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The act of teleportation.

Teleportation is a form of matter transmission and can be one of either a process of physical/psychological will or a technological interaction.

Physiological teleportation

The Kitlings and those affected by the Cheetah World could teleport away from their home to hunt for prey, and then return through what was a physical (or possibly psychological/instinctual) process. The ability could also be transferred as Ace, Midge, the Master and the Doctor all acquired the ability, although it was not permanent in the majority of those who were affected. (DW: Survival)

The Eight Legs of Metebelis III could also teleport, both themselves and the Humans that they hung onto, most likely through the psychic link that was developed between the Eight Legs and the Human. (DW: Planet of the Spiders)

Technological teleportation

In the case of a technological process, Clockwork Droids possessed a short-range teleporter (DW: The Girl in the Fireplace) and Lady Cassandra O'Brien possessed a long-range teleporter, although her use of teleportation was forbidden under Peace Treaty 5.4/Cub/16. (DW: The End of the World)

Also, in the case of teleportation through technology, a signal is needed for the teleport to work. The signal needs to be broadcast close to the person or item being teleported. The signal can also be reworked to teleport a person back after they had teleported away. (DW: The End of the World, Boom Town).

The planet Sto (or at least Max Capricorn Cruiseliners) also has a form of teleportation, the full range of which is unknown, however it’s range is at least enough to teleport from a ship in orbit to the Earth’s surface. It uses bracelets, which can detect whether any mishap has befallen the wearer, and can signal the system to hold the molecules of the wearer in stasis as a safety feature. The wearer can then be brought back to the ship, provided that their pattern has been stored in the buffers. (DW: Voyage of the Damned)

Teleportation when power is low can result in an incomplete transfer causing part of units to not materialise. (NSA: The Pirate Loop)

Sontarans had to use pods at areas for dematerialisation and rematerialisation. (DW: The Sontaran Strategem / The Poison Sky)

Captain Jack Harkness's Time Agent Wrist Strap contained a teleport as well. The Doctor, Martha and Jack used it to teleport to the Valiant and Martha later used it to escape the Master. (DW: The Sound of Drums)

It was taken from her by him later and he teleported to Earth with it to try to force the Doctor to stop, but the Doctor called his bluff and later teleported them back to the ship. The Doctor deactivated the wrist strap's ability to teleport and travel through time. (DW: Last of the Time Lords)

Jack was able to re-initialise the teleport function with a missing bit of information gleaned through Project Indigo thanks to Martha. Jack then teleported with it to the Doctor and the TARDIS. UNIT created Project Indigo using Sontaran technology to create a teleporter of their own. Martha Jones managed to use this experimental teleporter to escape UNIT's headquarters when the Daleks attacked and was able to use part of the code in it to help Jack bring his own teleport back online. The Doctor disabled it again after the crisis was over. (DW: The Stolen Earth / Journey's End)

At some point, Jack apparently got his teleport working again, as he teleported to a cold fusion crusier nearby in the solar system to start a new life. His teleport seems to have a very long range however, as he stated that that ship was at the edge of the solar system and that's the furthest teleport done on the series. (TW: Children of Earth: Day Five)


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Dofus Wiki

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From Dofus

In Dofus characters can Teleport from place to place via a number of means.

Teleporting around the world


Starting place

You cannot teleport from some maps, such as

Ending place

You cannot teleport to a place if this place:

  • Has an opposite alignment to yours
  • Has requirements that you do not meet, such as an access Quest (E.g. If you teleport to Otomai Island using a Guild House Potion and save the Zaap there, you won't be able to use zaaps to get back to the island).

External Links

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Final Fantasy

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Teleport in Final Fantasy V.

Teleport (テレポ, Terepo), also known as Exit (ダテレポ Daterepo), is a recurring spell or ability in the series. Its effect varies, but it mostly enables parties to escape out of dungeons and battles. Teleport's effect is comparable to Warp or Banish.



Final Fantasy

In this game, Teleport and Exit are separate spells with similar effects. Teleport, also known as WARP in the Famicom release and Warp1 in the Origins release, is a level 5 Black Magic spell that teleports the party to the previous floor, at the point at which they exited that floor. The spell can be bought at Melmond and can be learned by the Black Wizard and Red Wizard Job classes. In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary Edition releases it costs 5 MP to cast.

Exit, known as EXIT in the Famicom release and Warp2 in the Origins release, is a level 6 White Magic spell that warps the party out of a dungeon. The spell can be bought at Crescent Lake and can be learnt by the White Wizard and Red Wizard Job classes. In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary Edition releases it costs 25 MP to cast.

Neither Teleport or Exit can be used in battle.

Final Fantasy II

Teleport is a White Magic spell. When used in battle, it attempts to teleport one or all enemies away from the battlefield, essentially defeating them. Its success rate increases with the spell's level. When used outside of battle the player party is teleported outside of the dungeon, appearing outside the entrance to the dungeon on the World Map, however the caster's HP is reduced to critical levels. This spell is ineffective in the Snow Cavern, Bafsk Sewers, the Dreadnought, the Coliseum, and Palamecia Castle due to the storyline which occurs at these locations. Any character can learn Teleport by having them use the Teleport Tome (called the Teleport Scroll in the Origins release).

Teleport Tome
Effect Allows the target to learn Teleport when used outside of battle. Casts Teleport VIII on all allies when used in battle.
Buy In Salamand, Mysidia
Find In Semitt Falls
Won From N/A
Cost 1,500 gil (Origins)
1,000 gil (Dawn of Souls, 20th Anniversary Edition)

Final Fantasy III

Named as Exit in the NES and Teleport in the DS version, it is a Level 3 White Magic spell used by the White Mage, Red Mage, Knight, Scholar, Devout, Sage, and Onion Knight Jobs. It is bought in the Village of the Ancients, Saronia, Doga's Village, and Falgabard.

