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The Temporal Cold War was a protracted struggle involving several factions of time travelers, which had effects from the 20th through the 31st centuries.

Despite the moniker of being a "Cold War", this struggle was extremely violent, causing the extinction of at least one alien species during the 22nd century. (TOS video game: Judgment Rites)

The 22nd century combatants included the Suliban Cabal, as well as the United Earth Starfleet. Participants from later centuries include the Sphere Builders (26th century), the unknown faction from the 29th century led by "Future Guy", the Na'kuhl from the 29th century and the United Federation of Planets (31st century) as upholders of the Temporal Accord (which effectively protected the Federation's individual history).



Shortly after the launch of the Enterprise by the United Earth Starfleet in 2151, the ship - and hence Starfleet - became involved in the conflict, fighting against the efforts of the Suliban, especially those of Silik, a prominant Suliban. (ENT episode: "Broken Bow")

The Enterprise would continue to play a role, helping to stop unknown forces from the future from tampering with 22nd century history. Crewman Daniels, a representative of the 31st century, enlisted Captain Jonathan Archer's help in stopping the Suliban Cabal. Later Enterprise helped stopping the Na'kuhl from even starting the Temporal Cold War .


22nd century

26th century

29th century

31st century


  • Long before the release of the series Star Trek: Enterprise, whose early seasons focused on the Temporal Cold War, the Temporal Cold War was mentioned as the cause of the extinction of a species during the 22nd century in the video game Judgment Rites.

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The Temporal Cold War refers to a conflict involving numerous time-traveling factions in various time periods, each attempting to alter history to its own benefit. Based on the quantum physics theory of multiple quantum realities, the manipulations of these factions may have created a potentially infinite number of alternate timelines, and the timeline considered "correct" is uncertain. (TNG: "Parallels" Star Trek: Enterprise, TOS movie: Star Trek )

Fanon data

The Dominion War had become a battleground for the Temporal Cold War. During the Betreka Nebula counterstrikes, ships from the future emerged in the hope of influencing the battle in the Dominion's favor. These ships, however, could only exist in the past for a very limited amount of time. For that reason, this faction's most difficult tasks were carried out by 24th century proxy agents. A cohort of "Future Guy" communicated orders to Sindareen leader Tor Vot. Tor Vot revealed tactical information to the Dominion in return for access to valuable minerals believed to benefit the Sindareen economy. This included the Dominion invasion of Betazed. (Star Trek: Lambda Paz,The Tides of War, Part I)

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