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Museum of Technology terminal entries are found on terminals in Fallout 3's Museum of Technology.


Jiggs' Loot

Main article: Jiggs' Loot

Tech Museum Loot

Hey there Jiggs,

I finally found a good place to ditch your share of the loot. It was hell getting here, but I made it. I left the usual breadcrumbs all over some of the info terminals in this place; their computer security was a joke. Complete the sequence and you're home free, but make any mistakes and the system will lock you out. We'll meet up in the usual spot later.

Good luck,

Earned Your Share

Nice job, Jiggs!

I knew you'd remember the good old days! The loot is in the Security Office Safe in the upper part of the West Wing. Use the terminal up there to get in. Enjoy your share, pal... you earned it! Meet me in the old diner outside the Jury Street Metro Station. See you there.

Good luck,

Far Out Space Facts!

Space Fact #1

The planet Jupiter is larger than 1,000 Earths!

Space Fact #2

The outer layers of the sun have what's known as "differential rotation". The equator of the surface rotates once every 25.4 days; but near the poles it rotates once every 36 days!

Space Fact #3

A neutron star is completely dense and solid matter. In fact, it weighs a trillion times heavier than lead. That means a piece of a neutron star the size of a pinhead would weigh as much as a large building!

Space Fact #4

The sun loses almost 4 million tons of mass every second by turning hydrogen gas into energy. That adds up to almost 345 billion tons per day!

Space Fact #5

If we were to send a message to someone on a planet belonging to our closest neighboring solar system, Alpha Centauri, which is almost 4.4 light-years away, we wouldn't receive a reply message for 8.8 years!

Space Fact #6

There are about one hundred and seventy five billion galaxies in the observable universe each with as few as ten million stars up to giants with one trillion stars, all orbiting a common center of mass!

Space Fact #7

If all of the particles that make up Saturn's rings were gathered together, they would form a sphere about 120 miles in diameter!

Space Fact #8

Olympus Mons, a volcano found on Mars, is the largest known volcano in the solar system. It is 370 miles (595 km) across and rises 15 miles (24 km). That's 3 times taller than Mount Everest!

Research Lead's Terminal

Log Entry 20770103

The virus that has been plaguing our Archetype Model FF06 Mainframe due to an unknown attack has finally been localized by our research team and identified. After a complete cleanup on the mainframe's core, I am happy to announce that the infection has been removed... the soul of this machine has improved.

B. Bell
Research Lead

Log Entry 20761010

Our new addition to the Spaceflight Gallery, the Virgo II Lunar Lander, is now open to the general public and ready for viewing. I want to extend a hardy thank you and job well done to the entire Research & Restoration Team for pulling that pile of junk out of mothballs and putting it in such fine shape. Many sleepless nights were spent on this project, and as a small token of our thanks, you will find a substantial bonus in your next paycheck. Give each other a pat on the back... you've earned it.

B. Bell
Research Lead

Log Entry 20760307

This is just a quick rundown of acquisitions we have been awarded for 2078. If any of these interest you, please stop by and see me so we can discuss it or submit a standard research request before the cutoff date. All submissions must be made by October 2nd, 2077, so now is the time to get them in.

*Supersonic Airliner
*ZAX Computer Prototype
*Original Model T-45d Power Armor Suit
*Laser Pistol Prototype

B. Bell
Research Lead

Log Entry 20760211

I'd like to lodge a formal complaint regarding the Firearms Exhibition that's planned for temporary display in the Atrium. With the world tensions the way they are right now, I feel it's highly inappropriate to glorify these killing devices by promoting them as a tourist attraction. If this is some sort of patriotic gesture, then it is entirely lost upon me and I urge you to rethink this decision.

B. Bell
Research Lead

Log Entry 20760202

Can someone PLEASE fix the planetarium projection system? The automated system that was just installed is prone to malfunctions at least once a week. We've had to interrupt the programming more times than I care to remember and end up taking over manually. I suggest we remove the system and bring back the human element so the audience will feel more engaged.

