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Temple of the Union

Temple of the Union from southwest
map marker: Temple of the Union
leaders: Hannibal Hamlin
quests: Head of State
cell name: TUStoreRoom
ref id: 0002EE08

The head of Abraham Lincoln at the Temple of the Union

Temple of the Union is a small group of escaped slaves that are trying to create a haven for other runaway slaves. Their leader, Hannibal Hamlin, has a dream of creating a place for slaves that they can protect from Slavers.



The Temple of the Union is located northwest of Canterbury Commons. You will be given the location on your map if you help out Mei Wong or slaves in the Scrapyard or removing a Collar from a slave successfully, or you can find a map on the corpse of a dead (probably failed runaway) slave near Paradise Falls.

Abraham Lincoln's Head can initially be found here, although it is unclear how it arrived at this location. Completing the quest Head of State can result in the head being moved to Lincoln Memorial. It is possible that the items were being repaired or stolen.

The name "Temple of the Union" comes from the words above Lincoln's statue at the Lincoln memorial. The passage reads, "In this TEMPLE, as in the hearts OF THE people for whom he saved the UNION, the memory of Abraham Lincoln is enshrined forever.” On the block Caleb is working on, the words "Temple of the Union" are visible, with the others faded out. Presumably, the block arrived at the building at the same time as the statue's head.

Notable loot


  • Although Bill, Simone, and Alejandra are enslavable, firing the Mesmetron inside the Temple will make everyone go hostile permanently.
  • Temple of the Union is one of the stop off points for the Caravan Merchants. The route between Canterbury Commons and Temple of the Union is one of the most dangerous due to the Giant Radscorpions, Yao Guai, and various other dangerous creatures that may inhabit it; not to mention several potentially lethal random encounters.
  • This is a possible location for a Random Encounter, but only if the slaves have been moved to The Lincoln Memorial or you helped the slavers kill the slaves.
  • If you have met the slaves at the Temple of the Union, you can tell Leroy Walker at the Lincoln Memorial about them, giving you bad karma as Leroy and his team go to kill them.
  • On an elevated highway near the Temple, is a Vertibird Landing zone. It occasionally drops an Enclave Hellfire Trooper and 3-6 other soldiers. WARNING: For some reason each of these troops has the durability and protection of Enclave Hellfire armor. They move into position fast and usually one or two are armed with a minigun. A couple of times there will be a battle between the raiders who occupy the open shack on the highway and also have Enclave Power armor equipped. Note that even though the Enclave may have the protection and durability of Hellfire armor when the player takes the armor it returns to normal protection ratings. Fortunately, the section of highway that the Enclave choose to land on has many holes. A drop through such a hole results in death, even to the extremely durable Enclave Hellfire Trooper.
  • After talking to Hannibal and not swearing your loyalty to the temple, you are "locked" inside until you do. Hannibal seems to not know that player characters can jump, making the temple easy to escape from by hopping out of one of the many windows. The people of the temple don't seem to notice but there are two ways to get back in:
  1. Is to lock pick the front gate, which is a "Very Hard" lock.
  2. Ring the door bell next to the gate, which will summon the gate keeper into opening it; regardless if Hannibal "locks" you in. [Note: GOTY Verified. Original Unverified]
  • You can't travel from the Temple or a small area around it. This is probably because of Hannibal's tendency to lock you in the Temple if you don't swear your loyalty.