Final Fantasy IV

Named as Exit in the SNES version and Teleport in the GBA and DS versions, it is a White Magic that warps party out of dungeons. Rosa automatically learns it after the Tower of Zot in non-DS versions, and at level 26 in the DS version. Cecil learns it at level 19 in non-DS versions and level 29 in the DS version, while Porom learns it at level 19. It costs 10 MP to cast in all versions but the DS version, where it costs 20 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Teleport is learned by various characters throughout the game, and costs 10 MP to cast. It functions the same way as in Final Fantasy IV.

Final Fantasy V

Named as Exit in the SNES and Telepo in the Anthology version, it was not until the game's GBA remake it was properly named Teleport. The spell is a Level 3 Time Magic spell used by the Time Mage Job. It can be found at the Castle of Bal and bought in Phantom Village for 600 Gil.

Final Fantasy VI

Named as Warp in the SNES and Teleport in subsequent versions, it is learned from the Espers Fenrir at a x10 rate and Carbuncle at a x2 rate, and in the Advance version, from Cactuar at a x20 rate. Terra Branford learns it naturally at level 26. It costs 20 MP to cast.

Final Fantasy VII

Escape, a spell from the Exit Materia, has the same effect as Teleport, which enables parties to flee from battles, at the cost of 16 MP.

Final Fantasy IX

Teleport appears as an enemy skill used by Black Waltz No. 2. It deals minor damage.

Final Fantasy XI

In Final Fantasy XI, the spell "Teleport" took on many variations. The spell "Teleport-Mea" for example would teleport the user (a White Mage or someone of a higher Job subbing White Mage) and their party to the Mea crystal in Tahrongi Canyon. There are nine Teleport spells total, three of which teleport the party to different areas in the past.

Final Fantasy XII

The Demon Wall casts Telega which banishes a party member, rendering them unable to fight by giving them the unique status "X-Zone" (the status effect wears off after the fight). In addition, certain Undead enemies can Teleport to different parts of the same area, they are invincible while doing so.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Teleport is a spell only Ashe can use. The spell warps all Yarhi in Ashe's group to her exact location.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Teleport is movement ability in Final Fantasy Tactics. The Time Mage class learns it for 600 JP. A unit with this ability will be able to teleport to anywhere within the battlefield, though chances of success becomes much lower as the unit teleports farther away from its original square. Ghouls are also equipped with this ability.

There also exists an advanced version of the ability called Master Teleportation or Teleport II in the PSX version, which lacks the failure rate. It is only accessible by Marquis Elmdore and both forms of Ultima.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Teleport is a auto-ability in this game. It allows units to move to another tile within their movement range while disregarding height and any obstacles in the way. It is important to note that even with Auto-Teleport, units cannot pass over empty spaces(where no tile exists), such as those in Muscadet.

Vampires and any charcters equipped with the Fairy Boots accessory have Auto-Teleport.

While not exactly teleporting, Floateyes and Ahrimans can fly over other units and obstacles, effectively mimicking the Auto-Teleport ability.

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

Exit is a White Magic spell that teleports Benjamin to the World Map when used outside of battle. If used in battle, it instantly kills foes, but no Experience or GP will be earned. It can be used on certain bosses, such as The Stone Golem.


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Guild Wars

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From GuildWiki

To teleport in common language means to move from one place to another more or less instantaneously, without having to walk or use any other kind of conventional transportation, or having to have a path to get to the destination.

In Guild Wars this can be done various ways:

Teleportation Skills

The following skills cause teleportation of some kind:


  • Players are able to teleport through locked gates and walls, ignoring the normal pathfinding method that shadow stepping uses. For this reason, players can use Consume Corpse or Necrotic Traversal to teleport into a guild base in GVG matches after an Archer has been killed.
  • Teleportation skills do not cause you to drop a held item.

See also

  • Shadow stepping is quite similar to teleporting, but with additional restrictions.
Facts about TeleportRDF feed

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A teleporter (left) and teleporter exit (right) in Halo:Combat Evolved.

Teleporters allow for instantaneous transport over short distances to another teleporter or teleporter exit point. Although they act similarly to Forerunner Teleportation Grids, they are unable to transport over long distances.



In Multiplayer, these are seen on levels such as Blood Gulch and Beaver Creek. In multiplayer maps, however, teleporters can be found on Earth. It is unknown about the canonicity of teleporters on certain maps.

In Halo 3, teleporters were present in hardly any multiplayer map because Bungie thought it was too easy to "camp" near them and get easy kills. Despite this, teleporters were reintroduced in the recently released map Avalanche, as well as appearing on Cold Storage. Teleporters are available, however, in Forge for every Halo 3 map. In Halo 3, when a person enters a teleporter and is going at a higher speed (most likely caused by a jump from above), they keep their momentum and come out at the same speed, but in the direction it is aiming.

List of Maps with Teleporters

Halo: CE:

Halo 2:

Halo 3:

Note: Every map in Halo 3 can have teleporters placed in Forge. The maps listed are ones that have teleporters by default.

