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A Technobeast
"Maggot of metal, rust, and rot. Sith life draws breath, old life does not."
Sith mechu-deru vitae incantation

Technobeasts, also known as Metanecron, were Sithspawn created by the Dark Lord Belia Darzu, and were considered the most frightening aspect of the Sictis Wars. Using a variation of mechu-deru, known as mechu-deru vitae, Darzu was able to develop a technovirus that immediately began to turn the organic creature into a droid hybrid.



The frontal lobes of the victims' brains were lobotimized by the virus, making them incapable of higher thought, by which point the process was irreversible. While Technobeasts were never alike, they often had sharp protrusions on their arms, by which they could infect others.

Some were even designed to release a cloud of the technovirus in combat. However it was possible to kill the technovirus before it reached the frontal lobes as demonstrated by Darth Bane. This required a huge amount of strength and could only be attempted with the help of orbalisks.


For the twenty years of Darzu's rule, the Technobeasts were considered one of the worst horrors unleashed. Only one person, a Jedi, was able to retain their identity, becoming the Technobeast Jedi. The Technobeasts saw limited use after Darzu was murdered by the Mecrosa Order in 1,230 BBY, but only after the destruction of the Brotherhood of Darkness at Ruusan did the Sith stop using the creatures entirely.[1]

However, a large number of Technobeasts did survive for over two centuries in the fortress where Belia had carried out her research. They were encountered by Darth Bane and attempted to kill him for taking Belia's holocron and would've succeed if not for Bane's orbalisk armor.[2]

The junk golems of Kazdan Paratus were also referred to as technobeasts.[3]

Behind the scenes

The Technobeasts and a virus which turns its victims into cyborgs is a similar idea to the Borg of the Star Trek Universe, and the techno-organic Phalanx of Marvel Comics.


  • Darth Bane: Rule of Two (First appearance)


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English: Technobeast
Attribute: Trap Cards Image:Trap.png
Property: Continuous Image:Continuous.png
Card Lore: This card cannot be activated unless you activate the Spell Card "Sith Alchemy" with at least 1 Sith-type monster on your field. Take control of 1 of your opponent's monsters. As long as this card remains face-up on the field, the monster remains yours unless destroyed. Also, the monster you control cannot be affected by the effects of Spell, Trap, or Monster Cards.
Sets with this Card: Way of the Sith - WOS - EN091 (C)
Card Limit: Semi-Limited
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