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Tele Group Ice Plateau
Members only? Yes
Level 90
Runes 3 Law
16 Water
3 Astral
Spellbook Lunar
Experience 99
Quest Lunar Diplomacy
Lectern None
A player using the Lunar Spells Teleport.

Tele Group Ice Plateau teleports the caster along with anyone within a 3x3 square area (including standing on the player's square) to the members half of the Ice Plateau. Players must have Accept Aid turned on in order to be teleported by this spell. If there is no one in the 3x3 grid with "accept aid" on then only the caster will be teleported. A message warns the player(s) that they are about to teleport/be teleported into the "Deep Wilderness" with an option to abort. As with all Lunar Spells, the quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed to cast this spell.

This spell was widely used during the Rule Seven Protest. Before the Deep Wilderness window was introduced, some players used it as a method to lure other players into the Wilderness, where they could be killed and their items taken. This has recently been used by luring players onto the German servers and telling them which options to press, usually suggesting that they are tele-group teleporting to the fishing guild or catherby etc.

Tele Group Ice Plateau costs 2129 coins per cast,or 1521 coins with a water staff.

Remember, you cannot use normal Magic or Ancient Magicks spells if you are using Lunar Spells, except by use of the Spell Book Swap spell.


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