Halo Wars:

  • Blood Gulch
  • Fort Deen
  • Labyrinth


A Teleporter from Halo 2.
  • Teleporters were present in Halo Wars' campaign and multiplayer.
  • In Halo 3, except for the couple of maps with teleporters listed above, the teleporters on other maps only appear in Forge. Bungie, however, provided the gamers with the Man Cannon, a different way of quickly going through the map.
  • A clever, though usually considered cheap, strategy involving teleporters is to go through one, then immediately move backwards. If the space behind it goes back far enough, then you can camp behind the teleporter.
  • On Cold Storage and Gemini, the teleporters are blue instead of the normal green.
  • In Halo CE and Halo 3, it is possible to block the teleporters (especially in Blood Gulch) with a vehicle or by simply standing on them.
  • Telefragging is the use of a teleporter to kill somebody standing on top or inside another teleporter. The player standing on top of the "receiver node" of the teleporter will have the screen slowly turn white before being killed as a "suicide"(this only occurs in Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, and Halo Trial, in Halo 3 it says it is blocked).


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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

Teleportation is the movement of objects or elementary particles from one place to another, more or less instantaneously, without traveling through space.

With present techniques, "exact" quantum teleportation is possible only with photons and atoms. "Inexact" teleportation (where quantum states are not preserved), is possible by encoding information about an object, transmitting the information to another place, such as by radio or an electric signal, and creating a copy of the original object in the new location. Teleportation has also been proposed to explain various anomalous phenomena, and the concept has been widely used in science fiction.

Similar is apport, an earlier word used to describe what today might be called teleportation; and bilocation, when something is said to occupy two places simultaneously. The word "teletransportation" (which simply expands Charles Fort's abbreviated term) was first employed by Derek Parfit as part of a thought exercise on identity.

Teleportation in the Marvel Universe is accomplished by a variety of means. One common method is to open a portal or hole in space and walk through it, appearing at the desired location. Another method, employed by Nightcrawler among others, is to bodily shift to another dimension with different physical laws, and then shift back out at the new location.

Known teleporters include:

For a list of characters who can teleport, see Category:Teleporters

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From the RuneScape Wiki, the wiki for all things RuneScape

A useful map of the places commonly teleported to.
A player breaking magic tablets to teleport.
Teleportation is the instant travel, usually magical, from any location to a specific location elsewhere. Teleportation may be performed by any of the following:


Teleport Error

A visit to lost and found. Random Event.

There is a Random Event that is based on the teleportation network. According to the random event certain teleports occasionally go awry, such as your own Spellbook teleportations or the spells used by wizards throughout RuneScape to teleport you to the Rune essence mine. When this happens, one becomes trapped in the Abyssal network. The player must then select the lever that is different from the others to continue. Successfully extricating one's self will result in the player being compensated with a Random event gift for the inconvenience. It is also possible to be teleported here while training skills such as Woodcutting or Cooking, for unclear reasons, but possibly due to random inter-dimensional rifts.  


Basic Spellbook

Basic teleports:

A player using teleports from Basic Spellbook.
File:Lumbridge home port icon.png Lumbridge Home Teleport
File:Mobilising armies teleport.gif Mobilising Armies Teleport
File:Varrock Teleport icon.png Varrock Teleport
File:Lumbridge Teleport icon.png Lumbridge Teleport
File:Falador Teleport icon.png Falador Teleport
File:Teleport to House icon.png Teleport to House
File:Camelot Teleport icon.png Camelot Teleport
File:Ardougne Teleport icon.png Ardougne Teleport
File:Watchtower Teleport icon.png Watchtower Teleport
File:Trollheim Teleport icon.png Trollheim Teleport
File:Teleport to Ape Atoll icon.png Teleport to Ape Atoll


File:Teleother Lumbridge icon.png Tele-other Lumbridge
File:Teleother Falador icon.png Tele-other Falador
File:Teleother Camelot icon.png Tele-other Camelot

Ancient Magicks

Players must have completed Desert Treasure to use these spells.

A player using Ancient Magicks to teleport.
Edgeville Home Teleport
Paddewwa Teleport (Edgeville Dungeon)
Senntisten Teleport (Digsite)
Kharyrll Teleport (Canifis)
Lassar Teleport (Ice Mountain)
Dareeyak Teleport (Ruins, level 26 Wilderness)
Carrallangar Teleport (Graveyard of Shadows, level 18 Wilderness)
Annakarl Teleport (Demonic Ruins, level 45 Wilderness)
Ghorrock Teleport (Ice Plateau, level 54 Wilderness)

Lunar Spells

Player must have completed Lunar Diplomacy to use these spells.

A player using Lunar Spells to teleport.

Basic Teleports:

File:Telehome.gif Lunar Home Teleport
File:Moonclan teleport.png Moonclan Teleport
File:Ourania teleport.png Ourania Teleport
File:Waterbirth teleport.png Waterbirth Teleport
File:Barbarian teleport.png Barbarian Teleport
File:Khazard teleport.png Khazard Teleport
File:Fishing guild teleport.png Fishing Guild Teleport
File:Catherby teleport.png Catherby Teleport
File:Ice plateau teleport.png Ice Plateau Teleport

Tele Group:

File:Moonclan teleport group.png Tele Group Moonclan
File:Waterbirth teleport group.png Tele Group Waterbirth
File:Barbarian teleport group.png Tele Group Barbarian
File:Khazard teleport group.png Tele Group Khazard
File:Fishing guild teleport group.png Tele Group Fishing Guild
File:Catherby teleport group.png Tele Group Catherby
File:Ice plateau teleport group.png Tele Group Ice Plateau

Enchanted Jewellery

A player using enchanted jewellery to teleport.

Almost every item of jewellery in RuneScape can be enchanted and some of them can be used to teleport. These items are listed below. To use teleportation jewellery all you have to do is unequip the item, and then right-click it and select 'rub', or right-click and select 'Operate' with the item equipped.

