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Tenga was a Quara (fingered Aqualish) who served as research assistant to Auriette Sabo Yorkin on the first expedition to Zurek. A legendary big-game hunter, he was actually hoping to bag some new trophies from among the native wildlife, and got his wish when the expedition came under near-constant attack from various species of Dinosaurs on the planet's surface. Eventually, he was placed in charge of security, a role he continued in as a part of the second expedition to Zurek. During the course of the second expedition, he fought the sinister Hortek reporter Mangara, and was wounded in the process. Unable to move quickly enough to escape, he was eventually torn apart by the same pack of weasel lizards that had gotten Mangara earlier. His body was never recovered.


  • Star Wars: The Lost World
  • Star Wars: Rescue
  • Star Wars: Tour of Duty
  • Star Wars: Overcome by Events
  • Star Wars: Return to the Lost World

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