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The Knights Templar, also known as the Temple Knights, are an armed branch of the Church of Glabados in Final Fantasy Tactics led by Folmarv Tengille. Most of them are under the control of or in league with the Lucavi demons, and the others are unaware that they are in fact serving the Lucavi, such as Folmarv's son, Isilud. When Ramza Beoulve is declared a heretic after stumbling onto the Lucavi plot, the Knights Templar do everything in their power to keep Ramza from interfering in their plan to resurrect Ultima.

Despite the failure of most of the Lucavi, three Knights including Folmarv learn the location of the portal to Necrohol of Mullonde, where Saint Ajora Glabados, Ultima's human host, was buried. One of them opens the portal and stays behind to guard it while the other two proceed forward. Ramza arrives and dispatches the first knight, making it through the portal where he kills the second. He then chases Folmarv to the Airship Graveyard, where the Knights Templar Leader transforms into the Lucavi Hashmal in an attempt to sacrifice Ramza to help revive Ultima. Ultimately, however, it is Hashmal that is destined to be a sacrifice as he realizes Ramza is too strong and takes his own life to trigger Ultima's resurrection.


The Knights Templar (formally called "Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon") were an actual order of Medieval Knights who fought in the Crusades and later held great power throughout Europe before being forcibly dissolved through violence by Phillip IV of France and his ally Pope Clement V. The actual order of the Knights Templar has been subject to numerous myths and legends, and have been subject to much speculation in pop culture, such as the book The Da Vinci Code.

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The Temple Knights are a group of Saradomin's servants, dedicated to defeating any threat to Saradomin. To join, the applicant must be at least a White Knight. Sir Tiffy Cashien is head of recruitment. If you want to join, you must complete the Recruitment Drive quest. They have been established for an extremely long time, as they were the ones who stopped and imprisoned Mother Mallum during the God Wars, which occurred in the Third Age.


True cause

Whether or not the White Knights are as "good" as they make out remains to be seen. Juna the snake, who is met during the Tears of Guthix quest, comments that their intentions may not be what they seem when the player tells her of their exploits involving the Temple Knights. Also, Bob the Jagex Cat says that they aren't as good as they seem to be. Also, certain Saradominists may claim to do the right thing (such as H.A.M.), and may even deem it to truly be good, yet such views may not necessarily be upheld by others of "good" (such as Players).


Currently there are two known ranks within the Temple Knight order: Initiate and Proselyte. Initiates are White Knights newly inducted into the Temple Knight order and have access to Initiate armour while proselytes are basically promoted initiates and have access to both Initiate and Proselyte armour. It is currently not known if Temple Knights, like White Knights, have Acolyte and Partisan ranks too, although this is likely due to the yellow-plumed White Knights being classified as Proselyte.


There are currently only four Temple Knight quests: The Black Knights' Fortress quest , Recruitment Drive quest, Wanted! quest, and the Slug Menace quest, but at the end of the Slug Menace quest Sir Tiffy Cashien mentions a Temple Knight HQ and that he can only sell armour up to Proselyte which hints at another Temple Knight quest.There is also a related quest which follows on partially from Slug Menace named Kennith's Concerns. It is not directly related to the temple knights but extends the background.

There currently are no Temple Knight weapons so far.

Notable members

See also


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