For information on how to craft the following jewellery, please click here.

Name Made from Teleports Number of Charges
File:Sapphire necklace.PNG Games necklace Sapphire necklace Allows the user to teleport into the Burthorpe Castle games room, Barbarian Assault, Clan Wars or Wilderness Volcano This item may be used 8 times, then crumbles.
File:Emerald ring.png Ring of duelling Emerald ring Allows the user to teleport to the entrance of the either the Duel Arena, Castle Wars, or Fist of Guthix This item may be used up to 8 times, then crumbles.
File:Digsite pendant.png Digsite pendant Ruby necklace Allows 5 teleports to the Dig Site This item may be used 5 times, then crumbles.
File:Whitering.gif Ring of life Diamond ring If your Hitpoints drop below 10% then you will be teleported to your respawn point; if any hit reduces your Hitpoints to 0 you will die May be used once, then crumbles.
File:Combbracee.gif Combat bracelet Dragonstone bracelet Allows 4 teleports to either: Warriors' Guild, Champions' Guild, Ranging Guild or Monastery 4 Teleports can be recharged at the Legends' Guild totem
File:Dragonstone necklace.gif Skills necklace Dragonstone necklace Allows 4 teleports to either: Fishing Guild, Mining Guild, Crafting Guild or Cooking Guild 4 Teleports can be recharged at the Legends' Guild totem.
File:Dragonstone amulet.png Amulet of glory Dragonstone amulet Allows 4 teleports to either: Edgeville, Karamja, Draynor Village or Al Kharid 4 Teleports can be recharged at the Heroes' Guild and can also be charged via the Geyser titan.

Theoretically, Amulet of nature also counts as a transportation jewellery, if players bind the amulet to a farming patch that happens to become diseased.

Pharaohs Sceptre

A Pharaoh'ssceptre.

The Pharaoh's sceptre is a rare and highly expensive item obtained during the Pyramid Plunder minigame based in Sophanem. The sceptre provides 3 charges of teleports between 3 pyramids in the Kharidian Desert:

When the sceptre's charges are empty, players may recharge it using the Mummy in the Pyramid Plunder minigame. It is recommended that players use two charges, and teleport to Pyramid plunder to recharge if needed, saving time. In order to recharge, just "use" the sceptre on the Mummy. He will complain about the player owning it, but will go ahead and recharge it anyway. Players will need artifacts from the Pyramid Plunder minigame to recharge the staff - 24 pottery artifacts, 12 stone artifacts, or 6 gold artifacts are needed.

Skull Sceptre

A player teleporting using a Skull Sceptre
The Skull sceptre is obtained through defeating monsters in the Stronghold of Security and picking up the pieces of the sceptre. The Skull sceptre has five charges to teleport to the Barbarian Village, though Varrock armour possesses the ability to double the number of charges to ten if you assemble the sceptre whilst wearing the armour. It disappears afterwards, and it cannot be recharged. The sceptre does not work over level 20 Wilderness.

Players can only make and keep one skull sceptre at a time - a new Skull sceptre can only be made once the old Skull sceptre is either lost, destroyed, or has dissapeared. The Skull sceptre and all its parts cannot be traded. The pieces are:

File:Left skull half.PNG Left skull half (dropped by Ankous)
File:Top of sceptre.PNG Top of sceptre (dropped by Catablepons)
File:Bottom.PNG Bottom of sceptre (dropped by Flesh crawlers)
File:Right skull half.png Right skull half (dropped by Minotaurs)
  • Using the skull pieces together forms a Strange skull.
  • Using the top and bottom Skull sceptre pieces form a Runed sceptre.
  • Using the Strange skull and Runed sceptre together form a Skull sceptre.

Oldak's Spheres

Oldak, a goblin scientist, has been experimenting with runes and has developed Moving-over-distance Sphere. The moving-over-distance sphere isn't a perfect piece of arcane technology, though, so it will teleport you to any one of several locations in Dorgesh-Kaan when you break it.

A player breaking a teleport sphere from Oldak.
To get another sphere, simply take two Law runes and some Molten glass to Oldak's laboratory in north-west Dorgesh-Kaan.
If you have completed Another Slice of H.A.M., Oldak will also make spheres to take you to the Goblin Village. Again, these will require molten glass and two law runes.
If you have completed Land of the Goblins, Oldak will also make spheres to take you to the Plain of Mud. As with all teleportation spheres, these will require molten glass and two law runes.
If you have completed The Chosen Commander, Oldak will now make spheres to take you to the Bandos throne room. As with the other teleportation spheres, these will also require molten glass and two law runes.

Spirit Trees

A spirit tree.

After completion of the Tree Gnome Village quest, you can use Spirit trees to teleport. There are six different spirit tree locations, plus a choice of one player grown Spirit Tree. They are:

After completing Tree Gnome Village quest players can access the Spirit Tree in the Tree Gnome Village and the Tree Gnome Stronghold to transport to any of the other three spirit trees, the other (younger) trees will only return you to an older tree.

Once you have reached a certain stage in The Path of Glouphrie, you can use any tree to travel to any other.

With Farming level 83, players are able to grow their own spirit tree. These will take you to the spirit tree in the Tree Gnome Stronghold. You may only have one at a time. For more information click here.

Spirit Trees also provide free teleports directly to Evil Trees when the Evil Tree is full grown. There are 28 possible locations, so the free teleport is a huge advantage.

Fairy Rings

After getting permission from the Fairy Godfather during Fairytale II - Cure a Queen, you will find a new network of transportation available to you: Fairy rings.

