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There is little information of Team Wolf Pack[1], who are the only team of Alpha Company to be mentioned. They are only mentioned once when Kurt is ordered to go aboard the UNSC Point of No Return to see the progress of Operation: PROMETHEUS.[2] A video then showed up, containing footage from the Spartan-IIIs of Alpha Company. It showed how the Spartans were massacred by the Covenant.[3] Team Wolf Pack was the last one to be eliminated along with the other Spartans.[3].

Jane was the first to be killed, though there is no information about the cause of death. Robert was the second one to die, caused by a full Cardiac Arrest originating from when he caught Sangheili plasma fire in the stomach.[3] Shane was the last Spartan from Alpha Company and Wolf Pack to fall, after an energy mortar detonated some two meters away from him, the impact of which caused him to fly through the air, and land unmoving.[3]


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