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Ted Page
Occupation Businessman
Children Gail Platt (1958)
First appearance 28th April 2008
Duration 2008, 2009 to present
Played by Michael Byrne

Ted Page is the long lost father of Gail Platt. Just a week after his arrival, Ted revealed that he is gay. He'd recently lost his partner of twenty years, James.


In the past Ted was a soldier. When Audrey tried to prove she was grown up enough, she got herself pregnant to Ted with Gail. However when he was about to propose to her, she realised she didn't love him and turned him down and didn't tell him about the pregnancy. Ted left for the army and wasn't seen again until 2008.

Ted first turned up in Coronation Street as Audrey Roberts's old flame, got in touch with him. They agreed to meet, and talk about what had happened in the fifty years they had been separated. Audrey, before splitting up with Ted, discovered she was pregnant with Gail and did not want to tell him.

When Gail was born, she grew up and told her children that fathers didn't matter, as of what Audrey had pressurised on Gail at a young age, as Gail's partners had both split from Gail in one was or another. Ted became agitated as he realised he had missed out on fifty years of his daughters life and had never seen his grandchildren, Nick, Sarah and David Platt or his great grandchildren, Bethany and Billy, he was very angry with Audrey and Gail but soon after he met Gail and they bonded almost instantly, he initially thought that Gail's son David Platt's girlfriend Tina was granddaughter Sarah, but Gail protested and reminded him she'd moved to Italy a few months ago. Ted supported David when he was going to his job interview at a salon (going so far as to write a letter of recommendation using Audrey's name) while Gail was away as Ted was keeping an eye on David meanwhile, when Gail returned she found the house had been cleaned and Tina and David had had a party whilst Gail being away, and was willing to support and lie for them, previously even led to Ted redecorating the house.

Ted befriended Ken Barlow later that month, and offered him an extra ticket for a play. This led to Ken's mother-in-law Blanche Hunt suspecting Ken might become gay, Ted and Ken have met up several other times.

Ted then became a support system for Audrey following her car accident and breakup with Bill Webster, and the pair took a vacation together, this led to Audrey's colleague Natasha suspecting romance within the situation.

Ted returned home in October 2008, after meeting with Gail and her new boyfriend Joe. However, on January 28, 2009. Ted returned to the Street for a visit, again helping the Platts with their problems and also counseling Ken, who was having an affair with actress Martha Fraser.

In June 2009 Ted suffered a heart attack in Gail's house from the effects of the burglary at Audrey's house, but later recovered.

In November 2009, he wasnt happy when Gary Windass made inapropiate comments on Rememberance Day about the soldiers who died and the poppies. Gary later apolagised for his behaviour to Ted, and then became interested in Ted's time in the army. This led to Gary joining up the army.

Ted was happy that his daughter Gail was going to get married to Joe McIntyre, and happily accepted to give her away at the wedding.

Miscellaneous information

Ted had been mentioned as far back as 1979.

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