B. Bell
Research Lead

Museum Maintenance

Bulletin MT20761211

The Planetarium recording system has been malfunctioning lately, causing the normally automated program to stop and repeat itself. If you observe this happening, please contact myself or the chief of maintenance on duty immediately so the system can be restarted. We hope to have the issue resolved by the start of next year.

Derek Remmings
Maintenance Coordinator

Bulletin MT20761130

After numerous complaints, and a single pending lawsuit, the GigantoMax Theater's sound system has been lowered from 130 decibels to 120 decibels. Please note that all employees working in or near the theater should still wear proper ear protection to prevent any permanent damage.

Derek Remmings
Maintenance Coordinator

Bulletin MT20761117

This is a general announcement to any employees who use the men's lavatory facility in the maintenance area. I have logged too many complaints that people are not flushing the toilets after using them. People who use the facility to relieve themselves expect a clean and tidy environment. To prevent this from becoming a reoccurring issue, card swipe access will be required for each stall which will log your name, time in the stall, and contents of the bowl until such time that we deem it no longer necessary.

Derek Remmings
Maintenance Coordinator

Bulletin MT20761020

Due to the increased power consumption from the installation of the Vault-Tec Vault Tour, three new reactors have been installed in the sub-basement section. This should help prevent any further brown-outs or full black-outs in the visitor galleries that we've been experiencing. Thanks for your patience during this transition.

Derek Remmings
Maintenance Coordinator

Museum Information

Gigantomax tickets

GigantoMax Theater
Schedule is subject to change without notice. Please inquire at the Information Desk for tickets and ticket prices.

"Yikes!" 12:00pm, 3:00pm, 6:00pm
Cower in fear as all sorts of gigantic vehicles drive at the viewer and give you a bug's eye view of oncoming traffic.

"Rollercoaster" 1:00pm, 4:00pm
Strap yourself in for the ride of your life... all from the safety of our 300 Seat GigantoMax theater. Ride 10 of the world's most notorious rollercoasters from the front seat. Sickness bags not included.

"Colonoscopy" 2:00pm, 5:00pm, 7:00pm
Using our special GigantoMax technology, you'll marvel at the details on our 3-story screen as you take a real time voyage into a very familiar part of the human anatomy.

Planetarium tickets

Copernicus Planetarium
Schedule is subject to change without notice. Please inquire at the Information Desk for tickets and ticket prices.

"The Long Road to Mars" 1:00pm, 3:00pm, 5:00pm
Take a simulated flight through the stars from our Earth to the Red Planet.

"Journey Beyond the Universe" 1:30pm, 3:30pm
What lies beyond our universe? Take a theoretical journey farther than anyone's gone before.

"We're All Just Stardust" 12:30pm, 2:00pm, 4:00pm
This program asks the simple but thought-provoking question "Where did we come from?".

"Zany Planet Show" 11:30am, 12:00pm, 2:30pm, 4:30pm
Join Captain Space Galaxy as he travels the solar system and visits each of the worlds within it. Recommended for Kids 4 - 10 years old.

Lecture: Oppenheimer's Folly?

Oppenheimer's Folly?
A Lecture by Professor R.J. Gumbie

This lecture explores the very real possibility that nuclear war may not be as far off as we think and the effects it will have on the future of our planet. By illustrating past uses of smaller scale atomic weapons, Professor Gumbie will shock you, frighten you and make you wish you could just Duck and Cover to survive a real nuclear attack. Tickets are now available for this Lecture Series at the Information Desk in the Main Atrium.

Vault-Tec's Vault of Tomorrow

Thanks to a generous grant from the Vault-Tec corporation, the Vault Tour is open to the public. Walk through a section of actual Vault and observe all of the modern conveniences Vault-Tec has added to its now legendary nuclear fallout shelters. Interact with the exhibits within the Vault and see just how life within one of these subterranean marvels is as comfortable as living at home. Time tickets for the tour are now available at the Information Desk in the Main Atrium.

