickpocketing or looting the guards after they die.



Rivet City Security Uniform

The black-colored Rivet City Security Uniform and Helmet are worn by the Rivet City Security guards at Rivet City. Visually, the uniform appears to be scratched and worn. It also seems to have a very faint camouflage pattern if looked at closely enough (more visible on the female version of the armor). The helmet is comprised of a black Combat Helmet and a Plexiglas face shield.

It is possible that this variant of combat armor could have been used by the pre-war navy of the United States, or at least by a sort of security personnel assigned to the aircraft carrier.

Tenpenny Security Uniform

The khaki-colored Tenpenny Security Uniform is given to all of the security guards at Tenpenny Tower.


Security Uniforms appear in Fallout 3.


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