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Appearing in "The Secret Olympic Heroes"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • None


  • Agents of DIABLO (Single appearance)
  • Kravik (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • David Bradley (a contestent)
  • Ted Bradley David's father


  • Unknown



  • Unknown

Synopsis for "The Secret Olympic Heroes"

In the spring of 1964, young sprinter Davey Bradley wins his recent race making him a competitor in the comping Olympics, however after crossing the finish line Davey just keeps on running. News of Bardley's victory makes national news gaining the attention of the Teen Titans, their leader Robin believes the boy has some serious problems. As fate would have it they are contacted by Davey's father who pleads for the Titans to find his son because he should compete in the Olympics as his father believes his boy could win the gold medal.

After deciding to help the Bradley's out their alarm goes off and when investigating the Titans learn that their base had been infiltrated by Speedy, the Green Arrow's sidekick. Speedy has come to join the Teen Titans and had learned of the location of their base through the Justice League, he explains that he wants to help the Titans out as well because he too will be participating in the Olympics, however just to put on a trick archery demonstration. He explains that he needs the Titans aid because earlier while he was practising he was attacked by a man from an organization called Diablo, who wished to try and sabotage his arrows in a bid to ruin the Olympics. The Titans decide to take on this case at the same time as trying to find Bradley.

Out on patrol, Wonder Girl traces Davey's trail and saves him from a pack of hobos, however the boy refuses to return. When Davey's father asks for a progress report, Robin explains the situation and that Davey doesn't find running as important, this causes the elder Bradley to lose his temper, and Robin sends him away. This worries Davey who doesn't want to disappoint his father but also doesn't want to run, Robin assures the boy that he has a plan.

Later, the Teen Titans arrive in Tokyo, Japan for the Olympics and arrive to much fanfare. When signing autographs Robin suddenly realizes one of the autograph books he is signing is rigged to explode and throws it in the air, commanding Speedy to shoot it with an arrow to send it higher into the air where it explodes safely. With Davey joining them in disguise the Titans go to the training camp where all the competitors are staying. There Davey hears his fellows bemoan his abandonment and also runs into Kravik, a rival runner from another country. Later, when one of the houses is vandalized accusing the occupants as cheaters, causing some of the competitors to come to blows, the Titans reveal that it was really done by members of the Diablo organization.

Later when Davey is practising his running, he is confronted by his father who thinks he recognizes his son, but falls for his disguise and openly calls his son a quitter upsetting Davey. Davey decides to actually compete in the Olympics and he and Speedy agree to train in the stadium that night. Meanwhile, the other Titans are looking for members of the Diablo organization and try to stop them from sabotaging the Olympic Torch, but find themselves knocked out by sleeping gas. They are shackled to a giant mock up of the Olympic rings that Speedy intends to light on fire with trick arrows as part of the ceremony. When the Titans find themselves about to be torched when Speedy practises this stunt, Davey spots what's going on and out runs the flanking members of Diablo to stop Speedy before he can light his teammates on fire. Speedy quickly subdues the members of Diablo and frees his fellow Titans.

The next day, after the opening ceremonies, Davey competes in the 400 meter sprint and wins third place. When a disappointed Davey confronts his father, however his father is still proud of his son especially after being told about how he helped save the Teen Titans and the two reconcile.


  • The events from this issue take place prior to the events from Brave and the Bold (Volume 1) #60. As revealed in Teen Titans #53, Speedy was actually a founding member of the team, though at the time of this issue's publication, he had not yet shared in any adventures with the Teen Titans. This story is considered an untold tale from the "Secret Files of the Teen Titans".


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