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Squall Driving The Tempest in an FMV in Final Fantasy VIII.

The Tempest (テンペスト, Tenpesuto) is a vehicle from Final Fantasy VIII. It is the car that Squall drives when he attacks Edea.

Reminiscent of the American Cadilac, the Tempest is a light blue convertible with left-hand steering, meaning it is designed for driving on the right-hand-side of the road. Since the roads of Deling City are designed for left-hand-side driving it can be surmised that the Tempest is a foreign car from a different region, although which region exactly is unknown.

The Tempest's license plate reads: WH-1637551 and is a Galbadian license plate.

Other Appearances

Chocobo Racing

Squall in Chocobo Racing

Squall appeared in Chocobo Racing driving The Tempest. In the game it possesses great speed, acceleration and turning, but has a bit of a problem with braking, which is referred to the FMV where Squall was driving The Tempest to assassinate Sorceress Edea in Disc 1, when his driving speed was very fast, he turned to his left and crashed hard in to the Deling City Gateway rails on his right side.


  • The Tempest's hood ornament is that of a Chocobo.

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