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Teak Tree
Members only? Yes
Woodcutting level 35
Woodcutting experience 85
Farming level N/A
Farming experience N/A
Examine A beautiful old teak tree
A special teak log. A Teak tree is a dainty tree that can be found in various locations at the rare tree File:Raretreeicon.PNG icon. Level 35 Woodcutting is required to chop down this tree. As of 23 September 2009 they have a chance to give a Special Log, which can be traded with the Sawmill operator for money or a conversion of logs in your inventory into planks.

Teak trees can be found in these locations:

The first location introduced to have teak trees and the one that has most of them is Hardwood grove in Tai Bwo Wannai.

Along with Mahogany logs, Teak logs are used mainly for Construction, but they can also be burnt for 105 Firemaking experience points. They can also be made into a crossbow stock, giving 27 Fletching experience.

Although teak trees are fairly unknown, they have been proven to be more experience per hour than willow trees. Before the introduction of Ivy, Teaks were considered the fastest power-training available for the Woodcutting skill. Since all teak trees are a fair distance away from a bank, players wishing to train on them will have to drop the logs they cut or burn them. Even considering the time spent dropping logs, teaks offer a maximum of 84,400 experience an hour, much more than the second fastest experience, willows.

A good tactic is to go to Castle Wars; there is a teak just south-west of it. Chop it until you got a full inventory, then use a Ring of duelling and repeat the process, gaining approximately 50k exp an hour and 40k worth of gp. However a player who has advanced further enough through The Path of Glouphrie quest can use the Spirit trees, a grapple hook and a Ring of dueling by teleporting to moblising armies, banking then using the spirit tree to teleport to the mountains west of the Poison Wastes - a short walk from the teak tree which is considribly faster than banking at Castle Wars.


  • As they cannot be grown by the farming skill, the leprechaun effect of auto-banking rewarded from killing Evil Trees does not work on these trees.
  • Teak trees respawn in about 10 seconds on a fairly populated world. (~1000 people)
A now discontinued teak tree ent random event in low detail

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