It consists of over 38 codes spread across the land and provides a relatively fast means for accessing often remote sites in Runescape.
A player using a fairy ring to teleport.
Players can enter the fairy ring system from any node while wielding either a Dramen staff or a Lunar staff, ending up at the master fairy ring in Zanaris. From there, using three letter codes, they can teleport to most rings within the system. Several rings, however, require players to complete quests before they can be accessed. If the selected code has no corresponding fairy ring, players will be teleported a few squares from the main ring. Currently, there are 38 fairy rings working codes out of a total possible 64 codes.
The mushroom controllers.
The main fairy ring is located in Zanaris, just east of the bank. When you click on it to activate it, you will notice the three mushroom controllers pop up. Each controller has four letters assigned to it. Clicking on the right or left side of a mushroom controller will make it turn clockwise or counter-clockwise, respectively. You can make many combinations from these mushrooms, and click the teleport button to go the location.

When the fairy ring transportation system was released, there were only 34 fairy rings. Fairy rings codes AKQ and DKS were introduced with the Hunter skill on 21 November, 2006. AJQ to Dorgesh-Kaan was introduced on 20 March, 2007, bringing the number of fairy rings up to a total of 37. BLQ to Yu'biusk was introduced on 12 November, 2007, making the total 38. ALQ to Haunted Woods was introduced on 7 May, 2008, but the ring existed before as one-way route to Zanaris.

Teleport tablets

A player breaking tablets.
Magic tablets are created from Soft clay using a lectern in a Player-owned house. A player brings the runes for the spell, a magic staff (optional) and the soft clay to the appropriate lectern. A lectern can be found in the Study in the house. By clicking on the lectern a screen will appear showing the magic tablets that can be constructed at that lectern. After selecting a spell, the clay changes into a stackable magic tablet and the magic tablet selection window disappears. Magic tablet building requires that the player has the appropriate magic level and brings the required runes for casting the spell.

Listed below are all the teleport tablets a player can make or buy.

Varrock Tablet Lumbridge Tablet Falador Tablet Camelot Tablet Ardougne Tablet Watchtower Tablet House Tablet

The Runecrafting Teleport Tablets are untradeable Teleportation spell tablets obtained at the Great Orb Project Minigame by exchanging various amounts of tokens ranging from 15 to 45 with Wizard Elriss. In order to use any particular tablet, you must have the required runecrafting level/quest completion first.

Runecrafting tablets add yet another transport system to RuneScape. Each single-use tablet teleports the user outside the respective rune altar's ruins, or the Runecrafting Guild, and thus require a talisman, tiara, or runecrafting staff to use the altar. This makes it the quickest way to runecraft. Unlike regular teletabs, these cannot be made in your player-owned house. These tablets cannot be used over Level 20 Wilderness.

There are currently 14 types of Runecrafting Teleport Tablets:

Air Altar Teleport Mind Altar Teleport Water Altar Teleport Earth Altar Teleport Fire Altar Teleport Body Altar Teleport Cosmic Altar Teleport Chaos Altar Teleport Astral Altar Teleport Nature Altar Teleport Law Altar Teleport Death Altar Teleport Blood Altar Teleport Runecrafting Guild Teleport


Portal Chambers can be built in a Player owned house, which allow the owner and guests to take a one-way trip to one of the seven possible locations:

Those who are using a spellbook that does not contain teleportation spells to the above areas might find Portal Chambers useful.

The Greater magic cage in the Throne room gives the player who controls it the ability to teleport those inside the cage to one of the seven above areas (only works if the person being teleported has accessed the area before). Trollheim used to be one of the possible locations but it was removed due to the dangers that lurk there.

In addition, an Amulet of glory mounted on the Quest Hall of a POH functions the same way as the charged, standalone version of the amulet.

Magic guild portals

On the second floor of the Magic Guild in Yanille (level 66 Magic required to enter), there are three portals that will teleport you to the following locations (note that these are one-way teleports):

Into the Wilderness

  • Entrana to Wilderness:

Underneath Entrana, a one-way portal takes players into danger level 28 of the Wilderness. This method is hardly used by any players, because you can't take any armour or weapons to Entrana.

  • Ardougne to Wilderness:

There is a shack situated west of Ardougne Castle that contains a lever. Pulling this lever will teleport you to the Deserted Keep in level 56 Wilderness. You will need to bring a sharp object, such as a Knife, so that you can cut through the web to get out of the Deserted Keep. To return, there is a lever to pull to get back to Ardougne. Please be aware that many monsters may be waiting for you, not to mention the risk of running into Revenants: don't forget you are in the Wilderness!

  • Edgeville to Wilderness:

With the 16 June 2009 Update:Changes to PvP and Bounty Worlds, and gravestones - All teleport spells cast in Bounty Worlds will now take you to Edgeville, and there is a new switch leading to the high-level Wilderness from the ruined building south of the bank in Edgeville. The Edgeville lever is one-way only and goes to same destination as the Ardougne lever above: Deserted Keep in level 56. It can also be noted that teleporting from the Wilderness in a Bounty World, you will lose EP.

