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Telekinetic Grab
File:Telekinetic Grab icon.png
Members only? No
Level 33
Runes 1 Law
1 Air
Spellbook Normal
Experience 43
Quest None
Lectern None

The Telekinetic Grab (also known as Telegrab) spell enables players to take an object they cannot reach using Magic. The high price of the required law rune means the object must be well worth taking, such as the rare drop of a rune med helm by the caged lesser demon at the top of the Wizards' Tower. Players who use dragon arrows will sometimes use the spell to pick up their arrows.

One cast of Telekinetic Grab costs 308 coins, or 296 coins with a Staff of air.


  • This spell has a particular association with the Dragon Slayer quest, where it can save players paying Wormbrain 10,000 coins for a map piece. Prior to the introduction of the alternative of paying 10,000 coins for the map, the spell was a requirement of the quest, and was a large factor in many pure Rangers deciding to train Magic to level 33.

Economical Training

Seven places to train magic while not losing money spent on runes are:


Telekinetic grab being used on an Amulet of Glory.
  • There is a ruby ring in a bank vault that seems to be a teaser that cannot be taken. It is in the basement of the west Varrock bank.
  • If a player casts Telekinetic Grab on an item and another player grabs the item before the spell reaches the item, the item will go to the player who grabbed it, not the spell caster.
  • Trying to cast Telekinetic Grab on an NPC results in the message "You can't use Telekinetic Grab on them."
  • In the Draynor Village bank robbery, the Wise Old Man uses Telekinetic Grab to obtain a Party hat.
  • When resting and casting Telekinetic Grab, you will quickly stand up, cast the spell, and then go back to resting. This all happens in about 1.5 seconds. You will stand up about 1 second after you have sat back down.
  • In Port Sarim's pub, the Rusty Anchor, Ahab's beer cannot be taken because Ahab yells at the player. If one tries to use Telekinetic Grab on his beer, he says, "Oi! Don't be casting spells on me beer!"
  • Telekinetic Grab used to be the only way to obtain the map piece in Dragon Slayer, making 33 magic a requirement for it.
  • If you cast Telekinetic Grab on the Blue Party Hat during the Draynor Village bank robbery, the hat will not appear in your inventory, and you will still keep the runes.
  • Seeing as Telekinetic Grab teleports the target item directly to the caster's inventory, it is not exactly Telekinesis. A more accurate name for it might be Teleport Grab.

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