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Planet Statistics
Star, position

Svir, V


Rantu, Uhtua






1.2atm (N2, He, CH4)


1.980 trillion



Societal Approximation



Socialism/Religious Hegemony client

Technology Tier

Native Tier 3/Adopted Tier 2

Current Threat To Array



Te[1] appears to be a gas giant orbiting the star Svir in Covenant-controlled territory, primarily composed of nitrogen, helium, and methane. However, it actually has solid surface, which is blocked from orbital view by its gaseous clouds. It is known that there actually is a surface on Te, because in the Taming of the Hunters it is said that the Mgalekgolo won nearly every ground battle against the Sangheili. It is orbited by two small satellites (moons), Uhtua and Rantu, and is also orbited by a ring of debris which is inhabited by the Lekgolo. All together, there are 25 known satellites orbiting Te: 2 named, and 23 unnamed. The planet was actually transformed into a gaseous state as a byproduct of the Lekgolo eating through the Forerunner relics, most of which now form the ring of debris.[citation needed]

It has a temperature range of -20 C to 95 C (-4F to 203F) and is a quite large, rocky planet. The government on Te is Socialism/Religious hegemony client. This planet is also known to have fabulously rich heavy metal deposits and rare metal mines.

It can be assumed that there were once many Forerunner artifacts or ships on the planet as many colonies of Mgalekgolo have been known to feast purely on the Forerunner alloy, it also had an orbiting Forerunner installation at some point before the Taming of the Hunters[2].


  • "Te" means "hand" in Japanese.
  • The fate of Te after the Covenant-Human War is unknown, but it was likely a site for civil war during the Covenant Civil War since both Loyalists and Separatists had Hunters on their side.
  • Te was home and a sanctuary to many Forerunner artifacts and structures were slowly being devoured by the Lekgolo.
  • Te likely has the greatest population of any Covenant world, if each individual Lekgolo worm is considered a separate being.
  • In the Chinese philosophy of Taoism/Daoism, "Te" is used to represent the concept of virtue or potentiality, in Confucianism it represents the virtue of internal goodness and proper behavior toward others[3].


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