Various items

Quest items

A player playing on an Enchanted lyre to teleport to Rellekka.
File:Broomstick.png Broomstick A Broomstick is an item given by Maggie in Swept Away, the 2008 Hallowe'en event quest. She asks players to enchant it by bringing it to three witches: Hetty in Rimmington, Aggie in Draynor Village, and Betty in Port Sarim. If the broomstick is taken to the Sorcerer's apprentice in Al Kharid, players may use the broomstick to teleport to the Sorceress's Garden by operating it. The broomstick does not require periodic recharging.
File:Ectophial.png Ectophial The Ectophial is a reward from the Ghosts Ahoy quest. By emptying it, you'll be teleported to the Ectofuntus north of Port Phasmatys. To recharge it, use the ectophial with the Ectofuntus, or alternatively, wait for the player to recharge it automatically whenever you use it. This item can be used as a one-click teleport.
File:Elfcrystal.PNG Elf teleport crystal An Elf teleport crystal is obtained during the Mourning's Ends Part I quest. It teleports you to the elven city Lletya, and can be recharged by Eluned for a fee. If lost, new crystals can be obtained as drops from Elf warriors. After Within the Light Eluned can help you enchant your crystal(s) to also take you to the Temple of Light.
File:Key.png Enchanted key The Enchanted key is obtained during the Making History quest. After the quest is completed, the key can be used in Meeting History to teleport the player to the past. However, it can only be used north of East Ardougne and if the player is carrying no items other than the key. If lost or destroyed, another key may be obtained from Jorral at the beginning of the quest.
File:Enchanted lyre.PNG Enchanted lyre An Enchanted lyre is obtained during The Fremennik Trials quest. You're able to re-enchant the lyre by offering the Fossegrimen some kinds of fish. When you play the lyre you will be teleported to Rellekka. When you have used all the teleport charges on your lyre, you'll have to re-enchant it.
File:Sled waxed.png Sled A Sled is obtained during the Troll Romance quest. It's used to ride down a mountain, near the Troll Stronghold, to reach an area to pick the Trollweiss flowers. While sledding you can pick up various spawns of chaos runes and additional sleds along your route.
File:Camulet.png Camulet The Camulet is obtained as a reward for the Enakhra's Lament quest. When rubbed, it will teleport you to Enakhra's Temple. The Camulet has 4 uses, and when it runs out you will need to use a bucket of Camel dung on it to recharge it.
File:Bandos sphere.png Bandos throne room sphere Oldak's newest moving-over-distance Sphere is obtained during The Chosen Commander, and can be smashed to teleport the player to the Bandos throne room. A sphere can be used once. To get another, take Molten glass and two Law runes to Oldak in Dorgesh-Kaan.
File:Goblin Village Orb.png Goblin Village Sphere Oldak's Goblin Village moving-over-distance Sphere is obtained during Another Slice of H.A.M., and can be smashed to teleport the player to Goblin Village. A sphere can be used once. To get another, take Molten glass and two Law runes to Oldak in Dorgesh-Kaan.
File:Plain of Mud sphere.PNG Plain of Mud Sphere Oldak's Plain of Mud moving-over-distance Sphere is obtained during Land of the Goblins, and can be smashed to teleport the player to the Plain of Mud. A sphere can be used once. To get another, take Molten glass and two Law runes to Oldak in Dorgesh-Kaan.
File:Sphere.png Dorgesh-kaan sphere The third of the trio of Oldak's moving-over-distance Spheres. These can be smashed to teleport the player to Dorgesh-Kaan. A sphere can be used once. To get another, take Molten glass and two Law runes to Oldak in Dorgesh-Kaan.
File:Bone sack.png Bonesack(e) Bonesack(e) is a reward from the Fur 'n' seek wishlist. It allows you to teleport back to the Skeletal Horror once a week, when the Odd Old Man had reconstructed the skeleton. It's an upgrade to the Bonesack reward from Rag and Bone Man quest's follow-up wishlist. This item can be switched at any time for the Ram skull helm(e).
File:Ram skull.PNG Ram skull helm(e) Ram skull helm(e) is a reward from the Fur 'n' seek wishlist. It allows you to teleport back to the Skeletal Horror once a week, when the Odd Old Man had reconstructed the skeleton. It's an upgrade to the Ram skull helm reward from Rag and Bone Man quest's follow-up wishlist. This item can be switched at any time for the Bonesack(e).
File:JennicasRing.png Jennica's ring Jennica's Ring is obtained during Spirit of Summer, and can be operated while worn in several locations around the Wilderness to access a Spirit realm parallel to RuneScape. To recover the ring, search the rubble near the house where you are first transported to this strange realm. Completion of Summer's End gives you an improved version, which gives access to addition portals.
File:Strange teleorb.png Strange teleorb The Strange Teleorb is obtained during While Guthix Sleeps. Players can teleport themselves to Lucien's camp by operating it inside the room above Dark Squall's Room with a Law rune and a Death rune in the inventory. It is found inside Dark Squall's Room on the southernmost desk by searching it.

