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The Templar was, in an alternate universe accessed by an interdimensional Androssi device, a Starfleet shuttlecraft attached to the USS Gettysburg in 2376. (SCE eBook: Lost Time)

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DC Comics

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Character Template Character Template
Real Name
Current Alias








Colin Brandywine was a metahuman who developed the ability to move objects with his thoughts. Calling himself Templar, after the medieval Knights Templar, Brandywine became a valued member of the second iteration of the Conglomerate. His first mission with the team was against a terrorist organization called the Blood Jihad who had taken hostages at LaGuardia Airport. Though the mission was a success, Brandywine became disheartened when rumors arose that the entire affair was staged in order to make the Conglomerate look good in front of the media.

His concerns over his new team's legitimacy were allayed however when they came upon their next opponent - Amazo. The Conglomerate fought and successfully defeated an upgraded Amazo during a concert at Central Park.

Powers and Abilities



  • Telekinesis: Templar has the ability to move objects with the power of thought. He first demonstrated this ability by telekinetically deflecting bullets at him by the Blood Jihad.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Templar is a better-than-average physical combatant, and has learned to incorporate his powers into his battle strategy.

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  • Templar at DCU Guide


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From EQ2i, the EverQuest II wiki

Class Information for Templar
Type: Cleric (Priest) image:Templar_Icon.jpg
City: Qeynos, Kelethin
Primary Power Stat: Wisdom
Armor: Plate Armor
Weapons: Hammers, Staffs, Great Hammers, Symbols
Shields: Bucklers, Symbols
Expert Spells: Spells (Rare Gem)

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Spells Cleric AAs Templar AAs Shadows AAs

The Templar profession is ideal for those who desire to excel in a role of support by conjuring powerful restorative and protective magic to benefit allies. The Templar serves his party by mending the wounded and purging illness and suffering from the afflicted. The Templar may also use his powers to bestow temporary augmentations to his allies' defenses and attributes. As a secondary application of his divine powers, the Templar may invoke offensive powers that will hinder or harm adversaries.


Class Armor




Cleric series

Plate Cleric/Crusader/Warrior series


-PvP Server Only-

Epic Weapon

Spells By Category

The first spell in each category is listed. See the detailed description for the full upgrade line. Templar spells do divine damage and have at least 25 yards range, generally.

Reactive Healing Buffs

Direct Heals


  • Resurrect Ally: Revive (8)
  • Give Group Items to Resurrect Clerics: Divine Awakening (11)
  • Resurrect Ally in Combat, Heal and Increase Mitigation: Battle's Reprieve (22)
  • Resurrect Nearby Allies in Combat, Heal and Increase Mitigation: Blazon Life (36)
  • Prevent Ally's Death, Heal and Increase Mitigation: Holy Salvation (41)
  • Resurrect Ally by Touch Without Penalty and Fully Heal: Resurrect (50)




  • Decrease Enemy's Mitigation: Rebuke (2)
  • Daze Enemy: Sign of Pacification (7)
  • Reduce Enemy's Help Awareness and Spotting Awareness (Breakable): Soothe (10)
  • Daze and Reduce Threat to Nearby Enemies (Breakable): Harmony (13)
  • Decrease Enemy's Divine Resist and Allies May Heal Upon Landing Melee Attacks: Mark of Divinity (18)
  • Enemy's Death Heals Allies: Healing Fate (20)
  • Enemy's Attacks May Heal Nearby Allies and Cure Trauma: Involuntary Gift (35)
  • Decrease Vampire's Strength and Stamina: Vitalic Theft (35)
  • Stun Enemy: Awestruck (39)

Defensive Buffs

  • Increase Group Health and Mitigation: Holy Armor (5)
  • Increase Group Health and Arcane Resists (More Magic and Divine): Symbol of Marzin (16)
  • Increase Group Short-Term Arcane Resists and Arcane Ward: Shield of Faith (29)
  • Grant Ally Chance of Absorbing Physical Attacks: Unyielding Benediction (45)
  • Grant Ally Chance of Healing Group on any successful attack: Glory (47)
  • Grant Group Short-Term Control Immunity: Sanctuary (55)

Offensive Buffs

General Buffs

  • Increase Ally's Health and Attack Skills: Aegolism (4)
  • Ally Can Breathe Underwater: Enduring Breath (9)
  • Group Can Breathe Underwater and Swim Faster: Watery Respite (23)
  • Increase Ally's Strength and Wisdom: Virtue (26)



Spells by Tier and Level

Tier 1 Level 1 - 9 Tier 2 Level 10 - 19 Tier 3 Level 20 - 29 Tier 4 Level 30 - 39

1: Meliorate
1: Divine Smite
2: Rebuke
3: Divine Strike
3: Restoration
4: Aegolism
5: Holy Armor
5: Master's Smite
6: Cure
6: Summon Food and Water
7: Meliorate II
7: Sign of Pacification
8: Revive
9: Divine Smite II
9: Enduring Breath

10: Restoration II
10: Rebuke II ¥
10: Soothe
11: Divine Awakening
11: Divine Strike II ¥
12: Vital Intercession ¥
13: Harmony
13: Odyssey
14: Word of Redemption
14: Holy Intercession ¥
15: Meliorate III
15: Radiance
16: Aegolism II
16: Symbol of Marzin
17: Divine Smite III
18: Restoration III
18: Mark of Divinity
19: Vital Intercession II ¥
19: Holy Armor II

