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Image:Quote1.png Oh, man! She cooked him like a cheap Pop Tart! Image:Quote2.png
-- Cody Driscoll

Appearing in "Titan's Children (Part II of III)"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Bif (Final appearance)
  • Janey (Final appearance)
  • June (Final appearance)
  • Mike (Final appearance)
  • Rob (Final appearance)
  • Scoot (Final appearance)




Synopsis for "Titan's Children (Part II of III)"

The Psions grow agitated as they witness one of their experiments floating away into the vacuum of space. Unwilling to sacrifice their specimens, they quickly rectify the situation by transporting them back into the containment facility on Titan. Cody, Toni and Isaiah are hooked into the VR simulator and they begin sharing in the fantasy setting of Audrey Spears. Once again, the Atom manages to avoid detection. He sneaks about the laboratory and learns that the Psions are using sensory deprivation tanks to blend the kids’ minds into a locked dreamscape.

Inside the dreamscape, Cody, Toni and Isaiah still maintain their conscious minds, but their personalities are slightly altered to reflect the personality of their environment. They make contact with Audrey (whom they call Prys) and beckon her to leave her fairytale castle and join them. The Atom succeeds in making contact with them and convinces them to bolster their minds in order to awaken from the dreamscape.

The Atom then uses his pocket knife to shatter Toni Monetti's stasis tube. When she awakens, he convinces her to draw upon her newly awakened powers and fire plasma bolts at the other tubes, freeing the others. When they emerge, the other kids find themselves stronger and heartier than they were before. The fluids they had been submersed in allowed them to reach their full genetic potential.

The Psions send a robot sentry out to capture them, but Cody uses his enhanced strength to shatter it.

Audrey awakens and realizes that the environment she has known her entire life is gone forever. Pushed beyond anger, she uses her prismatic powers to kill the Psion known as Jarn.

Atom rallies the kids together and they take Dorek hostage. They force him to pilot a ship back to Earth. Dorek is frightened and tells them that the true architects behind these experiments are their masters, the H'San Natall. All of these kids have been selected at birth as part of a special experiment.

After they leave Titan, the H'San Natall enforcer, Jugular, tracks their ship and arranges to bring them back.


  • Issue includes Teen Titans Profile #2: Risk.
  • Audrey Spears is referred to only as "Prys" in this issue. Prys is short for Prysm which will soon become her code name.
  • Dorek mentions that there were originally eight subjects used in their experiments.


  • The Psions have video tapes of the following Earth television programs: Ozzie and Harriet, Leave It to Beaver, Lassie and Father Knows Best.
  • Cody persistently refers to Dorek as "Dork" in this issue.

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