Other items

A player using the Explorer's ring 3.
A player using the Karamja gloves 3
File:ExplorerRing3.png Explorer's ring 3 After completing all medium tasks in the Lumbridge and Draynor Diary, players may get an Explorer's Ring. This ring provides the same bonuses as the other rings, as well as providing the user with 3 run recharges, and also acts as a free teleport to the cabbage field south of Falador. The teleport has unlimited charges.
File:Karamja gloves 3.PNG Karamja gloves 3 Karamja gloves 3 are your reward for completing all the Hard tasks in the Karamja Achievement Diary, given to you by the Foresters near the entrances to the Kharazi Jungle. They allow free, unlimited teleportation to a gem mine underneath Shilo Village. To activate the teleport, right-click on the gloves for the option or wear them and selecting the 'Operate' option).
File:Ardougne Cloak 1.pngFile:Ardougne cloak 2.pngFile:AD Cape 3.png Ardougne cloak Ardougne Cloak is your reward for completing all the Easy, Medium, and/or Hard tasks in the Ardougne Achievement Diary, given to you by Doctor Orbon, the Ardougne town crier and Aleck respectively in Ardougne. All versions of the Cloaks allows their wearer to teleport to the monastery south of Ardougne an unlimited number of times, while the Ardougne Cloaks 2 and 3 can teleport you to the farm north of Ardougne once a day. This daily limit is removed upon completing the especially challenging Elite tasks, with the ability to teleport yourself there an infinite number of times gained.
File:Rum Mos Le Harmless red.pngFile:Rum Mos Le Harmless blue.png Mos Le Harmless 'rum' The Mos Le Harmless 'rum' can only be obtained from the Trouble Brewing minigame. They come in 2 colours, but they do not differ in functionality. When drunk, the player is teleported to the Trouble Brewing location on Mos Le'Harmless.
File:Mystic jewel.gif Mystic jewel The Mystic jewel can only be obtained from the Rogue's Den minigame, given to the player by Brian O'Richard. It teleports the player from the minigame's maze to the waiting room (the starting point of the minigame) when activated. Only one jewel can be obtained at a time.
File:Slayer ring.png Slayer ring The Slayer ring (or Ring of slaying) can be used to teleport players to four Slayer destinations and to contact Slayer Masters. Players obtain the ring from slayer masters using Slayer reward points, which players earn by completing multiple slayer tasks. Players can purchase actual rings, at a cost of 75 points per ring, and can purchase the knowledge of how to craft the rings, at a one-time cost of 300 points.
File:Teleport sphere.gif Tele-orb Tele-orbs are used in the Fist of Guthix minigame. When the orb is broken, the player is transported to the middle of the playing field. At the beginning of the game each player receives one of these. If you try to break it while in the waiting room, you will receive a message stating that you should save it for when you really need it.
File:Golden ticket.gif Circus ticket A Circus ticket is used in Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza part of the Distractions and Diversions. The ticket is provided by the Ticket vendor, and may be used to leave the circus. To leave the circus, the ticket must be torn, and the players will be transported back to where they found the Ticket vendor.


All Players

  • A number of people around RuneScape, such as Sedridor or Aubury, can teleport multiple people to the ice fields of Gielinor's north, which have been magically sealed off, for the Rune Essence Mine
  • The Sorceress can teleport you right outside her house should she see you trespassing and expressing no remorse
  • Shantay provides a free one-way teleport to the Port Sarim Jail; players can use this teleport by telling Shantay they are an outlaw and then refusing to pay his fine.
  • North of Rimmington and east of the Crafting Guild, Wendy can teleport you to an isolated, hidden area where Maggie can be found, simply by talking to her and asking her of Maggie's whereabouts; Maggie can instantly teleport you back to Wendy upon request.
  • During certain holiday events, various NPCs, such as Snow imps, can teleport you to other realms inaccessible through any other means, though this form of teleportation only during their respective events. For instance, Isidor can teleport even free players to the Land of Snow if they have started the quest.
  • If there is a drop in the party room greater than 1,000,000 coins (or items worth this much), most bankers will offer a free teleport to the party room.

Members Only


  • If a player has a combat level of at least 20 and has never accessed a PvP World, one can do so to be automatically teleported back to Lumbridge Castle. Note that this method is not necessarily dangerous, due to the player's ability to simply log out and switch to a non-PvP World should they desire to only reach Lumbridge. This is only really useful if your Lumbridge Home Teleport has not yet been recharged, and can be used only once. This method can be used almost anywhere, even up to any level of the Wilderness.
  • On a PvP world, if the player dies, the player will respawn in Edgeville. One can make use of this by simply banking all items, switching to such a world, allowing oneself to be killed, and switching back to a non-PvP world after respawning.
  • Members, if having access to the Ancient Magicks, can switch to a Free-to-play World, where the Home Teleport spell will teleport you to Lumbridge as opposed to Edgeville. Note that this teleport will still take thirty minutes to recharge (for example, you cannot teleport to Lumbridge on a free world, switch to a member's world, and repeat the teleport to reach Edgeville).
  • Entering the Rune essence mine from a members' entrance, switching to a Free world and trying to leave gives you a warning about not being able to go here on a Free server. Trying again will cause a teleport interception, bringing you to Sedridor at the Wizards' Tower.
  • Certain guilds, Member and Free, can be accessed through temporary boosts. However, in some of these guilds, such as the Fishing Guild, should you log out while your character still remains within the guild, you will be brought outside of the guild upon logging back in.
  • If your membership expires and your player was last in a member-only location, you will automatically be sent to Lumbridge when you next log in. However, this teleport is of minimal use to the player, as when one logs in back again, one's Home Teleport is also recharged.

Summoning Familiars

File:Void shifter.gif Void shifter Teleports player to Void Knight Outpost when player below 10% health, or when special is activated
File:Void ravager.gif Void ravager Teleports player to Void Knight Outpost when special is activated
File:Void torcher.gif Void torcher Teleports player to Void Knight Outpost when special is activated
File:Void spinner.gif Void spinner Teleports player to Void Knight Outpost when special is activated
File:Spirit graahk.gif Spirit graahk Can teleport player to Karamja Hunter area
File:Spirit kyatt.gif Spirit kyatt Can teleport player to Piscatoris Hunter area
File:Spirit larupia pouch.gif Spirit larupia Can teleport player to the Feldip Hunter area
File:Arctic bear pouch.gif Arctic bear Can teleport player to the Trollweiss Hunter area
File:Lava titan pouch.gif Lava titan Can teleport player to the Lava Maze


In one edition of the Postbag From the Hedge, Mr. Mordaut explains teleportation. The usage of the power of runestones allows teleportation by boring a hole, called a teleportation matrix, into an abyss, and then looping out of it to arrive in an alternate place. There are strict rules regarding teleportations as illegal destinations are typically teleblocked, although there are also alternate ways to get around this.