20: Healing Fate
20: Faith Respect
20: Bounty of the Virtuous
21: Sign of Pacification II ¥
22: Meliorate IV
22: Battle's Reprieve
23: Warring Deities ¥
23: Watery Respite
24: Rebuke III ¥
25: Divine Strike III
26: Virtue
26: Vital Intercession III
27: Harmony II
28: Word of Redemption II
28: Holy Intercession II
29: Meliorate V
29: Shield of Faith

30: Blessing
30: Aegolism III ¥
30: Symbol of Marzin II
31: Divine Smite IV ¥
32: Blaze of Faith
32: Mark of Divinity II
32: Restoration IV ¥
33: Holy Armor III ¥
34: Healing Fate II
35: Detect Evil
35: Involuntary Gift
35: Sacred Shield † - good faction
35: Sign of Pacification III
35: Smite Corruption
36: Blazon Life
37: Warring Deities II
38: Divine Strike IV ¥
38: Rebuke IV
39: Awestruck

Tier 5 Level 40 - 49 Tier 6 Level 50 - 59 Tier 7 Level 60 - 69 Tier 8 Level 70 - 79

40: Vital Intercession IV ¥
40: Virtue II
40: Summon Holy Symbol
41: Harmony III
41: Holy Salvation
42: Holy Intercession III ¥
42: Devoted Resolve
42: Word of Redemption III
43: Meliorate VI ¥
43: Shield of Faith II
44: Aegolism IV
44: Symbol of Marzin III
45: Divine Smite V
45: Holy Acolyte
45: Unyielding Benediction
46: Restoration V
46: Mark of Divinity III
46: Blaze of Faith II
47: Glory
47: Holy Armor IV
48: Healing Fate III
48: Beneficence
49: Involuntary Gift II
49: Sign of Pacification IV

50: Focused Intervention
50: Holy Aura
50: Resurrect
51: Warring Deities III
52: Rebuke V ¥
52: Reverence Δ
53: Divine Strike V ¥
53: Awestruck II
53: Smite Corruption II
54: Virtue III ¥
54: Vital Intercession V ¥
55: Holy Salvation II
55: Harmony IV
55: Sanctuary Δ
56: Devoted Resolve II
56: Holy Intercession IV
56: Word of Redemption IV
57: Shield of Faith III
57: Meliorate VII
58: Divine Arbitration Δ
58: Aegolism V
58: Symbol of Marzin IV
59: Divine Smite VI
59: Unyielding Benediction II

60: Blaze of Faith III ¥
60: Restoration VI ¥
60: Mark of Divinity IV ¥
61: Holy Armor V
61: Glory II ¥
62: Healing Fate IV
63: Involuntary Gift III
64: Sign of Pacification V
65: Unswerving Hammer
65: Warring Deities IV
66: Rebuke VI
67: Awestruck III
67: Divine Strike VI
68: Virtue IV
68: Vital Intercession VI
69: Harmony V
69: Holy Salvation III

70: Devoted Resolve III
70: Holy Intercession V
70: Focused Intervention II
70: Word of Redemption V
71: Smite Corruption III
71: Meliorate VIII
71: Shield of Faith IV
72: Aegolism VI
72: Symbol of Marzin V ¥
72: Divine Smite VII ¥
73: Mark of Divinity V ¥
73: Restoration VII
74: Holy Armor VI
74: Blaze of Faith IV ¥
75: Glory III
75: Involuntary Gift IV
76: Healing Fate V
76: Sign of Pacification VI
77: Rebuke VII
77: Warring Deities V
77: Awestruck IV
78: Vital Intercession VII
78: Divine Strike VII
78: Unswerving Hammer II
79: Holy Intercession VI
79: Virtue V
79: Harmony VI

Tier 9 Level 80 - 89

80: Repent
80: Word of Redemption VI
80: Focused Intervention III
80: Holy Salvation IV

¥ - Available as a Grandmaster choice. See below.
♣ - Fun Spell
† - from Bloodline Chronicles Adventure Pack
∅ - from Splitpaw Saga Adventure Pack
Δ - from Desert of Flames Expansion
¹ - from Echoes of Faydwer Expansion
² - from Rise of Kunark Expansion

Grandmaster Training Choices

Tier 2 - Level 14 Tier 3 - Level 24 Tier 4 - Level 34 Tier 5 - Level 44
Tier 6 - Level 54 Tier 7 - Level 64 Tier 8 - Level 75


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Final Fantasy

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Templar may refer to:

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Marvel Database

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Character Template Help
Knight Templar

[[File:|200px|center|Ian Fitzwilliam Dare (Earth-616)]]
Real Name
Ian Fitzwilliam Dare
Current Alias




father of fellow First Line member, Squire



Marital Status

First appearance
Last appearance




Not much has been revealed regarding the history of the Scottish hero known as Templar prior to his appearance as a member of the First Line during the 1970's. Later, Templar retired from active adventuring with the First Line when he got married to his love, Rossalyn. Templar was also present as a member of the First Line during its final mission, defending the Earth against an invasion by the alien Skrulls. Templar was killed during the battle.



Templar wore a suit of armor and used a powerfully sharp blade. The source or origin of his equipment remains unrevealed.


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  • Character Gallery: Ian Fitzwilliam Dare (Earth-616)
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  • Quotations by Ian Fitzwilliam Dare (Earth-616) 
  • The Unofficial Handbook to the Marvel Universe

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Star Wars Fanon

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This article is about an organization. You may be looking for an organization of the same name.

A Templar was someone who was allied to the Order of the Templars.

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