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Black Team aboard the Colonial Mining Ship.

Team Black, sometimes referred to as Black Team, was an elite team of SPARTAN-II Commandos under the command of UNSC Naval Intelligence.[1][2] It was composed of four Spartans - two female, two male[3] - and an A.I. construct, Iona.

The team was issued prototype equipment[3] which included components later incorporated into the MJOLNIR Mk. VI [2] armour. Their armor was painted matte black, rather than the green color scheme normally used by NAVSPECWAR-oriented SPARTAN-IIs. Their HUD magnification was also capable of zooming in much closer than that of the MJOLNIR Mk. V or Mk. VI, with a field of view being nearly 5,000 meters.[3]


Team Composition



Battle of Verge

Main article: Battle of Verge

In September 2552, Team Black was sent to destroy a heavily-fortified Covenant Beacon within the ruins of Cuidad de Arias on the UNSC Colony world, Verge, to cut off the supply of helium-3 to ships blockading Tribute. Black-Two encountered an apparently non-hostile Yanme'e, and convinced the other members that they could trust the Drone for intelligence on the area. Hopalong, as the Drone was nicknamed, led Team Black accordingly through underground tunnels that were hollowed-out by swarms of Drones. Black-Two, during their attack on the Mgalekgolo and Kig-Yar positioned by each pylon, discovered that the Drones were psychopathic prisoners rather then slaves as Hopalong led them to believe. Team Black was able to set C-12 Shaped Charges just before Hopalong freed the hostile Drone inmates. Although Black-Three struggled with the swarm and was ultimately rescued by Black-Two, the team escaped the area and the charges on the pylons were detonated.[3]


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