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Team Ball is a team variant of the oddball type. In order to win the match, your team must hold the ball for a collective time of two minutes. Weapon settings are on default. There may be up to 8 teams fighting for the ball at a time.



The time that the ball is held by each player contributes to the total score. For example, suppose the following the game scenario:


Red Team

LegendaryMark - 0:14

CoB PEZ - 0:09

CoB Krypto - 0:07

Blue Team

CoB Zervon - 0:20

Sigafoos - 0:04

Brathnok - 0:03

  • Red Team has a total score of 30 seconds.
  • Blue Team has a total score of 27 seconds.
  • Red Team is in the lead by 3 points. This is the same for most Oddball/King of the Hill games.


The best way to win is to play as a team.

  • If the ball carrier decides to stay in one place:
  • The other teammates should guard all entrances to the ball carrier.
  • The ball carrier should be moving as quickly as possible to a safe, guarded area.
  • The others should watch his/her back and basically act as a meat shield.
  • One sneaky tactic for a surrounded ball carrier.
  • Hover over a drop where you can die (like on Lockout or Elongation).
  • Once the other team kills you the ball drops forward into the abyss and you will hear "play ball" as the ball respawns to its default location.
  • This forces the other team to walk all the way to the ball spawn point, wasting time during your respawn.

When with the coveted ball:

  • Remember that you have a marker over you all the time.
  • Therefore your enemies can always see you and know where you are.
  • Going out into the open isn't always a good idea.
  • Tactics and communication with your team is esential.
  • Going into close-quater areas helps, as you can simply attack enemies with the ball.

When without the coveted ball:

  • Head straight for the marker leading to the ball carrier, no matter what.
  • Any time you can get the ball is crucial.
  • Even if you die two seconds after getting the ball, two seconds could mean the difference between victory and defeat.


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