West Tek Power Armor Demo

West Tek, the world's leading arms manufacturer, demonstrates the T-51b Power Armor Suit in our Darwin Theater. Get a first hand look at how the armor is designed to defeat any type of adversary with an actual live combat simulation using robotic targets. Time tickets are available at the Information Desk in the Main Atrium. Note that a liability wavier must be signed to attend this event.

Flight Exhibits

Take to the skies and soar above the clouds as you view our aircraft exhibits throughout the Museum of Technology. The original Wright Brothers Flyer, the vintage WWII P-51 Mustang and several other aircraft can be found hanging about the museum. Also, be sure an visit our Flight Experience Gallery where you can take a simulated airline flight on board a full-sized jetliner or step into the hair-raising, white-knuckle world of air traffic control in our Tower of Terror exhibit. Sponsored by Lockreed Industries.

Robotics Exhibits

The Museum of Technology is proud to be the home of some of the original prototypes in the Mr. Handy, Mr. Gutsy and Protectron robotics lines.

See the development of these metallic assistants and how they've made our lives easier.

Play our Artificial Intelligence game where you will program a robot and watch it obey your commands in real time! After seeing what makes them tick, you'll never look at your robot the same way again.

Exhibit sponsored by RobCo and General Atomics International.

Spaceflight Exhibits

Countdown to excitement as you take to the stars in our brand new Spaceflight Gallery. Marvel at man's ingenuity as you view an exact replica of the Virgo II Moon Lander that participated in the first manned moon landing. Dabble with forces beyond your comprehension in our working G-Force simulator ride or take to the stars in the Copernicus Planetarium. Exhibits sponsored by the United States Space Administration.

Transportation Exhibits

The Museum of Technology is proud to present a journey through the history of ground transportation. Take a step back in time and see the original steam-powered car and the development of the internal combustion engine. Experience the rise of micro-sized nuclear power and walk through our 2-story mock fusion engine to see what happens first hand when you turn the key. Exhibit sponsored by the Chryslus Corporation.

Museum of Tech Security

Security Bulletin 001

Attention: All Museum Security Personnel

The International Ordnance Museum has graciously loaned us some of their prized antique weapons for the Firearms Exhibition being displayed in the Atrium. The exhibit will be in place from August 14, 2077 until December 31, 2077. Please adjust your rounds accordingly and have an extra security presence in this area at all times.

Donald Cohen
Lead Museum Curator

Security Bulletin 002

Attention: All Museum Security Personnel

I'd like to request that all riot gear and security firearms be moved to the new gun locker in the planetarium research office. The cabinet should remain locked at all times. The key to the cabinet must be carried by the duty shift supervisor and left in the security office safe when shift changes occur and at closing time.

Donald Cohen
Lead Museum Curator

Security Bulletin 003

Attention: All Museum Security Personnel

The Museum of Technology Annual Gala Dinner will be held in the Atrium on November 1, 2077. We expect over 100 attendees including several local dignitaries and heads of state. Please set up security checkpoints and provide visible coverage for this event as per Security Mandate 99078b in your handbook.

Donald Cohen
Lead Museum Curator

Delta IX Rocket

Delta IX Rocket Information

The Delta IX Rocket, commissioned by the USSA in 2020, was the last of the manned rockets that sent our brave American Astronauts to the moon. The Delta IX was in use for almost 15 years before being converted for military use and having the crew and instruments sections replaced with a nuclear warhead. The Delta IX recorded over 77 successful launches, making it one of the most successful rockets in U.S. History.

The rocket, developed entirely by USSA scientists, was a single-stage vehicle with an ejectable crew section or satellite storage bay. The propulsion system was a nuclear-electric derivative drive, using a massive electrical jolt to start the nuclear reaction on launch. The crew section was protected from the radioactive chambers by way of a massive titanium-vanadium disc. The spacecraft had the capability to sustain 2 astronauts for up to 24 days maximum. The longest recorded spaceflight in a Delta IX rocket was the 17-day Zeus 12 Mission to the moon.

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