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Templar is a recurring Job class from Ivalice. Templars are knights who work close to their church, using a combination of physical weapons and magic. They tend to be stronger than other magic-using Jobs, since they can equip heavy armor, but they also have weaker magic stats compared to other magic Jobs.

Notable Templars include Beowulf Cadmus and Aliste Rosenheim of Final Fantasy Tactics.




Final Fantasy Tactics

Main article: Templar (Final Fantasy Tactics)

The Templar Job is a physical class that also possesses the ability to use status inflicting spells.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Main article: Templar (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance)

The Templar is a class exclusive to Bangaa. Templars use swords and spears to attack and can also affect the statuses of foes and allies.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

Main article: Templar (Final Fantasy Tactics A2)

The Bangaa-exclusive Templars make a return in Tactics A2.



  • Despite sharing the same name, actual Templars were famous for bearing shields marked with a large red cross and wore white mantels, which is clearly not shown in game. Ironically, Bangaa Templars cannot wield shields without the Shield Bearer Passive ability and although there is a Final Fantasy Tactics A2 equipment piece called Templar's Shield that grants immunity to most debuffs, the red cross is still not present.

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