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Tehrysa Roso
Biographical information



29 BBY


79 ABY

Physical description





5 feet 6 inches

Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color

Dark Brown

Chronological and political information

Old Republic Era, Imperial Era, Rebellion Era, New Republic Era


Alliance to Restore the Republic, New Republic




Early Life

Tehrysa Roso was born on Corellia to a merchant family, the oldest of three siblings. Growing up on Corellia, young Tehrysa was exposed to many different alien races who came to trade on her world; she learned to appeciate and enjoy various cultures, and her interest in them and the Galaxy grew. She yearned for adventure in space.

Tehrysa's mother was a business woman who worked in the office buildings in the commercial districts, and was not often home. Because of this, Tehrysa became close to her father, who was an active space trader. Accompanying him on his travels, she was able to satisfy some of her longing for space, as she often went with him on short trips to the neighboring Corellian worlds. Even while still a young child, she became experienced in the ways of the space lanes and of being a trader and merchant.

Adolescent Years/Adult Life

By the time she was an adolescent, the already strained marriage between Tehrysa's parents fell apart, and her parents divorced. Tehrysa lived with her father, and continued to accompany him on his travels. Free from the constraints of her mother, Tehrysa's father was able to take his business outside of the Corellian system to other parts of the galaxy. He also allowed the older Tehrysa to see the other side of his business; that of a smuggler. Tehrysa however, far from being intimidated, relished the thrill and excitement that came with smuggling goods.

In 10 BBY, at the age of 19, Tehrysa met a young man from Dantooine, Promus Kaa, who had moved to Corellia only six years before. They were both quite taken with each other; Promus being incredibly attracted to Tehrysa's strength and confidence, while Tehrysa found Promus to be very intriguing. They became best friends, and married soon after, with Promus curiously taking Tehrysa's last name as his own. Promus then joined Tehrysa on her adventurous travels and smuggling exploits, both enjoying the time spent together and the things learned from each other. Tehrysa's father bought a new ship for himself, and gave his old ship to Tehrysa and Promus so that Tehrysa could set out on her own in the galaxy. Still, Promus and Tehrysa continued to work closely with her father.

Rebel Alliance

By 3 BBY, Tehrysa and Promus found themselves working more and more often for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, transporting weapons and supplies, and running Imperial lines in their newly-purchased YT-1930 (of which Tehrysa was very proud). Avid opposers of the Galactic Empire, the couple supported the Alliance's cause, and joined their ranks in 2 BBY after the Rebel Alliance was officially formed with the signing of the Corellian Treaty. They continued working as transporters and operatives for the Alliance until the fall of the Empire, whereupon they remained in the employ of the New Republic.

Interesting Facts

  • Tehrysa is a somewhat rare and odd specimen of human female in several regards, primarily in that she lacks any obvious presense of the usual physical characteristics exhibited by most mammillian females of various species. She is quite unendowed.
  • Tehrysa has never taken any formal combat training, but is very proficient with blasters, her preferred weapon.
  • Oddly enough, Tehrysa's biochemistry seems to possess a strange configuration that gives her the special Force-cancelling ability usually unique to ysalamiri. This is both a strength and a signifigant weakness; needless to say, Tehrysa is not Force-sensitive.

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