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Image:Quote1.png Mebbe I shouldn't'a smashed 'im like that! Nah. Screw 'im if he can't take a joke! Image:Quote2.png
-- Battalion

Appearing in "Out of Chaos!"

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Synopsis for "Out of Chaos!"

Battalion, a militant from the future, continues to meander about lost in this era. He accidentally damages an oncoming eighteen-wheeler, then continues his search for the Team Titans.

The Team Titans meanwhile, are engaged in an attack against Lord Chaos' U.G. Pyramid on Titans Island. Assisting them are the New Titans, Aqualad and a supremely powerful Troia. Donna Troy is the only hero who can even get close to Chaos. While the Titans engage Chaos' Force Elite, Donna concentrates all of her newfound power on Chaos himself. Battalion finally arrives, announces himself as the "drill sergeant from Hell" and takes charge of the Teamers' attack.

The captain of the Force Elite, Josh MacDonald gets the drop on Killowat and prepares to kill him. Mirage masquerades as Lord Chaos and distracts MacDonald long enough to knock him out.

In the midst of battle, a powerful voice from out of nowhere commands the combatants to stop fighting. Suddenly, everyone finds themselves transported to an alien plane - the Planet of the Gods. The essence of the elder Gods decrees that a being such as Lord Chaos should have never been born with access to such power. Power without the wisdom to temper it leads to madness. The Gods destroy Lord Chaos and his body disappears. Donna Troy now recognizes the power-mad being that she was in danger of turning in to. The Gods want Donna to keep her powers as part of her birthright, but she elects to relinquish them in favor of having a normal life with her husband and son. With the threat alleviated, the heroes are returned to Earth.


  • This issue is Chapter Nine of the "Total Chaos" saga.


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Total Chaos Crossover

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