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Telettoh was a Human male, who served as a captain in the Republic Navy in 3,963 BBY, early in the Mandalorian Wars. A commander of a Hammerhead-class capital ship Testament, he was the official naval liaison to the Jedi expeditionary task force, after the Jedi High Council let the Revanchists join the war against the Mandalorians.



Jedi General Malak ordered Telettoh to take the Testament to Wor Tandell where he hoped to recruit Jarael to his cause. In the capital of Gantra Lea Telettoh was introduced by Ferroh to a former Jedi Padawan named Zayne Carrick.

Later, the three traveled on swoop bikes to Carrick's camp, set near his ship, the Hot Prospect and arrived right in time to stop the duel between Malak and the sadistic Mandalorian scientist Demagol, who was impersonating Rohlan Dyre. Telettoh was aware of "Dyre's" recent victory in the Tandem Open, so he pointed to Malak that the Revanchist movement could not afford any scandal involving a celebrity.

Shortly afterward the Testament with Malak, Ferroh and Telettoh aboard departed from Wor Tandell onto the front lines.

Behind the scenes

The character was named after Pete Hottelet, who bid highest on the Penny Arcade charity auction ($14,000), benefitting Seattle Childrens' Hospitals. [1]


  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 42: Masks (First appearance)
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 49: Demon, Part 3

Notes & References

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