There is a more detailed explanation for the puzzled player, by reading this carefully. Firstly, wind a string around your fingers as if it was dental floss. Assume that one finger is where you are now and the other is your destination. You have a distance to travel now, right? Now bring both fingers together. That piece of string is now sagging from your fingers, like a 'U' shape. The space around your fingers represent the abyss, and you have traveled the same distance, except that you left the current dimension and re-entered through an alternate dimension.

Essentially, the teleport does not 'transport' you or 'shorten' the distance, but the reason why it is instantaneous is that time is voided, so you can arrive at your destination a second later as time and space exchange places in the abyss.

There is another theory about transporting that is very similar to the teleportation matrix and looping out to a location far from where you are. This is the Theory of Tephra Travelling, which involves breaking the laws of the universe and being able to travel from one side of the Universe to the other in the blink of an eye, this is very similar to teleporting.

Imagine a piece of paper, this will be the Universe. Tephra Travelling really isn't travelling across the entire paper, more like bending it to take a very quick shortcut. Fold the piece of paper, now you have the Universe "bent", as the location of where you want to travel to is only a short distance away.

This theory has been used in a number of other works, such as the critically acclaimed novel A Wrinkle In Time, though more commonly in science-fiction novels or video games.

See also


  • According to The Great Brain Robbery, Dr. Fenkenstrain is allergic to teleportation.
  • Note that teleportation to Lumbridge from a member's world cannot be achieved through simply going to a P2P area and then switching to a free world.
  • When teleporting using the Camulet, you use the standard teleport animation and not the one used for enchanted item-based teleports.
  • If a player is resting when they use a standard teleport, there will be a glitch where the player does not get up but suddenly changes to standing, and the blue 'teleport matrix' will rise up as normal but the player will not rise too.
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Teleporting is when a character is immediately transported from one location to another. There are multiple ways to be teleported:

  • Walking into a Portal.
  • Walking into some Mystic Flames.
  • Getting teleported from Rookgaard to Island of Destiny
  • Taking a Boat or Magic Carpet is technically teleporting, since there is no passage of time realized when using these services, but for roleplaying purposes, these are treated as if your character actually rode the ship or carpet to your destination.
  • Gamemasters can teleport themselves on demand when they are needed to resolve a conflict or investigate a reported rule violation. They can also teleport you to your hometown.
  • After an update where the map changes every player used to be teleported to their hometowns. (This was changed for the 7.8 update)
  • Dying and being teleported back to your home temple.
  • If you close your client in a quest place you'll be teleported to your hometown when logging in again. This is illegal however.
  • If you log on to the game and the positional square you logged out from is occupied then you will be logged on in one of the available surrounding squares; if all of the surrounding squares are occupied then you will be logged on at your home temple, effectively being teleported there. This can be exploited, for example, by standing at a depot box, logging out, and having two people move in behind you as you log in again. Note however that this is exploiting a game weakness and is explicitly stated as being against the game rules. Teleporting using this method may get you banned from the game.

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 English: Teleport
 Chinese: 隔空取物
 French: Téléportation
 German: Teleport
 Italian: Teletrasporto
 Portuguese: Teletransportar
 Spanish: Teletransportación
 Japanese (Kanji): アポート
 Phonetic: Apōto
 Translated: Aport
Type: Spell Cards
Property: Continuous Image:Continuous.png
Number: 06795211
Card Description(s):
TCG Set(s):
OCG Set(s):
Card Appearance(s):
Card Search Categories:
Other Card Information:
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's: Present
TCG/OCG Statuses
OCG: Unlimited TCG Advanced: Unlimited TCG Traditional: Unlimited
Card/Deck/Starchip/DP Costs
Video Game Numbers
Video Game Statuses
Facts about TeleportRDF feed
Actions No Entry  +
Anti-Support No Entry  +
Archetype Related No Entry  +
Archetypes No Entry  +
Archetypes Support No Entry  +
Attack No Entry  +
Attribute Spell Cards  +
Card Image TeleportCSOC-EN-C-1E.png  +
Card Number 06795211  +
Card Type Continuous Spell Cards  +
Chinese Name 隔空取物  +
Class 1 Official  +
Class 2 Anime  +
Counters No Entry  +
English Name Teleport  +
French Name Téléportation  +
Fusion Material No Entry  +
German Name Teleport  +
Italian Name Teletrasporto  +
Japanese Name アポート  +
Life Points No Entry  +
Lore Once per turn, if your opponent [[control] Once per turn, if your opponent controls a monster and you control no monsters, you can pay 800 Life Points to Special Summon 1 Psychic-Type monster from your hand. onster Cards|monster]] from your hand.
Medium OCG  +, TCG  +, and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's  +
Misc No Entry  +
MonsterSpellTrap No Entry  +
OCG Status Unlimited  +
Phonetic Name Apōto  +
Portuguese Name Teletransportar  +
RFP No Entry  +
S/T Class Continuous Monster Effects  +
Spanish Name Teletransportación  +
Stats No Entry  +
Summoning Special Summons from your hand  +
Support Psychic  +
Synchro Material No Entry  +
TCG Advanced Format Status Unlimited  +
TCG Traditional Format Status Unlimited  +
Translated Name Aport  +
Types Continuous  +

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Teleport (sometimes abbreviated as "TP") may refer to:

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