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The Teleport Stone, also known as Warp Stone, Emergency Exit, Ottershroom, and Otterhead, is a recurring item in the Final Fantasy series. It generally has the same effect as the Warp spell.




Final Fantasy

Emergency Exit appears only in the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary versions, and teleports the party out of the dungeon. It is an extremely rare item.

Final Fantasy III

An item called Ottershroom, also known as Otterhead, teleports the party out of dungeons, giving the same effect as the White Magic spell Teleport.

Effect Same as the White Mage spell Teleport. Warps party out of dungeons.
Steal from N/A
Won from N/A
Cost 2,000 gil

Final Fantasy IV

Emergency Exit, also called EmergencyExit or Exit, is a very rare item that allows the player to warp out of the dungeon.

Final Fantasy VI

It is known as Warp Stone.

Effect Same effects as Teleport when used in menu. When used in battles, same effect as fleeing.
Buy in [WoB] Albrook, Blackjack, Thamasa, [WoR] Albrook, Jidoor
Find [WoB] South Figaro - Barrel, [WoB] Albrook - Box, [WoR] Phoenix Cave - Warp Stone
Steal from Warlock, Displayer, Slatter, Cluck, Evil Oscar, Eland, Hipocampus, Opinicus, Hidon, Zone Eater
Won from HermitCrab, Warlock, Displayer, Slatter, Cluck, Eland, Hipocampus, Opinicus, Hidon,
Morph from Templar, Orog, Suriander, Vulture, Gilomantis, Anguiform, Brain Pan, Buffalax, Sand Horse, General, Ogor, Wart Puck, Gobbler, Toe Cutter, Misfit, Latimeria, Hemophyte, Sp Forces, Opinicus, Mantodea, Osprey
Cost 700 gil

Final Fantasy XII

The player can use Teleport Stones at special orange Save crystals in order to teleport to any other orange save crystal the player has already visited. These Teleport stones can be obtained by completing various jobs and marks. They can also be bought off Sky Ships when you choose to take the leisure journey.

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