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Teleportation spells are very popular with all players — free-to-players and members alike - as teleportation spells save lots of time when travelling around the world. Note that using a teleport spell is not possible above level 20 Wilderness, nor in any of the combat based minigames such as Castle Wars and Pest Control. Teleportation is possible in "non-Wilderness" parts, though, like Bounty Hunter and Mage Arena banks and Clan Wars lobby.

Icon Spell Magic Level Runes Required Experience Members only? Notes
File:Lumbridge home port icon.png Lumbridge Home Teleport 0 None 0 No This spell will transport you to Lumbridge free of charge and requires no runes. It takes around 10 seconds to cast and is interruptible by combat. Therefore, It is not ideal for escaping the wilderness. Additionally, it may only be cast every 30 minutes.
File:Mobilising armies teleport.gif Mobilising Armies teleport 10 1Law1Water1Air 19 Yes This spell will take you to the Mobilising Armies Command centre.
File:Varrock Teleport icon.png Varrock Teleport 25 1Law1Fire3Air 35 No Transports you to the centre of Varrock, by the fountain near the shop, or to the south entrance of the Grand Exchange (after completing any level of the Varrock Diary).
File:Lumbridge Teleport icon.png Lumbridge Teleport 31 1Law1Earth3Air 41 No Transports you to the centre of Lumbridge castle, in the spot where players who have their respawn set to Lumbridge come if they die.
Bounty Locate Removed from game along with the introduction of Bounty Worlds. See the article.
File:Telekinetic Grab icon.png Telekinetic grab 33 1Law1Air 43 No Allows you to take an item remotely into your inventory.
File:Falador Teleport icon.png Falador Teleport 37 1Law1Water3Air 47 No Transports you to the centre of Falador, by the Guards.
File:Teleport to House icon.png Teleport to House 40 1Law1Earth1Air 30 Yes Transports you to your house. See Construction skill.
File:Camelot Teleport icon.png Camelot Teleport 45 1Law5Air 55.5 Yes Transports you to Camelot south of the castle.
File:Ardougne Teleport icon.png Ardougne Teleport 51 2Law2Water 61 Yes Transports you to Ardougne in the centre of the square. You must complete the Plague City quest to use this teleport.
File:Watchtower Teleport icon.png Watchtower Teleport 58 2Law2Earth 68 Yes Transports you to the top of the Watchtower, next to Yanille. You must complete the Watchtower quest to use this spell.
File:Trollheim Teleport icon.png Trollheim Teleport 61 2Law2Fire 68 Yes Transports you to the very top of Trollheim, near Eadgar's cave. You must complete the Eadgar's Ruse quest to use this teleport.
File:Teleport to Ape Atoll icon.png Teleport to Ape Atoll 64 2Law2Fire2Water1Banana 74 Yes Transports you to Ape Atoll. Requires completion of the King Awowogei subquest of Recipe for Disaster.
File:Teleother Lumbridge icon.png Tele-other Lumbridge 74 1Soul1Law1Earth 84 Yes Teleports another player who has Accept Aid switched on to Lumbridge.
File:Teleother Falador icon.png Tele-other Falador 82 1Soul1Law1Water 92 Yes Teleports another player who has Accept Aid switched on to Falador.
File:Tele Block icon.png Tele-block 85 1Law1Death1Chaos 80 No Can only be cast on another player on PvP worlds, and if successful, will prevent that player from using any method of teleportation for 5 minutes. Prior to the changes of 10 December 2007, players used to be able to log out and the effect would go away. Now players must wait 5 minutes. Since the 27 January 2009 Update, all players can use tele-block, not just members.
File:Teleother Camelot icon.png Tele-other Camelot 90 2Soul1Law 90 Yes Teleports another player, who has Accept Aid switched on, to Camelot.


  • On the 9th of June, the teleportation icons received a graphical update, along with other spells in the normal spellbook.


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