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Tellun is a star system located within the respective borders of the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets, and is home to two humanoid civilizations, the Elasians and the Troyians.

In the mid-23rd century the two inhabited planets of the system, Elas and Troyius, were undertaking in an interplanetary war. In 2268, the Federation wanted to end the conflict between the two planets and volunteered to serve as a mediator in peace talks between the two planets. However, the Klingons also had an interest in the events in the system and sought to subvert the Federation's efforts.

In order to attempt to bring about peace the USS Enterprise transported Elaan, the Dohlman of Elas, to Troyius so that she could be married to the ruler of Troyius. Enroute to Troyius, the Enterprise was sabotaged and was set upon by a Klingon D7 class battle cruiser. It was during the course of the indecisive battle that the Enterprise crew discovered that the Klingons true interest in the Tellun system was the Elasian dilithium deposits. (TOS episode/novelization: "Elaan of Troyius").

The Carter Winston Group established a medical chemical company in the Tellun system sometime prior to 2267. Dr. Karen Patterson worked for this company until late 2268, when she joined Bendes Kettaract's project to create a stable Omega molecule. (TOS novel: Cloak)

Mirror Universe

At the same time in the mirror universe, the ISS Enterprise also participated in the same mission between Elas and Troyius. However, in this reality, Captain Spock negotiated with the Dohlman to gain exclusive access to the dilithium deposits and was able to take control of the Klingon battle cruiser after killing its crew with the use of the Tantalus device. (TOS novel: The Sorrows of Empire).


  • Tellun (primary)
    • Tellun I
    • Tellun II
    • Tellun III (Elas)
    • Tellun IV
    • Tellun V (Troyius)
The planetary locations of Elas and Troyius were given in the FASA sourcebook: The Federation.



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