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The Technobots are a sub-group of the Autobots during the Generation One continuity family.
Reinforcing the stereotype that scientists are ill-socialized psychopaths.

The Technobots consist of:

They combine to form Computron.

Japanese name: Techbot (except for "The Rebirth")




Marvel Comics continuity

After Optimus Prime and his troops aboard the Ark went missing, the Technobots were among several under the leadership of Fortress Maximus. Their faction was mired in a seemingly endless war with a band of Decepticons led by Scorponok, in a struggle so pointless and self-perpetuating that Fortress Maximus decided to leave Cybertron and its war and settle on the peaceful planet Nebulos. The Technobots followed Fortress Maximus' lead, building the Steelhaven and departing their war-torn home.

It would not be so easy. The Nebulans were xenophobic towards the strange robots which invaded their world, and after several missteps in communication, Fortress Maximus and a handful of others surrendered their heads as hopeful proof of their benevolence and compliance. Ring of Hate! But when the Decepticons followed them to Nebulos, the Technobots found themselves once again pitted against the terrible Terrorcons.

Cartoon continuity

Grimlock was made super-intelligent by accidentally absorbing energies from the generator in the power core of Cybertron. He then built the Technobots' bodies from parts of Unicron's brain, and then transferred his super-intelligence into them. Together, the Technobots used their intelligence to defeat the individual Terrorcons and their combined form, Abominus. Grimlock's New Brain

Soon afterwards, they were assigned to the EDC to assist Commander Marissa Faireborn in pursuing smugglers and other criminal elements threatening Sol. Confronting the Quintessons and the Terrorcons, the Technobots' combined form of Computron once again defeated the dim-witted Abominus by causing the Decepticon giant to fall apart into his individual team member components. Money is Everything

When the Decepticons attacked the research facilities of Mark Morgan and Gregory Swofford in search of the scientists' new metal alloy, the Technobots combined into Computron to fight off Abominus. Unfortunately, their scuffle caused part of the building to collapse, severely injuring Morgan's daughter, Jessica. This led the elder Morgan, in his hatred of the Transformers, to unleash the Hate Plague on the Autobots in the hopes they would destroy each other. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1

After the truce in the aftermath of the Hate Plague ended, the Decepticons attacked Autobot City on Earth in order to steal the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. The Technobots were among the Autobot forces who attempted to stop them. The Rebirth, Part 1

Headmasters (Japan only)

IDW comics continuity

The Technobots used to crew the Autobot vessel Calabi-Yau in orbit around Cybertron, under the command of Jetfire.

After landing on the planet to investigate an energy spike, Scattershot, Lightspeed and Strafe accompanied Jetfire on a reconaissance mission and were captured by Bludgeon's group of Decepticons. Nosecone and Afterburner, having taken the Calabi-Yau back into orbit, crash-landed back on Cybertron after escaping the doomed ship in an emergency pod and were drafted into assisting the Wreckers. Stormbringer

Later on, the Technobots and Jetfire were sent to help separate the entity Monstructor into its component parts. They weren't making much progress, though were determined to keep trying - but the Decepticon raid on Garrus-9 saw them taken down & Monstructor captured. Spotlight: Arcee

Note: It is worth noting that at this point Combiner technology is limited to Monstructor, and thus the Technobots are not combiners here.

Later, the Technobots are seen with Jetfire, bustling about and making repairs to things. They are most likely helping Jetfire to refine his attempt at the polydermal grafting tecnique, aka Pretender tech. Spotlight: Hardhead.They travl to the Benzuli Expanse while building the Pretender Suits for Cloudburst and his crew. They speak with Jetfire, and he comes up with the idea to control Thunderwing via the Axis Cradle, as Bludgeon had done on Cybertron. Spotlight: Doubledealer When Cloudburst, Groundbreaker, Waverider and Landmine are beamed aboard the Technobot's craft, the Nightbird, There they are given their Pretender suits, and proceed to beat the slag out of Cyclonus. Spotlight: Sideswipe



  • The back views of all of the Technobots' animation models (including Computron) are riddled with errors, suggesting that they were drawn without toy references.
  • In the The Transformers manga continuity, the Technobots are created by Dr. Dalton, an Eranian scientist who is said to be a genius with the smartest brain in the universe, instead of Grimlock. Poor Grimlock.


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