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"Temporal Doom! Part II" was the seventieth episode of Star Trek: Phoenix-X. It was the second part of a three-part episode arc, and the twentieth episode of the third season.



In the 29th century, the Agent Rave attempts to head Starfleet's battle against the Na'kuhl - but instead, Starfleet demands Rave return his ship, the USS Atlantis. Rave opposes and uses the Temporal drive on his ship to time-jump in escape of Starfleet's advances. The Phoenix-X time-jumps after the Atlantis in hot pursuit. The two vessels then engage in a ridiculous trek through time - constantly time-jumping from one century to the next. Meanwhile, back in the 29th century, the Vorgons time-jump in from another century to get involved with the battle between Starfleet and the Na'khul. More and more temporal incursions drive the battle to its wits end.

Memorable quotes

"We are the Lethean, here to meet with you. You appear Federation......ish."

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