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Team Beta was a splinter team of the SPARTAN-II Red Team of the United Nations Space Command.

Team Beta was the largest splinter team of Red Team and consisted of the majority of the SPARTAN-IIs. They were tasked with the defense of the Orbital Defense Platform generators against Covenant attack on Reach.

Battle of Reach

Main article: Battle of Reach

The majority of the wounded and healthy Spartans were formed into Team Beta. Their job was to defend the generators at all costs. To compromise this mission meant the fall of Reach. Not much is known about what Team Beta did during the battle, but they ultimately lost the battle. Most of the generators were destroyed, but not due to any real failure on the Spartans' behalf, but rather due to overwhelming Covenant forces. These Covenant attacks in mass numbers easily overran the few Spartan defenders, allowing the Covenant to destroy the generators that the Spartans were protecting. This dismal failure and complete waste of lives was likely due to inadequate time to set up defensive emplacements, and/or inadequate time to develop an ideal strategy by Fred.

Team Beta fell quickly. They managed to get a transmission to Frederic-104 and the UNSC Pillar of Autumn, telling them to stay away from the planet because most of the generators had been destroyed, but in a futile attempt, they would attempt to protect the several remaining generators.


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