  • Sometimes, a random encounter will spawn inside the Temple of the Union while Hannibal and the slaves are still occupying it. If the encounter includes hostile creatures, this can result in the deaths of the entire underground railroad, and the inability to complete any of the associated quests.
    • (Tested on Xbox 360 version) Attacking the residents of the Temple, leaving, walking far enough away (such as into a different map cell), and reentering seems to be one semi-consistent way of triggering the random encounter while the ex-slaves are still alive.
    • If the random encounter turns out to be the Chinese Radio Beacon then the soldier may spawn on the first floor and the radio is nowhere to be found or is floating just below the ceiling on the ground floor. (tested on xbox 360 only)
  • Picking the lock on the entrance to the Temple may cause one of your companions to become hostile. He/she will then attack you and all of your other companions (should you have other companions with you). Apparently Fawkes views breaking into a runaway slave sanctuary as unforgivable because he gives his "I'm saddened it has come to this" speech if talked to.
  • When trying to enter Temple of the union for the first time, a guard up in the window will ask what your reason for coming is. After speaking to her she will offer to open the gate, she will run down the stairs as if she is opening the gate but the gate will remain closed. Therefore you are unable to enter. If this happens, ring the doorbell to the left of the gate, and if the guard still doesn't come, try re-loading your previous save.
    • FIX: If you lose the key to the temple, do this. Take all of your armor and stand by the gate, enter your pip boy and select a stealth-boy, then pick the lock and walk in slowly, go to the room to the right and sit down and wait for 6 hours and save/reload. When your stealth-boy runs out they will no longer be hostile to you. This guide is only if the key has disappeared from your keyring.
    • This bug seems to happen more often when player is wearing Talon Combat Armor or Enclave power armor but also anything else.
      • This bug can also happen when going back to talk to Hannibal after doing parts of the Lincoln Memorial quest. Using NoClip cheat can fix this if re-loading does not work
  • If you progress too far in the main quest (spoiler warning!) when you try to lead the runaway slaves to the Lincoln Memorial you may find an Enclave force-field set up around project purity at the Jefferson Memorial. Hannibal and the other slaves will get stuck here walking back and forth across the bridge instead of going the easy and obvious way. This is close to the end of the journey so if this happens you will have wasted a lot of time walking them all across the wasteland for nothing.
  • * Another way,when they are near citadel entry you can fast travel to rivet city and then wait around 2 hour until you can see them nearby,
    • FIX: (ON PC) If you turn on the no clipping mode using the console by typing "tcl", then exit the console and go to the other side of the force-field, next entre the console again and select one of the NPC's and then type the "moveto player" command and they'll show up on the other side with you - use the "moveto player" command on remaining NPC's.
  • In the farm to the east, an Enclave officer with no weapons but his uniform and two Enclave soldiers (all of whom are hostile) with absolutely nothing will spawn every 1-3 days depending on your game. Also, you do not need to finish The Waters of Life to see them. this could be scripted or a repeating confusion within the game.
  • At some point, a wastelander may break into the building and pickpocket Caleb Smith while he sleeps. This wastelander can be found wandering outside of the building and often changes outfits and hairstyles.
  • You can not fast travel when standing right in front of the building, this can be solved by just walking away from the building until fast travel is possible. This has been confirmed on Xbox, PS3 and PC versions of the game. (Walk out of the "Temple of union" map grid. As temple of the union is a building with no "load screen" between the inside and outside, the area surrounding it counts as inside the "Temple of union" This is why you're unable to fast travel, Like inside many places.)
  • Hannibal and Simone both wielded their weapons like they were a unarmed weapon, meaning that they both would crouch a little and the weapon would float above their fists and on its side, looking like a fusion of a gun-knife of some sort. This only happened when Simone opened the gate for you and when Hannibal met you outside the metro near Lincoln Memorial.
  • Game sometimes freezes when trying to fast travel from The Lincoln Memorial back to the Temple. (Confirmed Xbox 360)
  • If you enter the gate when it is unlocked by Simone for the first time, if you don't enter far enough for your companion to be inside when it closes, they will open the gate despite it being locked. Interestingly, Simone apparently doesn't care if anyone else breaks in, as long as it's not you. (tested with Fawkes)
  • When near the Temple, a large orange wall-like object may appear (Xbox 360). Possible graphics error.
  • Sometimes you can not open the door, so attack one in the temple and then ran fast away, when you come back the door should be open or you can go thre it.
  • If you decide to escort everyone on foot to the Lincoln Memorial, and Caleb dies along the way, the head of Lincoln will still attach itself after you've met with Hannibal.

Behind the scenes

  • The inhabitants are named after members of Abraham Lincoln's Cabinet. Hannibal Hamlin was Vice President, Caleb Smith was Secretary of the Interior, William "Bill" Seward was Secretary of State, and Simon(e) Cameron was Secretary of War. The dog Four Score is named for the opening words from Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.
  • The name 'Temple of the Union' and associated imagery related to Abraham Lincoln are reminiscent of language used prior to, during, and after the American Civil War. In this case 'Union' refers to Lincoln's supporters and the 'Union' which fought to re-unite the United States as a single political entity.
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Temple of the Union

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The Temple of the Union is a group of runaway slaves that want to help other slaves.The quest Head Of State is given to you by the slave leader.

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